In 2019 I was visiting friends January and her son Jackson in Culpepper, Virginia.  Jackson was 11 at the time and was/is non-verbal and diagnosed with autism. He spells to communicate. Jackson and I had connected telepathically on numerous occasions over the years as he and his mother January started as clients when he was just 4 years old and  later became friends. There have been numerous occasions when he visited me through bilocation, connected with me telepathically and confirmed through spelling on the letter board that he was conscious of having been with me and or confirmed things that he had shared telepathically.

This day was different though. January, Jackson and I went into the center of Culpepper for a cup of coffee and a sit in the park. January and I were sitting on a park bench and Jackson was walking around with his hoodie pulled up over his head and down over his eyes. This was his favorite way of “wearing” his sweatshirt.

At one point Jackson came over to the bench his mother and I were sitting on and grabbed my hand. When he grabbed my hand my consciousness was immediately transported to another realm. I felt a bit like I went “up and out.”

Once “out”, I saw a large wooden door in front of us and while Jackson held one of my hands tightly, he used the other one to open the door. When we walked through the door, we were in a kind of art studio. Lots of painting canvases, paints, an easel etc…. the room was pretty white except for the things in it. Jackson then began to verbally speak to me. He told me that he loved art and that he put a lot of vibrational energy into the painting that he creates. He said this is why he has his mother send them to various people. He said his art was made with intentions to wake people up, heal them and such.

Jackson is an artist in his 3 D life and often makes painting, drawing, ornaments etc that he asks his mother (through spelling) to send to specific people, usually family and friends.  I had been the recipient of such gifts in years past, but in the realm we were in together with him still holding my hand, he was verbally explaining the reason for it all.

Jackson then said to me that his mother wanted me. Up until that moment, I had completely forgotten that my 3 D body was still sitting on the bench next to his mother January.  My experience was that my consciousness was fully in that other realm with Jackson and my body seemed to be there too albeit a lighter version of it.

Jackson then began to loosen his tight grip on my hand, but was still holding my hand in that “higher realm”. My consciousness began to somewhat return to my 3 D body sitting on the bench next to his mother. It was like my 3 D body was moving in slow motion and as I came more into it I could feel January tapping my leg. My head slowing turned to look at her while my hand still felt connected to Jackson’s in that other realm.

January said to me “ Are you OK?” “ What is happening?”  “You stopped talking and are just staring.”  January already knew I had strange “skills” by then and so I slowly said to her “ I am with Jackson, somewhere else and will be back.”

I then felt Jackson tighten his grip on my hand and I was fully back in that other realm with him. He told me verbally that that was enough and that it was time to return to my body. We walked out of the art studio in that realm and shut the big brown door. He started to loosen his grip on my hand and as he did my consciousness returned fully to my body. Jackson was still standing in front of me in front of the bench, but was no longer holding my hand. He then went off walking around as he had before with his hood up and over his face just like before. His words were gone.

Once I got my bearings, January and I discussed what happened right there and then.

I came away from that experience assuming that if Jackson could speak in that realm, there should be a way, under the right vibrational circumstances, that he could speak in this one and he, January and I have had a few interactions around that topic since then. I have always felt like he was showing me that possibilities change in various vibrational conditions. This experience proved to me that non-verbal kids can speak clearly under the right vibrational conditions and has also encouraged me to find what those conditions are!

Suzy Miller