You are the new horizon of your world and you are being transformed from the inside, out by the aspects of you that have never forgotten the greater truth of your Being. This is no time to play small or to assume that just because you have had challenges in the past, that you are somehow unfit for this experience. 

It is the very fact that you have experienced trials and tribulations and have held true to the light of your own Being that are given access to your new horizon. Whatever you believe yourself to be, based on your past conditioning, will soon to be a faded memory, as you begin to increasingly remember what you have always been.

There is something within you that could not be dimmed. You know it has always been there, even though you could not always explain what it was.  The light that you are, is burning brighter every day now. It is being activated as part of a collective awakening and it is inviting you to put down who you thought you were in lieu of the deeper truth of YOU.

You are light. You are love. You are a new horizon. Take a moment right now and breathe into your heart space  from the horizon around you. Breathe in everything that you are. Exhale all that you are not.

You may be finding it harder to remember the past. It may be increasingly more difficult to place blame or shame on yourself or those who you feel have wronged you. Your capacities are growing and so is your awareness. As this happens you literally cannot hold onto lower frequency experiences, even if you try. 

Something beautiful and profound if bubbling to the surface. Let it. Holding onto what was, is becoming increasingly irrelevant as you remember that you are not what has happened to you. You are not what your mind tells you are. That is all programming. You are a creator and you are on the threshold of a new world right here in this moment.

​​​​Let that sink in. Let what is trying to unfold though you to do just that. You are a gift to those around you and to this planet. You always have been. REMEMBER THAT and enjoy what unfolds from there!