Short programs are three to four sessions long, each with a very specific focus. Short programs can stand on their own, as they offer life enhancing methods and awareness, and can also serve as a small glimpse into the Group Integration Courses that Suzy offers.

Change your life from the inside out and reclaim your capacity to live in greater ease, grace and joy! Everyone of these courses, offers simple, clear instruction that, when applied, can alter your life experience in unamaginable ways. 

Intergate Challenging Emotions

With so much coming up emotionally, this is a great time to integrate, once and for all, the cyclical reactions that no longer serve you. This short course offers you an easy, clear and direct method to do just that! 

Communicate Beyond Words

In this short course, Suzy offers you very specific ways to interact, with non-verbal or partically verbal children, that actually work. Although effective with all children, the techniques are manditory to get anywhere with non speakers.

Heal Abuse

You are much more than you perceive yourself to be. This short course supports your awareness of what you actually are, how to begin to tap into that and how to live from that awareness. Be the ocean, bit the wave!