Between the Spring Equinox, the last full moon, and Easter, the beginning of April offers us an unobstructed energetic opportunity to align with our avatar consciousness. In my world, “avatar consciousness” is the expression of our totality or the experience of our integrated wholeness.

This energetic configuration can make accessing this aspect of ourselves easier.  However, accessing this energy and integrating it are two different experiences altogether. This portal presents a deep invitation to align with the avatar within. We have been asked, beckoned, and in some cases forced to pay attention to those aspects of ourselves that were preventing our connection to our avatar consciousness. Thus, many of us had deep opportunities to feel what has kept us in small, limited versions of ourselves. The trick here is that for those who have long been allowing themselves to feel what needs to be felt as energy arises, this power-packed portal caught many off guard because much of what was being brought to the surface was collective, deeply buried human programming.

There were almost no obstructions in this portal between our avatar selves and our human selves, and although that sounds vaguely positive, the impact of such energy rushing through our neurology, psychology, and biology created a deep purging of separation programming.

During this type of energetic “opportunity,” we have little choice other than to feel what is arising, and that is a good thing because it is through the feeling state that we integrate these energies more quickly. Point in case: everyone I spoke to over the last week who wanted to tell their stories of being small seemed also to be blasted with a deep sense of separation. I experienced the discomfort of that myself anytime my mind went to “I can’t,” and it did not shift with simply “I can.” It shifted with “I am,” and “I will.” This showed me that this energy is fast moving and directed by subtle shifts in our thinking or where we direct our focus.

The uncomfortable energy was arising to show us how our creative potential is limited when we are not aligned with the bigger aspects our ourselves and communicate that to ourselves.

For those of you who have been feeling more than you thought you could handle (either joy or despair) pat yourselves on the back. You are already beyond processing information cognitively, which in and of itself indicates that you are moving out of separation programming. You see, if you are feeling through your process instead of trying to think through it, you are already working with this energy instead of against it.

Regardless of what the mind tells you about what you are feeling, if you are allowing yourself to feel whatever arises you have moved from cognitive forms of processing, rooted in duality, into feeling or sensory states of processing, which is more closely aligned to a unified experience of Self. Personally, I wish someone had told me this a long time ago as I would have been much more allowing of my overt feeling states and not tried so hard to suppress them.

I do want to take this one step beyond feeling, however, because I found that just beyond processing through feeling seems to be an opportunity to process intuitively. This is where we use feeling/sensory awareness to align with a clear, coherent mental awareness to consciously experience what you have aligned to, in this case our avatar consciousness. This is the experience that I hinted at before when my mental focus went from “I can’t” through “I can” to “I will” and “I Am.” Those alignments were not mental processes but simply what arose as I aligned with avatar consciousness.

With this kind of energetic opportunity, it is the avatar within that brings you into states of deep feeling. It is the avatar within that guides you through it, and it is the avatar Self that allows you to realize this so you can trust when you are called by your avatar Self to future opportunities.

When Avatar and human consciousness are lined up, the impossible becomes possible because we are aligned to what is calling us. When we are aligned to our Avatar expressions, we are not pushing against the current with our limited perceptions of Self. When we unify with that which we have been holding at bay through separation consciousness, the coming together is glorious!

So, as a recap, The Spring Equinox acted as a springboard toward our Avatar consciousness, the full moon simultaneously helped us to feel what needed to be felt to purge lower consciousness. Easter will round out the experience by helping to resurrect our separation consciousness into that which unifies the human self and the Avatar Self.