Refund Policies

Refund Policies

Children Sanctuary, Balance and Integration Session, and New World Portal Refund policies

Due to Children’s Sanctuary, Balance and Integration Sessions and New World Portal recordings being available within 24 hours and for a nominal monthly cost, refunds are not available. If for some reason you are no longer interested in these monthly offerings, please go to our member site to cancel your subscription.

Refunds for Autism to Awesomism Online and Mentorship

Refunds are not available for this online classroom as all information and resources are available and downloadable upon purchase. 

Private Session Refund Policy

Private session(s) are non-refundable once sessions have been purchased. If however, you need to reschedule a session please follow these instructions.  Go to the reschedule/cancel option in the confirmation email you received when your original session time was confirmed. There you can cancel your confirmed time and choose to reschedule for a future date, please use the scheduler links provided in your original confirmation email to do so.

Missed consultations automatically incur a $50.00 fee. Our policy for missed consultations is as follows: you may reschedule for a 40-minute consultation and the $50.00 fee will be waived; or you may reschedule a 60-minute consultation and an invoice of $50.00 will be sent to you to be paid prior to your next consultation.

Six Month Mentorship and Classes

Refunds are not available for the Six, Month Mentorship or classes offered by Suzy Miller as each of these offering requires a 20-minute consult prior to participation to ensure that the Mentorship of class is a fit. Registration for either after the 20-minute consult is a commitment to attend the full course either live or via recording.

Donation Based Offerings

Donations given for What’s Up for You? And or any donation based Special Energy Sessions are non-refundable regardless if your specific question is answered during these sessions or not.  Recordings for these sessions are available and downloadable within 48 hours.