I have spent a lot of time on my own over the last few months ,being still and feeling the fluctuations that were just under the surface. With all that is moving and shaking in the world, it felt helpful to give myself the space to explore my inner workings deeper than ever before.

What are my strengths and weaknesses? How do I typically handle those? What have I learned in my life? What have I gained from past experiences and what have I lost? These were the questions that swirled in my mind.

The byproduct of all this introspection was the awareness that regardless of what the play of life is showing me, I get to decide what I do with that information. I get to choose my next steps based on my last. I get to benefit from life if I so chose and thus there never have been losses.

I also played with giving my attention to a wide variety of points of view just to see how they made me feel. I was curious if I could feel a completely different point of view just for the sake of noticing what happens within me when my story does not agree with another’s. 

I noticed that at the end of the day that other’s points of view and their experiences were just that… they were theirs. I didn’t have to choose them and I could also learn something about myself from listening to them.

I then started to ask myself “What is it that I know for certain.”  At first, I looked at my own personal experiences and what they had taught me and then I heard the question, “What is known through you”

That question was not answered from the inventory of my personal experiences but from some deeper place within. It seemed to me that within that still point I knew a lot more than I imagined for an about myself personally. I know that might sound funny coming from someone who basically lets information flow through for others on a daily basis, but this was personal. I learned that we all know more about ourselves than we might believe. 

That still point opens us to answers that cannot come from outside sources. It informs us of our best way forward and knows what the conscious mind cannot. That still point feels like an open channel to the divine, an invitation to be shown the importance of our lives, beyond our perceived strengths and limitations.

We have all heard “Be Still and Know”, but how often are we still and do we actually want to know beyond what we believe is true? All I know for certain in this moment is that there is so much more to explore and whatever we think we know for certain is temporary at best.

With so much fluctuation as part of our collective evolution, I am wondering if more questions (fluidity) and less statements (rigidity) could be helpful in naturally and organically opening us to what that still point within wants to share?