The Real World and Your World

“There are two worlds, the real world, and your world.” 

– Riley

Riley was a master at giving me phrases like this to ponder. Twenty years ago, he pushed me to question my reality, and I haven’t stopped doing that since.

I call what Riley shared all those years ago “aTruth,” because, in my world, these are the statements that take on new meanings as I grow and evolve, each of which is profoundly more in-depth than the one before. At the time he said it, I was still arrogant enough to believe that the world of a professional Speech-Language Pathologist had to be more evolved than the child I was sent to support. Hear the arrogance?

Funny thing is that he, and the children that followed, have been literally stepping me into their reality all along and what an amazingly fascinating reality it is.

This ability to step into a different perception of reality is what Riley indicated was needed to see him for who he truly was. Most humans have a perception of reality, which is based on what they are programmed to hear, see, touch, taste, etc. As humans, we are also conditioned to get comfortable very quickly with our realities and thus do not readily experience beyond that conditioning or comfort zone.

Our human senses are crafted for certain experiences. For those of you who believe that you are evolved, aware, and awake, I would like to suggest that there is ALWAYS more and that the minute you stop and hold on to any given perception and call it “truth” is the minute you halt your own growth.

If you want to prove this to yourself, spend a month intending every day that you wake up, see truth, and be love. Just watch what comes to the surface! You will notice, see, sense and experience things that you have not before.

Trusting our feelings and our bodies is a precursor to shifts in perception, but humans have been programmed to distrust both. Have you ever been in a situation where a person is saying all the right things to you, but your body is uncomfortable, or your feelings are saying that something is off? It takes practice to trust the sensations over the thoughts. I am still learning this one too.

Most of us want to believe in the illusion so much that we will bypass the information of feeling or body and use our minds to make the situation “fit” the reality we would like to see. Please question everything, especially if it is uncomfortable because there is awareness beyond that illusion that can shift your experience on a dime.

The Collective Consciousness of the Children (CCC) say that there is a positive reason for discomfort. It drives us to explore beyond our limited perceptions of the situation.  No human enjoys discomfort, but discomfort is not a punishment. It’s an invitation to another level of awareness. The trick is to catch it when it whispers instead of when it screams.

In my practice working with parents and their kids, most come to me after they have tried everything else. The CCC explained that the parents were building up to having their realities dismantled so lasting transformation could occur. He added that to push anyone to experience a new reality too soon was neither reasonable nor responsible. He knew our processes were in perfect order!

This is also why an “issue” may become apparent in session four but not in session one; there is both a building and a dismantling going on as we move from one reality to the next.

The metaphor is that we learn to crawl before we can walk and then run.  We would not condemn an infant for not being able to run, but we do condemn ourselves for not understanding the realities of these children when we just aren’t there yet. It’s a process.

Has anyone ever said “You’re too sensitive,” to you or your children? I bet we’ve all heard that!  That phrase, right there, is part of the unconscious conditioning that teaches us not to trust what we feel and sense through our bodies.

Please understand that I am in no way suggesting that this programming is intended or diabolical; it is merely a function of less sensitive people being uncomfortable with what sensitive people have access to.

So, if the children have “a world,” and we have “a world,” what is the difference? The difference is not that they are gods and we are dung. The difference is that they experience their worlds through an advanced sensory system, and thus have access to much more information than most humans do. Information that is subtle or unperceivable to most is part of their daily experience.

Their world may be “more real” because it takes into account more information; they see beyond the programming to the next iteration of what is there. That does not mean they do not have things to learn and grow into; it just means that they probably won’t do those unless the invitation to grow and learn is practical for them in their worlds!

Riley would say: “Don’t hide anything from yourself. Let yourself know beyond what you think you know.”

This is profound because when it comes to reality, our perceptions of reality do not shift until 1), we have the coherent awareness that our feelings and bodily knowingare more accurate than our minds, and 2), our psyche can handle the shift into a new reality.

This is why so many of these children see, hear, and experience differently than we do. It is also why they push our buttons emotionally, and it’s why they blurt out truths that we cannot recognize ourselves. Simply stated, their reality is different than ours!

Humans are conditioned to fear what they do not understand, but what we do not get is that fear is merely an invitation to open to more. Instead, humans typically call what they do not understand a “disorder!”

It’s time for us not tothink again, but to feelinto a higher truth. It’s time to be curious instead of in fear, and it’s time to open to a reality that has not existed for us before! There is a way to meet your children in a space in between your worlds and theirs. I know you may be exhausted, but please do not be complacent, there is more to explore, and this “more” actually gives you energy instead of taking it from you!

The children are inviting us into their world with every behavior we don’t understand, every “perceived as weird” conversation that they are having with some unseen source, and in every moment that they trigger us beyond our comfort zone.

Yes, we are all dark and light. And yes, you may be able to see and love that incongruence more than most.  But here is a little secret:  We are ALL being invited to spend less time condemning ourselves (which is a program of shame and blame) and more time being curious about and trusting of our feelings and bodily knowings.

Let’s consider that if we are suffering with our children or in any aspect of our lives, there may be more to which we can be open to exploring. We are being invited into their world by their very presence, by what questions arise because they exist, and even by the frustrations they provoke.

Believe me, they are trying to meet us halfway; it’s just that the reality difference between their world and ours is a BIG jump. Someday, this will be recognized, but for now, everyone who opens to receive their invitation, to meet in the space between our world and theirs, is helping to pave the way to a new reality for all!


  • Set the intention every day to wake up, to see truth, and to be love.
  • Practice trusting what you are sensinginstead of what you are thinkingabout a situation.
  • Pain is not punishment, but rather, an invitation to a broader perspective.
  • We experience new realities according to our soul’s timing, which is always the perfect timing.
  • You and your children are not “tooanything.” You merely have experiences which others do not understand.
  • The main difference between realities is the information available, and how that information is experienced!
  • Energetically Sensitive individuals and Autistics see and know beyond your programming.
  • Don’t hide anything from yourself.
  • Invite yourself to know beyond what you thinkyou know.
  • The children are inviting us into their world with every behavior we do not understand.
  • Spend less time condemning yourself and more time being curious.
  • Shame and blame are dense programs that keep you stuck in your current world. Drop those programs, and new worlds will open up!

This is an excerpt from the February Children’s Sanctuary session, called Reality is Not as it Seems. During these sessions information and energetic support is provided, with the assistance of the Collective Consciousness of the Children, to enhance the lives of energetically sensitive children and those who care for them!

For more information:

You can read more about my experience with Riley and the Collective Consciousness of the Children in Awesomism A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism.