The world is waking up very quickly now and as such there is a lot coming to the surface that was previously unseen. As with any awakening, this time is both wonderful and challenging. From one perspective we could say that it is wonderful because we are being freed from what bound us and it is equally challenging because we are clearly seeing what that was!

If however we believe that what bound us was exclusively external, I suspect we are missing the true grace of this time! The greater invitation is to see and honor that in our own separation from what we actually are, we gave our power to others. We allowed those who had money, fame, influence or self-proclaimed authority within a delusional structure to have more power than the truth of what we are.

We did this not because we were wrong, bad or not enough, but because we were conditioned to do so from the very moment that we arrived on this planet. Separation was what we were born into. So we did so because we did not know who we were. 

The beauty of this time is that we are waking up to that conditioning and starting to reclaim our greater truth of Being. From my perspective, as children we hid powerful aspects of ourselves and created strategies around them to protect what was sacred within us. These strategies where very effective in keeping that greater truth tucked safely away until it was time to remember. There is no rightness or wrongness to our experiences. They were simply experiences… all designed to awaken us to different pieces of our inner puzzle. From my perspective, our current circumstances are inviting us to completely move beyond our remaining concepts of right and wrong. We are being invited to love beyond what we have loved before within ourselves.

Let me be clear here. To me power is love. Power is the capacity to love. I say that because one can only love to the degree that they love themselves. For those that believe that power comes from outside of themselves then there will always be a summoning of that which is perceived to be beyond them. When we begin to know that we are one with Source, God, All That Is, then the experience of summoning that which is perceived as beyond us, is seen as the temporary bridge that it is… a momentary experience to help us remember that we are One with more than we currently perceive ourselves to be.

I’ve had lots of conversations with people about what they are waking up to and many are troubled by it. This makes sense. Through the waking up lens, there is the shock of becoming aware that things are not what we have been conditioned to believe. There’s an uncertainty and lack of security that arises when we feel that we have been betrayed by our own beliefs. There can be a disillusionment  that surfaces when it becomes obvious that money, fame and influence appear to supersede love, integrity and collective well-being. These are all natural human emotions that arise as part of the awakening process. Not comfortable, but all part of the greater plan as we feel what has not been felt.

From my vantage point everything that we see externally, is part of the internal presented as an opportunity to love beyond what we have been able to love before! We are not being asked to love what is external, but to love the part of us that is responding or reacting to it. We know that some of the most challenging experiences in our lives are the relationships or situations where we saw a part of ourselves or part of the human collective that we did not want to see. We would rather say “ I am not that”, then look it squarely in the eye and say “I can love this part of myself too.” I think it was Adyashanti that I heard say that there was not one expression of another that he could not find in himself. I now believe that to be true within myself as well.

This does not mean that we condone what we are seeing or experiencing. It does not mean that we have to allow it to continue. It means that we can be easy on, present to and supportive of the part of ourself that is rising up and feeling stretched by another or an uncomfortable situation or realization. It means that we can reclaim our sovereignty and empower ourselves, by loving all parts of us, and reminding each that it is an important part of the whole.

We know that without dark we do not understand light and without light the dark does not gain clarity. That is the gift of living on a planet of contrast. There is however an even more amazing opportunity. That is to move beyond both and re-member that we are awareness itself. We are what is aware of being asleep. We are what is aware of waking up. We are the awareness that we are waking up to.

Our focus is POWERFUL and collectively it changes reality. Why do you think so much money is spent on advertising. Where our focus is… there our power is! Are you empowering yourself as awareness or are you empowering what you are aware of. One is the ocean of consciousness, the other is the wave of experience.

The opportunity presented to us right now is one that we will only get once in many lifetimes. It is why we are here.  If we assume that the problem is out there or if we assume that the remedy is out there, then we miss the opportunity to experience our capacity to create real and lasting change from the inside out.  We don’t want to miss the opportunity to step beyond right and wrong and recognize that the consciousness that we are is more vast than any polarity.

We are not the dark or the light, we are both. We are not good or bad, we are what is aware of both. . We are the creation of what lies beyond polarities. We are One with, not separate from.

How do you treat the various aspects of yourself? What is your relationship to your inner warrior, your child, your goddess, your vulnerabilities, your fears your hostilities? Are some parts of you right and others wrong?

If we want to support change in the world, I believe a powerful place to start is WITHIN each of us. Please don’t abuse any aspect of yourself. Be kind, loving and direct with anything that arises within yourself.  Every aspect within you makes up your sense of oneness. You are more than any polarity, you are what is aware of it all!  That is what I believe we can now wake up to!