It’s easy to get pulled by the outside world, especially when it is as odd and loud as it is right now. Talk about a mixed-up illusion. We can get pulled by the sheer volume of the information and the drama of it. The human part of us loves a drama. It gives us a hit, like a drug and most people on this planet only know drama, to one degree or another, so the energy is very familiar. From that vantage point it can oddly make us feel alive.


Regardless if you are into mainstream or alternative information, there is an energy of division unlike any time that I can remember. The voices in both arenas seem to be getting harsher as they offer their points of view and attempt to persuade us to see through their lens. The mainstream message seems to be “choose a side” and the alternative message seems to be “a savior is on the way”. If you’re no longer into drama, you’re probably done with both messages.


I was watching myself over the last month or so as I went to certain sources to “get a hit” of drama. My “drug” of choice was those speaking about who is alive, who died a long time ago and who is a clone etc., All curious and interesting stuff in my world, at least for a while, and then something started to happen. I kept hearing the questions “What are you choosing?”, “What does that energy create?” ” Are you in separation or are you unifying?”.  I then heard the request to “Go inside and be.”


I realized that I could view “choose a side” as bad and “a savior is on the way” as good, however after going inside, I had to consider that both of those positions may not reflect our innate capacity to create from who we are in truth. My guess is that if a “savior”, as in a person or a situation, is on its way then it is our collective consciousness that helped to create that experience.


I began to see the  insanity of choosing sides or choosing to wait for a savior to create a better world. Both come from a place of abdicating our power to another. Both separate us from the greater truth of who we are and our innate capacity to create a better world in every moment.


The human aspects of us typically fall into the trap of relying heavily on others. We do this to feel “in the know” or to feel a sense of belonging. I get it. I’ve done it a million times and will continue to seek out other perspectives. It feels safe to know and great to belong, but if we mindlessly choose a side or are waiting for something to happen, we might have a sense of belonging , but to what? It may be time to choose the inner truth of YOU first.


 I am writing this as much for myself as I am for anyone who might read this blog. I’ve been noticing that the more time I spend with my own inner knowing, the more empowered I feel. The more empowered I feel, the more I know that I can create change, by being with whatever comes up. I feel that we create change, not by taking a side or waiting for something to save us, but by being with our capacity to be with whatever shows up in our life experience. 


Our life experience is our creation in the sense that it gives us everything we need to know who we are in truth. It asks us to show up for ourselves and as we do we can show up for others. It asks us to feel first and act second. It asks us to choose peace from the inside out and thus invite others to the same. From the perspective that we are all one, I know I have felt much more empowered to do what I can for others, by being present to everything that comes up as I watch all the craziness in the world. It’s made it much easier to be present for those who are experiencing challenges.


 From this knowing I can only suggest that in October that we pay attention to where we go to get a “hit” and ask ourselves if that is helpful. Let’s have compassion for those parts that still want to belong or “be in the know” above trusting our inner knowing. 


As always, to be with what arises within you. Choose to love every single part of you. Choose to unify what’s inside, instead of divide. Choose to create the world that you want to live in by gifting that experience to yourself. Choose to dream and align with possibilities. Choose to image the world that you want to live in. As the old adage says ” We are the ones we are waiting for.”