I am so grateful for our work with Suzy Miller. To look back at before our sessions is a whole different world. I was not connected to myself. With Suzy’s compassionate assistance, I love how far I have come. Suzy’s assistance helped me to integrate while not losing any part of myself. Her work with my Mom has also supported her in taking care of herself and thus being a more powerful and present support to me. 

Jordyn, Canada

During Suzy’s last monthly call, I experienced a very powerful hour long kundalini opening. I have had spontaneous physical openings in the past, but this one was supercharged.  Suzy generates such a high frequency that if the soul is calling for an awakening, she can trigger it. What a gift!  Grateful for her loving wisdom, support, and power!


Kristi, United States

The teachings and space Suzy provides are fused with unconditional love.  I was totally understood for who I am and for the energy that wants to move through me. The experiences I was having have been profound and the support, love and dedication provided by Suzy is absolutely amazing.

Helen, England

There are a lot of high vibrational guides out there assisting humanity to access the next level of consciousness. I continue to work with them myself. However Suzy Miller’s energy field and access is very unique. I can truly say, one can only experience it to know it.

Susan, United States

Suzy’s processes have helped me profoundly in terms of connecting with my son in the most beautiful of ways, but have also helped me to find my true self and voice along the way.

Lesley, Canada

I simply cannot stop looking at her!  In response to her daughter integrating (becoming fully present) in her physical experience.

Infinity, Australia

You’ve helped me towards a kind of freedom I never thought possible. Well, I guess I did on some level or I wouldn’t have found you

Marisa, United States

Suzy’s monthly energy sessions have brought such clarity and expansion into my life! Thank you Suzy Miller for all that you offer the world through the gift of being you, you are such an inspiration to me and many.

Shonna, United States

Rev. Annette M. Nadeau, LMT, PhD

As I see Suzy Miller in her skilled work of spiritual transformation and evolution, I see her as carrying the umbrella of the soul of one of America’s fast growing childhood issues called autism. She clearly sees the awesomism in autism for everyone: high functioning, low functioning and anything in between. Her teaching is about self transformation. As we evolve into higher vibrational beings, growing our inner light, so do our children in all ages and stages of life. Beautiful work, clearly meeting the evolutionary process of our planet and its people. Thank you Suzy!


I just wanted to share this with you that as an extension of today’s Autism Integration topic and discussion, this is a first! … And it’s no coincidence that it was today of all days… that Carter’s therapist noted said he was “Very Talkative”. 
I just wanted to let you know how thankful our family is for your presence in this world and for showing up in ours.


I can’t tell you how much better I feel since our last session. It feels like a miracle!  Sofe is also a much happier child since you cleared the junk from her system. She is back to being patient and less aggressive. Yay! You are such a treasure. I really appreciate all that you offer the world.



 I need to share with you my experiences with the 2 recent bi-monthly sessions.   After first listening to the the Sept 26 recording  I became aware that I could easily move into a no-thought place . The feeling was focussed just above the eyes where I suspect the prefrontal cortex resides. But when I listened again the evening before the Oct 4 session I could feel my heart space when you spoke of it and then over time I felt each of my chakras sequencially, in some cases even with light pain.  I read this as a full body rebalancing.  After the the Oct 4 session the no-thought feeling was reinforced and strengthened and — for the first time in years I was able to see the numbers on the keypad of my microwave. So, my vision, which has faded over the past while, was noticeably improved.  My energy for walking, and doing things (Jing) also seems to have improved as well. 




After your work with me and the time you have spent coaching me….– assisting me with my process  I got it! Thank you is not enough. I so celebrate your fearlessness You came for TOTALITY and I am soooooo glad you did as here I am, a recipient of your sharing of that quest. I came (to Earth) to love and Im so glad I did –  I GET IT… and now (totally) in my understanding. So much love to you and appreciation beyond words


 The last couple of months, every week when it gets to Thursday or Friday,  I feel so weighed down and sinking into total overwhelm.  Then I listen to your Weekly Energy Session and I breath easier again. Thank you for the Weekly Energy Sessions. Thank you for all the time and energy and thought and love you give with each session.  I feel it.  I love it.  It really helps.  Thank you for ALL of your Suziness.  May you ALL be blessed with Peace, Ease, Grace, and Joy. All my Love.



I cannot thank you enough for our session.  I did some deep reflection in the ways you suggested. This morning while lying in bed, had a HUGE release of energy clearing away intense emotion from my young 8 year old self. My son was wonderfully reflecting things back to me in a way I needed to witness.  I see that now so clearly. I just had a talk with him and I have to say it was like two tons of negative energy transmuted into love for the both of us.  I haven’t see him smile like that in a while.  It’s such a warm feeling inside.  I’m so grateful to be on this journey with you sharing in all the wisdom and guidance that has brought forth.


Oh my goodness!  Words can’t describe Avatar Energetics. This class has been so incredibly helpful – it’s really quite magical. I loved the simple and intimate format  – each of us having a chance to check in, receive some direct guidance, and at the end of the call energy work for all. Though I was the newbie and haven’t met anyone in the group before I felt such love for and from everyone.


Thank you so much!! My second job interview was fabulous. I got a new adjusted offer with a decent salary! Oh boy what a shift and my hip is fine. Suzy, you always find the essence of the issue. Thank you for reminding us of who we are or could be – in such a wise and loving manner.  The most beautiful “lesson” is that it is all inside of us. I am moved by the beauty of that!


Love, awe and honor for each journey and experience with Suzy is very palpable every time I participate. Each session is like an orchestra coming together and as the amazing director that she is, together we become a beautiful symphony. From my perspective Suzy’s “work” is much more than processes and energy work. This is a Co-Creative Community, Love in Action!

Joan T.

I made it! I just wanted to let you know I live more in Joy than ever before.
Joy has entered at this v chaotic time,
yet I  f e e l s so content, and more sovereign than ever. (still work to be done of course cause,
Im still here.)
Having you enter my life in 2010 was the most wonderful experience which kick started my journey.
My 4 grandchildren (oldest is 3.5) are topping me up with their love.
As you can imagine, there are no appropriate words.