On January 13, 2024, I went to the Wisdom Library to meditate with the intention of seeing what was next regarding  “the kids” and what role the library might play. Since the first day I met Deborah and Steve, I suspected that it had something to do with supporting their “landing”I planned to sit directly under the dome of the library. Steve has often said that magic happens there and prayers are often realized by releasing them through the dome. Thus I positioned myself right under it.

Steve, Deborah and I have all been playing with some crystal technologies in the form of light blades and tailsmans which you have seen if you participate in the New World Portal. Each provides support by holding a particular focus and they were all laying on the table for my use.

I placed my divinity blade across my lap and held the  “sun disk” in my palms. As soon as I closed my eyes, I saw two triads around me. One made up of Christ, Steve (Wisdom Library) and Chris (creator of light blades) and the other one made up of the Divine Mother, Deborah (Wisdom Library) and Kristin (Chris’ partner). The dome opened above my head and revealed another vibrational library above the one I was sitting in. The library above was the library of “the kids” and vibrationally it held new science, medicine, technology, education and currency. 

A column of light came down through me and then the energy of the above library began to stream down into the one I was physically sitting in. 

The whole template from the above library began to take form up close to the ceiling in the Wisdom Library. It looked like a round etheric room that was being lowered onto the mezzanine above my head. That room continued to lower to right above the bookshelves on the first floor of the library and then stopped.

I heard that it would not come further until I “cleared out my energy” and so I picked up one of the blades on the table designed for that and stood it upright in my lap, leaning against my chest so it rest on me from root to heart. I asked it to clear my lower chakras and energetic information.

Once I was clear, I noticed various authors from the library came out from the books and helped to land the energetic template of “the kids” library into the Wisdom Library. Once the two spaces were one, there was a crystal configuration that went into the dome to hold both libraries in the same space.

As everything landed and the space was held, doors of light opened around the library in six directions and clients/friends diagnosed on the spectrum, past and present came through the doors. There were three females and three males and the positions they took in the library mimicked the triads I saw when I first sat down. There was one other male energy that came in briefly to give me a “Being Present” light language code and then left. This new light language code was designed to help those who had “landed” vibrationally be fully present here in that vibration. Everyone of “the kids” that came into the library had their parents energetically standing right behind them except for the one who came in to hand me the light language codes .

The new sequence was broadcast to each of those that came through the light doors and then they left. I picked up the light blade called Love Shine from the table and and sealed the room in LOVE and opened my eyes.

The first book I saw in front of me when my eyes adjusted to being open was called The Hidden Way. I then heard “The hidden way is now seen, valued and expressed.”

Deborah, Steve and I had a chat after and Steve suggested that he saw Lord Tennyson helping from the library. “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved before.”

 I told him that  the collective of “the kids” repeatedly says that they cannot fully be here until “here” is the frequency of love. He then showed me a coin that he had just created which reads on one side with love, in love and through love and on the other, an abundant heart, an open mind and a humble spirit.

No doubt we are heading in the right direction!