The energies of late are providing us with one opportunity after another to get comfortable with the unknown and to deepen our internal trust. The degree to which trust in life is a felt experience is the same degree to which we are navigating these energies with a sense of inner stability.

If you have found yourself feeling the impact of these challenging times, count yourself lucky! You are being invited – and are ready to – put your trust in your presence instead of the collective human “story”. You’re moving out of your unconscious control issues, which are based in separation and into an awareness of yourself as part of something much bigger. This may be happening not because you consciously chose it, but because you are ready to release everything that has held you in limitation.

We never really know just how much we are taken care of and how loved and supported we are until we are deep in the unknown. The unknown invites us to clearly see that the care, love, and support that shows up in those uncomfortable moments is not just coming from those around us, but more importantly needs to come from deep within us.

When facing the unknown, our presence begins to activate care, love, and support from the inside out! We all have had moments when we have felt lost. It is in those very moments that something within us picks us up and starts directing our course. That “something” is your presence, and it gets activated naturally and organically each time you find yourself in the unknown.

Most of us, though, attempt to be in constant control of our lives to avoid any form of discomfort. We avoid the unknown at all cost; thus we don’t always benefit from what is being brought to our attention.  Life, however, has a way of pushing us to go deeper, to loosen all controls, and to trust by default in ways we never thought we could. Humanity as a whole is getting that opportunity right now.

It is through the process of being completely present with what arises that we prove to ourselves that we have nothing to fear because what is arising is part of ourselves. Nothing outside of ourselves is making us feel the fear, anger, and grief that plays out as we journey into the unknown.

Fear of the unknown is not an esoteric principle; it arises to lesser or greater degrees every time we get kicked out of our comfort zones. The reason so many people settle for a life that is familiar rather than head for their dreams is that they believe that what is known is better than what is not known.  While it is probably true that knowing is more comfortable than not knowing, consider this: to know may be a limitation to the experiencing the true freedom that comes when we deeply trust our presence in the world.

We learn very quickly when life shakes things up that deep inner trust has nothing to do with our capacity to be good at controlling our lives. Deep internal trust only comes when we finally understand that there is nothing to control and everything to be present to.

It is not until we realize that everything we are attempting to control is merely a reflection of unintegrated aspects of our totality that we start getting comfortable with the unknown. The more we can be unconditionally present with the discomfort, the more self -trust and inner guidance grows.

The only reason that we have an “unknown” at all is that somewhere along the line we lost our presence.  At some point in our journey, we stepped away from what we were feeling and started expressing what we thoughtwe had to be. We started thinking our way through life instead of feeling our way through it. While it might have been necessary for us emotionally to step out of situations that produced fear, anger or grief in our younger lives, those energies will keep coming back around until we can be fully present with them. We build deep internal trust only when we know without a doubt that we can stay present to the experience regardless of what life is offering.

As children, we started negotiating to get something other than what we were experiencing. We stepped out of and away from what was in that moment. We said “no” to it because at that time we may have felt we had to. However, that was when we created an “unknown.”

Our only way of supporting our return to our presence is for life to put us back in the “unknown” again and again so that we can be present to what we were not able to be present with the first time around!

We are being given an opportunity to integrate all aspects of the “unknown” and live a life of pure presence, where trust is a non-issue because we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that life is always working for us. There is no “unknown.” There is only that which has yet to be fully received by your presence.