Suzy offers free video Zoom chats on the second Tuesday of each month. Chat sessions are at 8:00 AM Pacific time.

These sessions are community based and you can bring anything that you are experiencing physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually to this forum and you will be supported in seeing your experience from a broader perspective, encouraged to trust what life is bringing you and invited to evolve through the process. This includes questions about yourself and or your children. Participants in the Autism to Awesomism Online Classroom are also welcome to bring their questions to this offering.

Life as we knew it is changing forever and as it does we are being given the opportunity of a lifetime to feel and experience aspects of ourselves that we have long forgotten.

This opportunity supports our ability to understand and express the gifts, talents and capacities that have long been hidden within us. It invites us to express as who we are.

Change of this magnitude is rarely quick, however with Suzy’s guidance and support deep transformation can occur with greater ease, grace, compassion and love.


LIVE ZOOM CHAT : One hour community Zoom chat where you can bring up any questions, experience or awareness for Suzy to respond to. Please feel free to bring questions regarding youreld and or your children to these sessions.

CONSCIOUS LOVING COMMUNITY: Over the years, a loving and supportive community has gathered through Suzy’s offerings, creating an amazing space for authenticity. You’ll be supported not simply by her but also by the love and compassion of the group!

A SAFE ENVIRONMENT TO BE YOU: Suzy’s own journey of integrating more of who she is has made her compassionate to the growth pains that we all move through as we awaken. You can count on her to create a safe, inviting and nonjudgemental environment for your questions to be heard, valued and supported.

VIDEO OR AUDIO OPTION: You are welcome to use the video or audio only option when participating in these Zoom chats. 

VIDEO RECORDING: You will have access to each video Zoom chat through YouTube by Friday after the chat. Time stamps with the topics discussed will be provided in the descriptions.

PLEASE NOTE: The information shared in these offerings is based on Suzy’s own multidimensional sight and knowing. Regardless of the topic discussed, the information offered by Suzy is not a substitute for your own knowing. You, and only you, are fully responsible for how you apply the information she offers. Suzy’s intention is to provide empowered perspectives for you to consider, however she is in no way responsible for your interpretation of this information or what you choose to do with it. Suzy does not offer medical advice of any kind, but can describe what your concern looks like energetically.



On the day of the Zoom chat you can enter the waiting room 5-10 minutes before the hour. Zoom entry closes on the hour.  Please type your questions into the chat as soon as you arrive. Questions are answered in the order they are received. 

Sharon Hall, the moderator, will verbalize your question and Suzy will ask for clarification as needed.
Beginning at 8:00 AM Suzy will start the Zoom chat with a short heart centering exercise.

She will then respond to your messages and afterwards open the lines for any additional comments or clarifications. 

NOTE: We will address as many of your experiences as we can in the hour. Sharon will combine similar posts themes so we can keep the conversation moving along.

Also remember that these Zoom chats will be posted on social media platforms. If you would prefer to not be seen, you are welcome to use the audio only option on zoom. 


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Upon registration you will recieve an email with details for the Zoom chat as well as a reminder of the format. Please note that in an effort to support others who may be looking for a group just like this one, we will be posting these Zoom chats to various social media platforms. Please read the information below before registering for these calls.

You only need to register once. After that you can participate as often as you like. 

What’s Up For You?

Registration for these community Zoom chats is free of charge, however as a means of supporting others who may also be looking for this information, Suzy will be posting these Zoom videos on various social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook and YouTube. By registering for these Zoom chats you acknowledge and authorize us to post your video exchanges within this community on social media platforms.