When I check in with the body, it feels as if it is moving through a complete reorientation with reality. The reality that we have lived up to this moment is clearly not real and the reality of the new world is not yet solid enough to grasp onto in any meaningful and tangible way!  As the body progresses through the upgrades that it is moving through, there is no means by which we can push that reality or bend it to our will. If fact, it feels that it is the very act of surrender to its process that allows for the profound realization that we are and have always been taken care of, regardless of what we might be experiencing in any given moment. 

When I close my eyes and watch the inner workings of the body, it is as if certain access points are being turned off while others are being turned on at lightning speed. It’s as if we are each becoming one with the body of the new earth or the new earth is designing and crafting herself based on all the new information available within her billions of inhabitants. It seems obvious that we are one and the same. Therefore, what we do for our own physical experience, we do for hers and vice versa. 

As we upgrade, reality is simply not as solid as it once was and what is to come is already there and available to us in the now. As new access points emerge, we see the past and the future not as clearly defined steps, but as options within multiple realities. We are dreaming and envisioning potentials and each of those potentials are simply information fields, choice points or references to be added to or not.

As upgrades continue we recognize the power of our focus and our ability to live, love and breathe within the realms of subtle energy. Try it. See if you can perceive everything that arises as information only, not good or bad, but simply as possibilities. Add energy to that which you seek to create more of and simply withdraw your focus or energy from that which is no longer worthy of the scared nature of your Being. 

Each of us holds within us the template of our emerging reality and we are getting clues and glimpses of this all the time. As we pay attention to the spaciousness that we each are, instead of the distractions of the outside world we come to know the vast nature of what and who we are in truth. Everything is in that field of information. Everything that has been and everything that you bring as a potential contribution to the whole.

With these upgrades, there is no you or me, no them or us. There is simply the oneness of all. Thus, what we put out we get back rather quickly. What we connect to, connects to us. Choose wisely as the sacredness of you is just waiting to show you the power and presence of your vastness. 

Transformation of this magnitude is clearly not easy. We haven’t really done this before, but it might get easier if we allow what is changing within us to inform us of potentials instead of letting some outside source tell us what is and is not possible. 

There is a light show of amazing proportions going on and it is all inside of you! Let’s tune in and see what it has to offer. I’m deeply curious…How about you?