There are times in our lives where we have to take action, where we have to be responsible. By taking action, I do not mean to take action over others. I mean to take action for ourselves and our futures. By being responsible, I mean responding to a situation, from beyond the separation that created it.

Our lives are precarious at the moment and have been for many decades. It is just now, as we are waking up in masse, that we are coming face to face with that which has perpetuated separation for lifetimes. It may have recently physically manifested as the fear virus, but make no mistake separation has been our history. We just don’t want it to be our continued legacy.

Therefore, it is not wise to become embroiled with the details of what we are waking up to. It is infinitely more important that we use this time to remember the greater truth of our Being…the You that is unified. This remembering is not an external process. It is a moment by moment internal choice.

Humanity has been lied to for decades and equally we have been lying to ourselves. We were conditioned to believe that we were mere human beings attempting to become something greater. That is a lie. We have always been a spark of the divine, a cherished aspect of All That Is, a unique contribution to the whole.

Our life experience may have convinced us over and again that we were limited and thus incapable of creating positive change in our lives, the lives of others and humanity as a whole. It was all a lie. We were taught to rely on outside sources to support our overall health and well-being, to feel loved instead of knowing we were love, and to gain the “necessary” permission to express our greater truth.  

As early as 10 years from now, humanity will collectively see this as THE GREAT LIE. It’s a great lie because at the same time all this conditioning was taking place the greater truth of our divinity, our purity, our totality was also available, yet no one knew or taught us it was there.

No matter what happened to you, who convinced you otherwise or how you were conditioned, that divine spark still exists within you today. The only thing it needs to come into full expression is your attention. That’s it. Period. Call that energy forth from within you and sit in it. That is all you need to do.

That spark of the divine already exists as part of your totality, just like your child self or any other aspect of self does. The aspects of you that you love and the aspects of you that you hide, are all part of you. When you meet each aspect of yourself with the same love, compassion, and understanding you begin to know yourself as love, compassion and understanding.

Please understand that the division that we see all around us, the separation of perceived good/bad and right/wrong is all an illusion and a distraction from what we are. As you are drawn into what you believe or don’t believe, you are drawn away from the greater truth that you are beyond both the dark and the light. You ARE your totality and when this is known you function in the world as that.

If that last paragraph sounds confusing or a bit far -fetched, no problem. Simply love the parts of you that are confused and have compassion for the parts that do not know what to believe. Simply put your attention back on that divine spark, your totality or where you are whole. They are all one in the same.

The outer landscape always reflects the inner landscape and the outer landscape is always working on our behalf to reveal where we believe, and thus experience, ourselves to be separate. It equally shows us where we are shining as love and compassion, as our totality and in truth.

The outer landscape separation game is at a fever’s pitch right now and will continue until we take the opportunity to unify what comes up from within, instead of separate.  Unifying brings into expression the totality that we each are and separation further divides it. It’s that simple.

So far on planet Earth, there are two sides for every issue and each side believes they are “right”. Again, we are not meant to take sides, but to grow beyond the need for rights and wrongs. We’re meant to choose as the sovereign Beings we are and take responsibility for that choice. You see our sovereignty and our totality are not separate. How could they be? They are quite literally one and the same. When people act from sovereignty/love, they cannot help but be in support of the greater good of All That Is. The challenge is that people’s ideas about love and sovereignty come from different expressions of consciousness.

When someone cannot see another’s point of view, while simultaneously continuing to make choices that are right and responsible for themselves, it is simply an indicator that separation is more predominate than unity. That does not make that person “wrong” it simply indicates that they are stuck in the illusion of separation.

Let’s imagine for one moment that everyone on this planet knew exactly who they really were. That they knew themselves as the frequency of love.  Let’s imagine that we all knew ourselves as one and that we wanted the best for one and other. In this reality, would there be battles over light and dark? Would there be black hats and white hats, vaxxers and anti-vaxxers, mask wearers and non-mask wearers? Would there be a fear- based war that separates and divides everything in its path? Would there be the service to self or service to other factions or those that are purified and those that were not?

When we know who we really are, we know that we are one, we know that we are the frequency of love, we know that nothing can or is being done to us. We are choosing it because we are not choosing otherwise. Please use this opportunity to do just that, choose.

Some of you might be saying to yourselves, “Yes, this is all a nice imagining, but there are many who do not know that they are love and thus continue to hurt others.” If that is your response I want to strongly suggest that you have no idea how powerful you actually are and how powerful your intent for the greater good is in your own life and in the lives of those around you. This is exactly what has been conditioned out of us.  If even one bit of this resonates as true for you then you also know that you have to choose Oneness. You have to choose love. You have to choose to see yourself as powerful. I know it hurts. I know its scary. I know you have tried before and felt as if you failed. I know you don’t fully believe it yet yourself. I understand, but please sit in your own oneness, your own totality, your own love. Go looking for it, assuming that it is there within you. I promise that it is. Once you’ve identified that unified space within, and sat in it, begin to choose from it.

You choose it every time you are kind to whatever arises within you. You choose it every time you refuse to buy into that which separates you from yourself or from others. You choose it every time you rise above categories, labels, rightness and wrongness. You choose it every time you see yourself as whole, every time you see all as part of the one and love all parts for the role that it plays.

This takes us right back to the beginning of this blog. It is time to take action and to be responsible. Not responsible in the way the nightly news tells you to be responsible. Not responsible in the way one political party or another tells you to be responsible, but as in the capacity to fully respond or to choose as love.  It’s time to access, through our own sovereignty, the frequency of love that already exist within… that which we actually are. It’s time to realize or see with real eyes that if it were not for all those on the other side, we would not be seeking a new way so powerfully.

My heart breaks when I see the separation, the division and the polarization that is taking place. It breaks my heart seeing people abdicating the power of their own bodies, minds and souls to fear and separation when right inside each and every human being on this planet there is a spark of the divine. When we fully know what this means, we understand that what we wish for ourselves we wish for all, what we envision for ourselves, we envision for all and the way we care for ourselves, we care for all.