When I lived in Maine a couple decades ago, I used to go to a beach where the tide came in from two different directions. When it was coming in, both sides would smash into each other and create these big sprays of salty water.

When the tide was going out, a sandy passageway would reveal itself allowing one to walk from the beach to a small island just off the coast. The whole thing felt like magic. There was the excitement of witnessing this merge, followed by the ability to walk, if even for a brief timeframe, to a place that was inaccessible until the circumstances were just right.

I thought about this scene a lot over the last several days as it is a perfect metaphor for what has been coming up and will play out in more pronounced ways from June onward. The tides of change are not only colliding they are morphing into a deep play of inclusion. Not one drop of these waves can be excluded in this dance and still be considered the wholeness of the ocean.

In the energetics of June, it is as if two fields of consciousness are coming from very different perspectives and are attempting to merge into one. When they collide, the result is usually tears or at least this is how I experience this merging. The tears may be shed from a space of joy, bliss, overwhelm, grief, anger, love or any combination thereof.

Whatever the e-motion (energy in motion) I have found that those tears cannot be surpressed as they surface. They are designed to reflect a level of vulnerability that has been trained to be hidden and kept separate.

These merging experiences reflect a realization and a bit of a grieving process, for aspects of ourselves that are naturally getting dissolved into our wholeness. Our tears move us from a false sense on security, based on the known, and usher us into the realms of the beautifully expansive unknown. 

This collision of realities is basically high vibrational energy, that is altering our consciousness, merging with the lower frequency separation programs created as survival strategies throughout our lifetimes. When these two waves merge we are released from old realities and become aware of a much broader view of our wholeness. There are some aspects of us that love this new found freedom and other aspects that fear being moved back into the fold of oneness, as if they will be found lacking in some way.  

ALL aspects of us are valuable parts of ALL that we are. In fact, ALL are already included in the whole. How could they not be? It is our perception and protection of certain aspects of ourself that hold them in separation. 

Let’s allow them to exist, love them, listen to them and see what happens. Miracles want to take place in through and around you and will. It can be as easy as shifting our perception to include instead of exclude what arises. 

So it doesn’t matter which expression of release shows up as part of this merging. In one case we are being invited to call on the support of the higher aspects of ourselves to soothe and comfort those aspects that are challenged by this change in perspective. In the other case, the more challenged aspects of ourselves are equally adding to this dance as they invoke the aspects within that already know how to be of support.

Either way, as we are present to it all, almost miraculously a new space opens up that is beyond either reality.  This is a space that we initially may only be able to visit briefly. However with presence and practice, we stay there no matter what the tide is doing!

I wish this sense of oneness for us all!