Suzy’s free offerings are a great opportunity to see life expereinces from a more supportive perspective and simultaeously be reminded of what you are in truth!

What’s Up For You? Is a free Zoom chat held on the second Tuesday of each month. These sessions are at 8:00 AM Pacific time.

You can bring anything that you are experiencing physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually to this forum and you will be supported in seeing your experience from a broader perspective, encouraged to trust what life is bringing you and invited to evolve through the process.

For Your Consideration Is a free series of short videos that invites you to consider the deeper meaning of  life experiences, a broader perspective of reality and what is possible when you remember who you are in truth. This series can be found on Youtube and in Suzy’s monthly newsletter.

Make sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel to be notified when new videos are posted! We’d love to hear you aha’s so make sure to like and leave a comment. The link below takes you right to the For Your Consideration playlist. ENJOY!