Small and large group integration sessions include opportunities to integrate multidimensional aspects of Self . In addition to the individualized support for each participant within the group, these sessions offer a profound real life experience of Oneness. All life experience is spiritual in nature and all of life is attempting to direct us back to ourselves.

It is one thing to talk about unity and it is quite another to directly experience it within a group setting. A greater sense of Who You Are is exactly what you will experience through any of Suzy’s offerings. Each group course holds a specific intention and focus. Click the images below for complete details, schedule and registration for each group offering.

 Avatar Energetics – Integrates aspects of your inner community to bring about or enhance the full expression of your unique mastery. Your capacity to integrate a broad spectrum of experiences for the greater good of all is the path of the avatar.

 The Journey Back to Love – Let’s use this time in history to integrate all aspects of our being and enhance our capacity to thrive, while simultaneously contributing to the world as LOVE. 

 Autism Integration Series – This group session specifically focuses on the body, soul and spirit connection of those experiencing heightened energetic sensitivities. It provides a means of supporting the embodiment of those on the spectrum and is geared towards anyone who supports them.

Weekend Live Events – Live Events are held once a year and focus on specific topics. The topic and location of these sessions are announced 3 to 6 months prior to the event on this website and through Suzy’s newsletter.

Avatar Energetics

Self Mastery

Journey As Love

Confusion to Liberation

 Weekend Events

Live Group Integrations

Autism Integration

Interface with Earth