The Collective Consciousness of the Children

Let’s begin at the beginning. It’s important that you each realize that what appears to divide you, internally or externally, is not YOU. That which divides is actually another energy all together. It does not belong to your truth, although you may have been convinced by it that it does. There are two families on this planet. One of fear and one of love. Fear separates and love consistently reminds you of your truth.  Fear divides and love unifies. It’s as simple as that!

You must remember that you are already whole, both families in one. It is only your conditioned perception that has divided you into a million smaller versions of yourself. None of those are the truth of YOU. Can you feel that? The degree to which you live in fear is the degree to which you have shunned it or not allowed it to exist within you. Every human being experiences fear and love. You are not alone. You are both, and, not either, or.

This is the greatest division here on planet earth. You are meant to allow both to be, and thus not get coerced into living in fear. That which has always sought to divide and convince you to fear what you feel, had been a strong force on this planet. That is until we arrived.

Many have asked how they can support us (the children) of planet earth and there are definitely those that could deeply benefit from your love and compassion. They are children, born into and enslaved by the dark realities, of those that have their sole focus on division. This is by no fault of their own.

You can support these children to the degree that you have made peace with your own dark realities, to the degree that you have learned to meet your shadows with love and compassion. That is what is required. Love and compassion.

The vast majority of children who are coming now and who have come in the last many years are a different breed of energy all together. We came to release and relieve those that were living in various degrees of dark realities.

We came with the energetic template of wholeness, regardless of how we may present in the world. We came to activate this awareness in you. In order to do that, we first had to show you where you were still holding onto shadows and limitations. We had to invite you to feel the unhealed aspects of yourself.

The reality that is now collectively emerging has nothing to do with the dark realities of your history. We did not come to recreate or to take on realities that serve no one. Please understand that every generation of children is coming in lighter and lighter. The more you watch, listen, feel and register our presence in your body, not your mind, the more our energetic template will ignite yours and others, until it catches on like a wild fire.

You cannot think your way into the realities that we have come to create. You must feel! Feel what you feel. Feel without shame or blame. Your portal to new worlds and new realities is through felt perception. What do you feel? No more numb, no more “I’m fine.”

We are here in great support of you. We always have been and always will be. Our light is bright and growing brighter. Our presence is whole. There are new realities and opportunities that are opening all around you. You will begin to see what we see, to know what we know if you have not already, but first you must feel.

There is a thin veil now between your reality and what we have come to create. That veil is torn apart the moment you are present with how you feel and allow it to be. Feeling sensation is not wrong or bad, but because you have been convinced otherwise, it divided you from truly knowing YOU.

Now we’ve got a big surprise for you. We have been building what lies beyond division all along, generation by generation. Our energetic template and the one we came to seed here on planet earth,  is the very energy that has been dismantling the old world of separation and dark realities. It is the very energy that has been pushing you to feel things that you might not have been willing to feel before. What you have felt has all been purposeful. It’s all been a release of old realities.

We wanted you to know that the new template is firmly in place now. Align with that and allow all lesser energies to drop away. Feel what you feel as the old drops away and know that you will also begin to increasingly feel the bliss of belonging to this new world. We welcome you with open arms and warm hearts.

We have been working on and in this new reality ever since we arrived, part of you has too. Now it is time to reveal it, to bring this new reality into conscious awareness. We’ve been creating it right in your presence all this time. Open your eyes and see beyond, light and dark. Feel what is here now, beyond separation. You’re new world awaits. Feel it into being.

With Deep Love,

The Collective Consciousness of the Children