Since I began working energetically in 1999, I have been watching the Collective Consciousness of the Children attempt to descend into the 3D world. Think of this consciousness as a collective field of information that held within it, the templates for new science, medicine, education, currency etc. In 2012, the old world timelines ended and the new world energetic templates began to be laid into place.

Come 2016, enough of that template had moved into 3D that I was told that the underworld had closed, meaning that humanities long held separation illusions would rise up to the surface to be seen and recognized for what they are – old world constructs that have held humanity in limitation for eons. Rise up it did and as it did humanity began to simultaneously call for the NEW.

2019 until now and on-going has been and will continue to be a complete re-ordering, with an increase of unity consciousness. From my perspective unity consciousness is the reality of LOVE made manifest in the 3D world. 

“The kids” have repeatedly shared that they could not be fully embodied here until “here” was the frequency of love.

Well, here’s the GOOD NEWS! Although it may not look like it (especially if you are relying on the media or some outside source to inform you) the new earth template is taking hold and thus more and more of “the kids” will be able to land in ways that they have not been able to before.

Before I go on, I have to share that if you are still plugging into the outside world or separation energy to inform you of what is possible, it is going to be more challenging to believe that what I am sharing with you here is true. If however you will give yourself a moment to feel into this information and access your own knowing, you will feel the truth of the current potentials available for “the kids” and all future generations.

“Landing” or coming fully into coherence with the Earth plane is something that I have always known was possible. The challenge has always been finding the right energetic environment to support highly sensitive souls in being here.

The dynamics of how all the realms and realities reconfigure for that landing is too complex to discuss here, however what I can say is that the factors required for facilitating more optimal environments are now making themselves know and thus we are going to begin to see that there is an uptake in “the kids” capacity to regulate themselves here. 

I know that what I am sharing may sound ridiculous and of course it is without the eyes to see the energetics of what is happening, however if you can hold an open mind and start paying attention to the most subtle of positive changes occurring for your children, you will both add energy to this potential and also start locking into it at the same time.

In the meantime, let me share a few stories with you that can serve as indicators that “the kids” are landing and that it will get easier and easier over time for them to do so, at least under the right circumstances.

In the last several weeks, I have spoken to clients whose children have begun to do things they never did before. One wrote his name on the mirror so it reflected back across his chest as if to say, this name goes to this body. Another young child talked her mother through a difficult situation, helping her use calming techniques that she had never been taught. A mother who sees energetically said that her son’s body elemental or bodily energy field was more solid now than she had ever seen. Another young woman on the spectrum who had never been able to fluidly speak began talking after we energetically removed blocked up energy in her sacral center. One parent fully recognized how her inner dialogue was impacting her children’s behavior. She changed that dialogue and noticed a nearly instantaneous shift in her children.

I’ve been told by a variety of children who either spell or telepathically or verbally communicate that they can feel their legs or themselves in their bodies. A young man who shared with me a technology that he held in his consciousness has also brought about circumstances where that technology has now been physically created by someone else and will be delivered into his hands this week.

On our last Children’s Sanctuary call the energy of the kids which is typically very top heavy and appears in my mind’s eye as a “v” shape took on the appearance of two pillars with light running from soul star to earth star with only a few energetic obstructions here and there. AMAZING CHANGE!

I am sharing all these experiences as a means to say ” Please don’t dismiss ANYTHING that you are noticing regarding positive shifts and changes in your child’s world. Are your children more able to regulate? Are they more verbal or more fluid on their letter boards? Do they appear to have more moments of being focused in the here and now? Are they doing more that demonstrates a skill that they previously did not seem to have command of? 

Write these things down. Email us or tell someone who won’t shoot down what you are noticing. The more we give these experiences meaning, the more we help to anchor this new reality and the easier it becomes to land. 

Remember we are all interconnected, meaning that as one child shifts, it becomes easier for others to shift as well and I can vouch for the fact that every week more and more are landing.

As a means of keeping this energy going, I am going to begin adding stories of transformation and positive change to this newsletter so that 1) we recognize what is possible now and 2) that we add energy to those possibilities continuing to expand for the greater good of all the kids.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you begin to notice a shift in your child, let us know. I am not interested in testimonials of the processes that I offer, although those processes can be of great support. That however is not what this is about. It is about the awareness that together we can build upon an energetic climate that is VERY supportive of positive change and as we do we perpetuate the capacity for more and more kids to land in the way that is just right for them. I can promise that the environments that are right for them are ultimately right for every evolving human being. I can also promise that those environments are literally taking form as of this writing!

It’s time to advance the magic! Please add yours!