There are multiple realities that co-exist at any given time. How we experience our reality has everything to do with the lens that we see through. Our lens is primarily created by others and in no way represents the unique beings that we each are, or our full capacity. We are not here to be someone else. We are here to remember the gift of our own being and how we can contribute to the well-being of all.

We know, by witnessing life, that the best of times and the worst of times are the same times experienced through different lives. Experiencing the worst of timesdoes not make one inferior, just as experiencing the best of times does not make one superior. It is not what is presented in our lives, but how we interpret, learn from and act on that opportunity that enhances our capacity to serve others. 

Source custom designs our lives (lifetimes) to bring to fruition the fullest expression of our uniqueness. No one and nothing has ever attempted to hurt us. Our life experiences have simply been staged to help us access deep compassion for the human condition while simultaneously bringing to the surface, through our own trials and tribulations, the capacities that are innate within us.

At some point we have to see what was right in our lives. We have to acknowledge that there is more to us than our experiences. We are not simply human beings mucking our way through life, we are masters from other times, dimensions and realities. We came equipped with everything that we need. For starters, we came infused with and as love. That capacity is still there buried deep within. You don’t even have to dig for it, just spend time calling it forth. The truth of love as you will become self evident. That is only one of your capacities. There are a wide variety of others just waiting to be called forth too.

Our limitations are based on someone else’s beliefs. Once we can truly understand that, we can begin to explore beyond our conditioning and expand into the greater truth of who we are. This is exciting! Does it take some reorienting? Of course it does. We are well practiced at our limitations therefore, we have to assume that we are going to need a little practice accessing our capacities. Let’s start now!

Who do you say that you are? What statements follow I AM in the discourse of your day? Please consider that there are other opportunities that co-exist with the one that we have been living. The only thing required to step beyond our old perceptions of ourselves is to know that we can and a bit of practice.

As an abundance of high frequency energy consistently floods this beautiful blue/green planet, we are being encouraged, if not forced, to lay down what we thought was impossible and expand into the awareness that we are all possibilities. Shift what has been considered impossible by affirming “I’m possible”. That is just the beginning of realizing your greater truth.

Your new world already exists. There are others there right now, warming up a spot just for you. They are the ones calling you to the greater truth of YOU! They are the ones creating the invitation to step away from what is dying and start living! They are the ones within you that know that you are more than you perceive yourself to be and have gone ahead of you to prove it. It’s time to start listening to our highest future self!

There you will find proof that your capacities are not limited. You hold within you the spark of the divine. It appears as a blue star in every single one of us. It both represents our totality and interconnects us with all of life.

The star that you are is not metaphor. It is you in your totality. Some aspects of you are in one reality and others are in others. The challenged parts of you and the expanded grace that is you co-exist!  We are too grand to be an either, or. We are a spark of the divine and thus we must be one with all that is. That is a both, and experience. 

There are multiple yous expressing in various ways. Which do you choose to focus on?  Where will you put your focus? Where ever you put it, there you are!

This is only the beginning. There is so much more to the story of you. Let’s see what we can access together!