Every now and then, I have these spontaneous recognitions of the unfathomable nature of what we are currently living through and I literally stop in my tracks in utter jaw dropping amazement. I cannot pretend to have even the smallest inkling of the vastness of the transformation that we are in the midst of, but I do sense that it is all encompassing, meaning that when it is all said and done we will have moved from homo sapiens to a new species all together. Maybe we are becoming homo luminous or something of the sort, I am not sure, but what feels true is that every single aspect of our human condition is undergoing a transformation that ultimately leaves us unrecognizable to our former selves.

As bigger worlds and forces are rocking our smaller ones, we can attempt to soothe ourselves by gathering as much information about this process as we can and that might be helpful, however somehow I doubt that any explanation of our current circumstances can even come close to the worlds within worlds that are playing out through and as us as we transition beyond what we have ever been before.

As someone who likes to peer into other worlds and realities in an attempt to get a glimpse of the bigger picture, I honestly feel that in these times I simply have to bow to the great mystery that is our human evolution.

I have had moments in the past of mental confusion and stunned silence that expresses a bit like awe, when somehow I have spontaneously witnessed the movement of energy from spirit into form as in the gestation and birth of a human child. Thank goodness this experience is rare, but as you can imagine it leaves an impression. From a broad view, the layers and dimensions of those information fields can appear both as a graceful dance and a chaotic whirlwind all wrapped up into one. It’s amazing that any of us gets here in one piece.

Witnessing even the most minute shifts in our current human evolution paints a similar picture and yet this transformation is happening simultaneously as we are consciously already connected to a body, not while we are in the unconscious state of creating one. Yikes!

Only Source could possibly be in control of such a process. Worlds upon worlds, cycles within cycles, realities begetting other realities. Honestly, to the human consciousness it’s both mesmerizing and terrifying, thus better not to give it much thought and simply acknowledge that we are always in much bigger hands than our own. Accessing that awareness, I am oddly comforted that my smallness has always been supported, guided and witnessed by something that has a vantage point that I cannot fathom. I do suspect that humanity will never incarnate on this planet again in the form and function of lifetimes past. This lifetime we are irrevocably altered, tipped away from all that has separated us from us and invited back to the beginning when there was just one.

You might ask how can I be so sure? You might say, “Look at the state of the world and all that is playing out in plain sight.” Heck, if we just look at what is playing out in our own lives on any given day, we could make a case for things becoming more separate. My sense is that these glimpses have nothing to do with the world of better or worse. In fact, whatever these breakthroughs are seem to be beyond the illusion of rights and wrongs all together.

Rumi speaks about this as a field. This is the realm of the impossible made possible, a state beyond the mind where reality is more like a prism or a fractal of the whole constantly returning to a oneness and less like the reality that we have been conditioned to so desperately cling to. 

I suspect these recent experiences are what happens under the influence of mind expanding drugs and yet I’ve honestly always been scared to take them, although sometime I wish I had as that would more easily explain these openings into other realities, to my little human mind.

What I can say for sure is that human beings are being altered. That I can see as plain as day. It doesn’t seem to matter who you are or what you may or may not believe about these times. This is a vast or broad stroke view and I suspect that this is not meant as a “fact” as much as it is offered as a transmission or reminder that each of us is a fractal expression of what is happening to and through us. We each are expressions of worlds within worlds and are moved by worlds within worlds that are even more expansive still. We are vast and complex and thus probably best to keep this “shift” and basic as possible.

Now might be a nice space to be present to or tap into that fact that you are already one within all and therefor there is no being left behind, cast out, abandoned or left wanting. In the broadest sense we are already moving as one within the whole and as such we belong to something much greater than our small selves would have us believe.

Maybe feel into that for a bit and see what opens up for you, within you and as you! These are mystical and mysterious times and as this full moon is on the rise as I finish this blog, I can’t help but be confident that all is in divine order! The order of ONE.

With much love and very little conscious understanding of the gift that this blog may or may not be to YOU! Never-the-less here it is.