Supporting families of children who are showing up differently. 

As part of the energetic support offered in these sessions, upon registration, please email Suzy a picture of your child or children with their names and ages. If you are a professional working with multiple children please send her pictures with initials only and the age(s) of the child or children that you would like to focus on in these sessions.  You can email Suzy at suzy@suzymillercom.


I’ve been “out on the edge” in the arena of autism for the last twenty five plus years. When I first started speaking publicly about the multidimensional awareness of this population people thought it was nonsense. And that was OK, because the information provided by the children and the proof that played out through my experiences with them was all that I needed to continue sharing on their behalf.

At first is was only children diagnosed with autism and then many other children who were presenting with a variety of diagnoses, by mainstream standards, showed up to guide me step-by-step to help support them and their families. 

For this reason, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is an aspect of each child that knows that their life experience offers just what is required to help them more fully integrate. So what is your role in that process?

What is required is a deep shift in perception and the tools to be present with what is arising. There is a profound opportunity here, but it is not based on what others have told you about yourselves or your children.

So what makes me so certain that I can transfer what I know and have learned from them to you? That’s simple. It’s because the children have never asked me to do anything on their behalf that was not possible, albeit unconventional. In addition, I’ve worked with over ten thousand families and have seen first hand what is commonly helpful to the children and what is not! In this series, I’ll pass that all on to you!

 Integration is the process by which aspects of self  begin to synchronize and function as a collective whole.

What’s It All About?


                          Do you desire to support your children  by fully understanding how they function and what makes them beautifully different?

Are you ready to grow beyond what you think is important to be in connection and collaboration with them?

Would you like practical and unique strategies to develop positive new interactions with your child ?

 Our newest populations of children are not here to be just like the rest of humanity. They are here to help evolve it and this six week series gives you the information to help you understand your role in that process.

 If you know my work, you’ll know that I do not believe that those who show up differently need to be “fixed”. Furthermore, I not only believe, but have repeatedly experienced that children who present with a diagnosis of autism or  other “conditions” are not disordered, but have awareness that much of humanity has yet to mature into. That said, it is also clear that for a variety of reasons, this population meets with significant challenges functioning in this world. These challenges are purposeful and it’s time to understand how and why.

Throughout my years of supporting the integration of children who have a hard time being present in this world, I have seen everything from positive shifts in communication, behaviors, and parent-child relationships to greatly enhanced degrees of presence.  I’ve witnessed their expressions of wisdom beyond that which many would consider possible. They’ve taken me into their worlds and provided me with the awareness and methods that I will share with you in this series.

What Do You Need To Know?


If this series resonates with you then here’s what to do.

First, please review the information on this page and then feel free to email Suzy at if you have a questions about the process.

Second, register for the course prior to the start date and set your intention to get the most you can out of the next six weeks.

The Collective Consciousness of the Children (CCC) will be right with us every step of the way! They will help to refine your individual and our group process, and because we will meet on zoom live, you will be able to clarify any questions you have regarding how to apply each weeks topic.

Third, energy work supported by the C.C.C. will be offered in each of these sessions. You will have the recordings for each of these calls and therefore will be able to revisit the energetic support any time you feel the need.


Awesomism: The Integration Series


This six-week series is offered at 9:30 AM Pacific time, on Tuesdays. The next session begins on January 10, 2023.

Please email suzy at to request other times of day for this session. We have requests from various parts of the world and are happy to accomodate other time zones as when can.

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This series is held live via Zoom. Details will be made available upon registration.

Calls are approximately 75  minutes in length, and all sessions will be recorded and available on our member site within 24 hours.

SESSION ONE: January 10, 2023


In this session you will hear a very different story about those diagnosed with autism and all children who are showing up differently in the world. This is a story of love, of consciousness, of multidimensional gifts and of an evolutionary step forward for humanity. Understanding this true story alone can set the stage for new levels of interaction. We will also energetically set the stage to build a new template for interaction with your children.

SESSION TWO: January 17, 2023


One of the most important things to understand about highly sensitive children is their capacity to pick up on other people’s  emotional and mental energy. This means that they read minds and emotions all day, everyday. How do they do this and how can we use this innate skill to support their daily life experience?

SESSION THREE: January 24, 2023


Highly sensitive children have a unique capacity to reflect what has yet to be integrated within ourselves and our lineages. When we understand how to apply these reflections for our own evolutionary growth (without guilt and shame), we become more capable of supporting the children to live their own lives and demonstate into their own capacities.


SESSION FOUR: January 31, 2023


In this session we will discuss the various types of communication including behaviors, spelling, facilitated communication telepathy, light language and information transfer. We will learn how to ask and get answers from them regardless of their mode of communication. We will also create an interface between their mode of communication and yours so that you sync up in a way that is most supportive to you both.

SESSION FIVE: February 7, 2022


Once a coherent mode of communcation is established, you’ll find out that your children have access to more information than you can imagine. They also process information very differently than most. In this session, we’ll learn the specifics of what they have access to and why their way of processing information is the wave of the future! 

SESSION SIX: February 14, 2023- This is a REAL Valentine’s Day!


That crazy word love! Do we really know what it means? The children seem to have a unique perspective on love. They understand the energy of love and are not really interested in the word or the insane projections that go with it. In this session, you will come into a greater understanding of their awareness of love and how you can use that understanding to support yourself and them.




Upon registration, you will receive an audio recording to assist in clearing your primary energy fields.  It should be completed at least once prior to beginning this series as it will create a common foundation for us to expand from! This recording can be repeated as you see fit during the course. It can also help to keep the energy moving as we open to and expand our understanding of those on the spectrum.


The Presence Process by Michael Brown offers a great foundation for the emotional coherence necessary when energetically engaging with those on the spectrum. It provides a very percise means of integrating what is mirrored by the children. It is suggested that you read at least the first two sections of his book, but it is not required to participate in this course.


If you have questions regarding this process, you are welcome to book a free twenty-minute consultation with Suzy, prior to your registration. This consultation is not required for registration. If you’re ready to jump in, you can do so anytime!


As part of the energetic support offered in these sessions, upon registration, please email Suzy a picture of your child or children with their names and ages. If you are a professional working with multiple children please send her pictures with initials only and the age(s) of the child or children that you would like to focus on in these sessions.  You can email Suzy at suzy@suzymillercom.

Receipts for services come from Suzy’s company Blue Star Education and Research LLC.