Group Integration Courses

Small and large group integration sessions include opportunities to integrate multidimensional aspects of Self. In addition to the individualized support for each participant within the group, these sessions offer a profound real life experience of unity. All life experience is spiritual in nature and all of life is attempting to direct us back to ourselves.

It is one thing to talk about unity and it is quite another to directly experience it within a group setting. A greater sense of Who You Are is exactly what you will experience through any of Suzy’s offerings. Each group course holds a specific intention and focus. Click the images below for complete details, schedule and registration for each offering.

Six-Month MentorshipThis mentorship moves participants out of survival mode, where it’s possible to communicate, commune and co-create your way into thriving with your children. It’s an opportunity to take charge of your interactions with your children, not attempt to control them. Control comes from a place of fear and need. Taking charge comes out of a place of confidence in knowing what will and won’t work for the well being of you and your children.

In Person Events – Live events are designed to anchor a specific energetic template into form. The topic and location of these sessions are announced a couple months prior to the event on this website and through Suzy’s newsletter.

The Integration Series- This is a six week series is designed to change the dynamics of how we interact with children diagnosed on the spectrum and others who express as energetically sensitive.


Six-Month Mentorship

 Change Everything

The Integration Series

Children Evolving Us


In Person Events

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