Each session is approximately 20 to 30 minutes in length and downloadable upon purchase. The sessions are a combination of information and energy work. For maximum benefit you will listen to the recording multiple times. Each time you listen, you will strengthen your capacity to fully integrate the information and energetics provided.

You will know that you have received all that you can from the session when you are able to be present to the whole session from start to finsh without becoming distracted or drifting from the process.

The information for these sessions is drawn directly from the collective consciousness of those who can benefit from them. That said, each person will integrate the session in their own unique way, thus it is necessary for you to claim full personal responsibility for your particpation in these sessions. This includes if you purchase a session for a dependent, minor or anyone other than yourself

Upon purchase you will receive the recording and reminders for how to get the most out of the recording.

During the session, you will hear vocal toning and light langauge as a means of enhancing the multidimensional intergation of the session topic. Spherical technology and the totality of your own being are evoked to bring about desired outcomes.

 Let the transformations begin!



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This session was recorded during Suzy’s Children’s Sanctuary call and addresses the deeper story behind vaccines and an intention to impede your child’s ability to communicate. Here we turn back the hands of time and energetically begin unwinding the negative impact of vaccines. The Collective Consciousness of the Children have shared that it is not simply what is in the vaccine that is harmful, but also the lack of consciousness with which they have been created. This session unwinds both from your child’s field. 

The integration of an individual diagnosed with autism is a complex process designed to support full presence in the body, without loosing any of the awareness that they access from other dimensions and realities. Although each soul moves through this process in their own unique way, there are some common starting points, which will be addressed in this session. Here we will access a more coherent connection especially through the lower three chakras. We will also create a clear invitation to embody.

The transformation that your body goes through as it embodies more light is very physical and sometimes uncomfortable. Shifting from a carbon to crystalline base requires significant alterations of physical, mental and emotional information. In this session we address the physical systems, energetic aspects and mental and emotional patterns that can hamper the upgrading of your body. This session sets you up to embody more light with increased ease and grace.

Beyond Abuse is a recording from Suzy’s monthly Children’s Sanctuary call. This session addresses the physical, mental and emotional toll that abuse takes on a child. The energy work and information in this session supports your capacity to begin to fully reclaim the empowerment that you lost. Regardless if the child is within your own psyche or is a young person that you are seeking to support, this recording is an extremely powerful opportunity to integrate the parts of you that you had to hide. 

Everyone has shadow aspects and very few of us enjoy the experience of having them come to the surface. No one likes to be triggered. In this session we will reduce the imprinting that limits us from the full integration of our shadow aspects and empower ourselves in the process. When we integrate our shadows we dismantle the recurrent unproductive patterns that show up in our lives. Whose information are we holding as our shadows anyway? That question will be addressed in this session too.

We know that in times of deep transformation chaos easily ensues. It is through the dismantling of the old that we are invited to rise like the phoenix. This session supports your physical, mental and emotional bodies so you can live above the chaos and create harmony in your lives and the lives of others. Letting what needs to fall away, do so, is key to this process. In this session we will also disconnect from the pull of collective drama and lower frequency experiences.


This session is from a weekly energy session. Re-member a New Life releases your habitual patterns so you can create anew with ease, grace and joy. Our future experiences are typically recreations  of memories. What we remember registers as real to the mental body. When we can re-member (or put back together) how something can be instead of the way it is, our mental body registers that as real too.  Can you re-member what it would feel like to know you were whole, love, divine? That and many other opportunites are avaialable in this session.

We are not here to get love, but to remember our the fullest expression as love. When we seek to get love from an outside source, we reinforce “forgetting”. In this energy session, we reorient our definition of love and grant ourselves full permission to reclaim from within the love  we have been seeking externally. This permission reorients love to be “forgiving” not for getting. This session energetically addresses love from a variety of angles, setting us up for deep experiences of self love and thus the capacity to love our lives and others.

Our souls record all incarnations that we have ever had or will have. Many of these experiences are non-human ones and through each of these experiences we have access to gifts, talents, skills and awarenesses that are beyond human. In this session we will make connections to our galactic incarnations and draw forth the information that can best serve us now. We are all so much more than we percieve ourselves to be an accessing our galactic selves puts us in touch with the capacities that we hold that are beyond human.

It is common for those with heightened sensory awareness to take on the emotional body energy of others. Depending on the scope of a persons energetic field, one can pick up the emotional patterns of their families, their communities and even humanity as a whole. During times of chaos attempting to process emotional information can be overwhelming and exhausting. This session, recorded during a recent Children’s Sanctuary call,  restructures the way in which you process emotional body information thus enhancing your capacity to remain centered.

Now, more than ever before, it is important to be aligned with our own unique plan.  We are each designed to contribute to this massive shift in collective human consciousness, not to be knocked around by it. In this session we clear a pathway to our personal information field so we can access that field at will. We discuss what happens when old world identities, be they personal or collective, are threatened. This was recorded during a Bi-Monthly Energy session and fully supports our capacity to BE beyond what we have been conditioned to believe that we are “allowed” to be. 

Children everywhere are being masked and are interacting with those who are masked. Many assume that the children are “fine” with this mandate. However for many, it’s creating stress and trauma that might not be clear today, but is likely to show up later.
In this session, we address the energetic imprint of masks and  vibrationally support the children to minimize any long term negative impact neurologically, psychologically or biologically.
This session can support your own inner children as well, especially if you have expereinced related early trauma.

I have had such a huge influx of questions from parents about their children’s increased frustration, overwhelm and anger, that I just had to address it in this session. Please remember that for just about every adult on this planet, the last few years have been a tad bit stressful. Just like any of us, children have different levels of resilience when it comes to managing stress. The way children manage stress is a learned behavior regardless of what diagnosis they many or may not have. Your parents taught you their means of dealing with stress and unless integrated, you in turn taught that to your children. In this session we clear and reverse that patterning so that our children ( both inner and outer) can step into peace and calm.

The closer we get to recognizing our wholeness, the more we can feel pulled by our subconscious aspects. These are the parts of us that are trying to keep us safe from the unknown. This can be a challenging time that requires deep love and compassion for those aspects of us that are very well versed in survival. To move from surviving to thriving we have to choose it deeply and act on it consistently. We must repattern the body to accept what is beyond the familiar imprinted patterns of our past so we can choose thriving freely. In this session we discuss and energetically support this shift. We set the energetic stage for meeting and loving those aspects of ourselves that continue to cling to the familiar long after it is supportive.