Unwinding Vaccine Injury

Unwinding Vaccine Injury is a recording from Suzy’s monthly Children’s Sanctuary call. At the request of the Collective Consciousness of the Children, this session addresses the deeper story behind vaccines and their intention to impede your child’s ability to communicate their knowing. This session recording offers energy work and information to turn back the hands of time to energetically unwind the negative impact of vaccines. The Collective Consciousness of the Children have often said that it is not just what is in the vaccine that is harmful, but also the lack of consciousness with which they have been created. This session unwinds both from your child’s field. This recording can be used repeatedly for deeper and deeper unwinding!

Beyond Abuse

Beyond Abuse is a recording from Suzy’s monthly Children’s Sanctuary call. This session recording addresses the physical, mental and emotional toll that abuse take on a child. The energy work and information in this session supports your capacity to begin to fully reclaim the empowerment that you lost. Regardless if the child is within your own psyche of is a young person that you are seeking to support, this recording is an extremely powerful opportunity to integrate the parts of you that you had to seaparate from. It offers deep support for your healing journey. Reclaiming these parts of yourself begins to change your life from the inside out. This recording can be used repeatedly to access deeper and deeper states of integration and empowerment.