What do clients say about working with Suzy?

Stephanie, The Integration Series

Finding Suzy & the integration series was like a prayer being answered. We learned my three year old son was autistic, so we were “new” to the game and it all felt overwhelming. I dove deep into research, studied all the types of therapies and learned about all the ways I could support him but what I longed for most was figuring out how to support myself on this long journey. Suzy welcomed me with open arms, and after our first session with the group I knew in my heart it was where I was meant to be. I loved connecting with other parents/caretakers and hearing their experiences and insight. Suzy led us on an amazing journey to shift our energy.  Over the six weeks my energy changed from fear/frantic to a softened sense of trust and acceptance. Instead of all the fixing and doing focused on my son, I let go and followed Suzy’s lead. I cannot recommend this course enough. I will definitely take it again! 

Manuella, Six Month Mentorship

Thank you so much for the amazing time we shared these last six months. It has been a life-changing experience for me. I feel much more connected to myself and my two boys. The insights I gained are worth gold. Your loving & gentle guidance in the process has helped so much to upgrade my life in every possible way. I have discovered capacities i didn’t know I had. Old belief systems have crumbled and old patterns melted away. I experience more love, more joy and I can see so many new opportunities & possibilities. In these six month I was able to change my perception of my kids and of myself and I can see the world through a totally different lens. If people are looking for someone to give their power away to, you are the worst choice ever 🙂, but for anyone willing to take full responsibility and create real change in their lives, I would highly recommend this mentorship with you. Thank you for holding space, for your commitment and your authenticity and for all the magical moments we shared in the last six months.

Kimberly, Private Sessions

I need to thank you for the wonderful healing that you gave me. That was truly transformative.

Pat,  New World Portal

Dearest Suzy, today’s meditation was on a whole new level for me. It was not only timely but also very, very helpful. I was having a difficult Sunday night and so I had trouble focusing in today’s meditation but only in the beginning. I love today’s topic of resilience and although I wasn’t really focused in the beginng, as soon as you said…”a Spell has been cast upon all of us…the spell of blame and shame on ourselves and others…we Recast our own spells via communication with ourselves about ourselves…” I Immediately Woke Up Inside! I then felt a shift inside like a really tall, maleable, many sided, single colored Rubik’s cube start to solve itself. It started first in my throat chakra and then went upwards towards my crown chakra and beyond. And as you were speaking, I felt the shifting of the Rubik’s cube go down my spine all the way to my root chakra and into the earth. I could see and hear the clicking into alignment as all the tiny cubes lined up perfectly. Then, the Light Language, both verbally and signing, came in for me. As I was “speaking” I noticed that whenever you spoke your Light Language, I spoke to you in communication with you. That was exciting and new for me. I didn’t understand anything, yet I knew we were communicating. I kept Speaking and signing the entire rest of the session until I heard you say, “wiggle your toes”, lol I love that part. I tried to close down the Speaking by bringing my hands together in gratitude but the Light Language wasn’t done. So, I continued speaking and signing for about ten minutes after you ended the zoom call. This was my second experience with Light Language. It’s pretty awesome and healing and loving.
Today’s session was exactly what I needed today. I felt the healing and love from your meditation and from the Light Language. It was a very powerful session for me and I was thinking of your mentor who you dedicated today’s session to and I just wanted to share this experience with you and somehow honor him.

Ormie, The Integration Series

Suzy, what an amazing experience for us. I have to say a few time after the sessions I had to lie down for a bit, it felt like a lot was happening! Also some triggers were brought up too. I cannot really put into words the depth of the experience for both of us. Even the embodied feeling we were left with at the final session. I felt like I had landed! And we both felt deeply our role of being the bridge. In Chinese there is a famous saying or characters that show heaven, man in between, and the earth below. And we understood /felt palpably that we are the bridge between the two worlds and to align ourselves to create or open the channels to allow the flow between “heaven and earth”.

Gayle and Lyrica, The Role of Autism in Human Evolution- Workshop

Just finished watching this! The passion, clarity, and wisdom of YOU…unlocking and revealing the mission of autism in humanity’s great awakening… so brilliantly captured and shared!! We love you dearly!
Your personal and professional life experience positions you clearly as “who you are” and “who you have come here to be”…a highly refined notable authority on autism in all of its ramifications. That realization helps us see ourselves/our role more accurately…to claim and stand in our power as voices for ascension based on our own personal and professional experience. (Not that they aren’t closely related, because they are), and knowing the essence we are and hold most closely with Source is so helpful. 

Rae, The Integration Series

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the guidance, clarity and understanding you have given me and my family. I knew the boys were not typical but did not give myself or husband permission to parent them intuitively. We were trying our best to help them fit in and now we realize we have to meet them where they are at and help them blossom into who they are and not mold them into something society excepts.  I come from a long line of gifted mystics and I realize now my children are no different in their “gifts”, they just present differently in the physical world. We are now in alignment and working multidimensionally together as a family. Thank you for all of you help ☺️

Carla, Six-Month Mentorship

A loving, compassionate and safe space where genuineness thrives and authenticity is nutured and supported.
The transformative gift is in the continuity of the sessions where you can repeatedly share, contribute, witness, relate to and feel the oneness that we are all connected to through this expansive human experience of remembering our fullest capacities and the truth of who we truly are in conjunction with our energetically sensitive children.
Divine synchronisticy abounds and delights in every session, giving just what is needed with impeccable timing. 
A worthy investment in self-care, love and personal growth that creates an empowered  template for the true benefit of all.

Kristi, Balance & Integration Sessions

During Suzy’s last monthly call, I experienced a very powerful hour long kundalini opening. I have had spontaneous physical openings in the past, but this one was supercharged.  Suzy generates such a high frequency that if the soul is calling for an awakening, she can trigger it. What a gift!  Grateful for her loving wisdom, support, and power!

Jordyn, Private Sessions

I am so grateful for our work with Suzy Miller. To look back at before our sessions is a whole different world. I was not connected to myself. With Suzy’s compassionate assistance, I love how far I have come. Suzy’s assistance helped me to integrate while not losing any part of myself. Her work with my Mom has also supported her in taking care of herself and thus being a more powerful and present support to me. 

Jaana, The New World Portal

I had an urge to write to you about yesterday’s session. I wasn’t able to speak during the session. It was really a profound session to me. I have been dealing with different kinds of metallic structures all over my body for a couple of weeks. The major structures were still in place and felt very stuck. I have been feeling low and had many kinds of ailments for the last month or so. Also I have experienced a lot of questioning of what I’m doing here or if this is going somewhere (meaning this process we’re in). Questioning from outside as well as from inside. It was really important for me to see the thread here. That all of this (challenge) has a meaning and things are truly moving in the right direction. And that you picked up the same metallic structures that I was seeing. And of course, that I’m feeling 1000% better today. Such a relief in so many ways! Thank you so very, very much for your wonderful and groundbreaking work! A deep bow.

Chris, Private Sessions

Magical session. We used the language you prescribed for T. around bedtime last night…and very happy to report he had one of his best nights sleep ever. And mommy slept 100% of the night in her own bed. Honestly, feels miraculous! Thank you, thank you.

Jake, Avatar Energetics

I have loved every single session of Avatar Energetics. Suzy possesses an amazing ability to see and shift the inner energies underlying the outward reflections playing out in my life. I have seen some major positive shifts since starting Avatar Energetics and especially love the clarity and confidence I get from receiving Suzy’s unique perspective, wisdom and guidance.

Malena, The Integration Series

I cannot thank you enough for the amazingly positive impact that your work has had for me and my family. From the first time I talked with you and enrolled in the Awesomism Practitioner Process, until now having participated in the Autism Integration Series. This last process has come in the right timing when I’ve been having awarenesses about my multidimensional abilities. Your process and loving and powerful presence, has driven my integration to a whole new level.  In simple words, I and my daughter are living in complete unity consciousness and heart, and we are in a steady and peaceful process of embodiment.  You have contributed greatly in cocreating the magic and synchronicities happening in our lives, I can testify that my integration is supporting her integration, in a very happy and peaceful way. I’m looking forward to the next chapter in our life and process together!  Thank you, so much dear Master Suzy!  

Andrea, New World Portal
All I can say is wow!!!! I just finished the new beginnings recording from yesterday…so much gratitude for the New World Portal and our community.
New Beginnings and Clarity have arrived!
Sending so much love to you.

Infinity, Private Sessions

I simply cannot stop looking at her!  In response to her daughter integrating (becoming fully present) in her physical experience.

Shaili, The Integration Series

I deeply thank YOU for coming into my life and shifting my journey with my son in such a transformative way!  I can’t get my head to wrap around ‘how in the world I ended up here???’  WOW… so grateful!

Kristi, New World Portal
In some ways, the New World Portal sessions are beyond words. Suzy is the Portal and that makes the insights and the healings we receive in these sessions uniquely palpable, powerful, and transformative. These calls actually LIFT me into a FELT higher frequency vibration! Throughout the week, as the inner work continues,  and I listen to the recordings, I’m re-invigorated and reminded, once again, that ours is a beautiful, glorious, fascinating, and mysterious universe. I’m very grateful to know Suzy and to be part of the ever expanding NWP orbit!

Gina, The Integration Series

Suzy, I have to thank you profoundly for your body of work.  You have helped me to be a (much) better parent to one of my sons, and to help my other kids understand and honor him, and to grow as an individual into a far better person than I might have been. So much love and gratitude!

Marisa, Private Sessions

You’ve helped me towards a kind of freedom I never thought possible. Well, I guess I did on some level or I wouldn’t have found you.

Becky, Private Sessions & New World Portal

The sessions I had with you in the past, as well as being a part of the New World Portal, transformed my relationship with the world, and my relationship with my son. You had a profound impact on both of our lives.

Will, Private Sessions

Thank you so much for all that you shared during our session, it was a very profound experience for me and I am very excited to continue working with you. I felt like you truly “saw” me for all that I am, and that you were able to understand the complexity of my human/galactic journey. It was very validating and comforting to hear the information that was coming through you, and how it corresponded with my own theories about the challenges I face. I am very inspired by the services you offer to the world, and see my future self within you. For years I’ve known that one day I will step into the role of a healer/therapist, and assist others in reconnecting with the unseen aspects of themselves. 

Paul, New World Portal

 I need to share with you my experiences with the 2 recent NWP energy sessions.   After first listening to the the Sept 26 recording  I became aware that I could easily move into a no-thought place . The feeling was focussed just above the eyes where I suspect the prefrontal cortex resides. But when I listened again the evening before the Oct 4 session I could feel my heart space when you spoke of it and then over time I felt each of my chakras sequencially, in some cases even with light pain.  I read this as a full body rebalancing.  After the Oct 4 session the no-thought feeling was reinforced and strengthened and — for the first time in years I was able to see the numbers on the keypad of my microwave. So, my vision, which has faded over the past while, was noticeably improved.  My energy for walking, and doing things (Jing) also seems to have improved as well. 


K.J., Private Sessions

We had a Skype consult back in 2017 and we have had such a positive time since our contact.
I had had so many battles with our schooling system here in Australia and we are finally in an amazing place with our little boy. (You did say things would be ok in his 8th year).
Anyway if you would like to know anymore I’d happily go into it but wanted to give you the positive feedback on him and how your session helped us so very much.
I’m sure you don’t always hear how people are doing and I wanted to let you know the above.
Kind regards
Dear K,
Thank you. It’s so kind of you to take the time to let me know how things are going and of course I would like to hear what has happened since we spoke in 2017.
It’s always wonderful news to know that life is going well for the families that I’ve worked with.
Dear Suzy,
Yes it has been a wonderful experience.
The day to day is just so much easier. I receive comments like “He lights up the room” and “He just has good energy” all the time and that much is very true ❤ he has taught me all of this.
You did express that my own journey and self care was vital to my sons integration and although it took a few months …well maybe longer….I did get there. The whole experience has elevated me and just turned my life around…I am grateful and am no longer battling anyone or anything. It’s much more fluid.
As for my son…well he is happy and settled and seemed to reflect the work I did on myself.
I met with the school special ed team recently (which has never been a positive time) and they tell me that he’s had an amazing semester to the point where they just don’t understand how much he’s caught up and now doesn’t fit the individual learning criteria…he is mainstream and excelling. The teacher did say she doesn’t know how’s it’s all turned around!!! (I know 😉). They are baffled as they wanted a diagnosis of Intellectual Disability for funding reasons and we withheld consent late last year…it was a very unpopular decision with the school….but we held on with belief things were shifting for him and us.
It’s been amazing to see and hear all of this which I visualized so long ago in desperate times.

Jennifer, Private Sessions

I can’t tell you how much better I feel since our last session. It feels like a miracle!  Sofe is also a much happier child since you cleared the junk from her system. She is back to being patient and less aggressive. Yay! You are such a treasure. I really appreciate all that you offer the world.

Megan, The Integration Series
It was such a gift and joy to be able to participate in the Integration Series. 
I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful flow of practical advice and guidance, the sharing of stories and experiences and the incredible energetic work.
I love how you respond to the group that constellates as it makes it so real and relevant.
Having opportunities to share personal experiences, challenges or questions and receive direct input from you is so helpful, and I’m very grateful for being able to learn from your immense body of wisdom and experience. 
Tapping into broader community that shares this particular paradigm has been uplifting and inspiring for me, and has helped to support aspects of isolation I have experienced as parent to an Awesome child 🙂 Deep thanks for you and the work you do in this world. I look forward to doing more work with you in the future. 

Laura, The Integration Series

The integration class was a great validation of the private beliefs and strategies I’ve been developing over the years in response to my son’s autism. To share and receive support for embracing such methods- and learning new ones- has been a relief and a joy. Great insights and growth have occurred between us since the 6- week course and I’d recommend it to anyone frustrated by the conventional approach to autism. Thank you Suzy!

Elizabeth, The Integration Series 

Thank YOU so much for this amazing series! I am so grateful that I followed my intuition and signed up. Since I began the course with you and have been reading the Presence Process book, I can not tell you how many messengers have shown up in my life and how many times I have been triggered. And then I work on staying present and being with the feelings unconditionally and loving and understanding and giving that part compassion as you so lovingly modeled in the class over and over again.I learned so much by being in your presence about this material, about life and how to be a human. Your modeling is incredible and your authenticity, love and truth give me so much hope and filled me with possibility and empowerment! I felt like I witnessed you growing and evolving in action and that inspired me greatly as well. This is a class that really anyone could take on how to be a human on this planet. It was so so good! I will practice the material, do the Presence Process and then see what unfolds. I would love to participate in more of your offerings. Your way of teaching is wonderful.

Anita, Six Month Mentorship

It’s hard to explain how life changing this six month mentorship has been for my family. I have two kids on the spectrum and I often felt overwhelmed and confused as to how I could help and connect more with them. I felt so lost like I wasn’t able to be the mother that I wanted to be for my sons. This mentorship program completely changed my perspective and allowed the space for my children and I to grow closer as I worked through my own blockages. The energy work and the connection with other participants who understand made me feel that my children and I were so supported within this new community that we have found. I feel so blessed and grateful to have been a part of this program. It helped to open up so many possibilities for us and brought peace into my family’s life.

Alexandra, Six Month Mentorship

I entered the Mentorship Program without any specific expectations, but what I received from it far exceeded any intentions I could have imagined! It truly is beyond words. To feel that there is more than what we see before us (regarding our children) and to actually open the door that invites us in –  is to find the bridge between what is perceived as reality and what actually exists within the other space. (The space of our children). To have found the “other space” my son resides in, opened a world of possibilities I can explore and experience with him as my guide. I wish everyone a uniquely wonderful journey!

Sally, Six-Month Mentorship

I’ve attended two of the 6-month mentorship programs that Suzy has offered. It’s hard to put into words how my life, perspectives, experiences, and relationship with my son and others has changed and expanded. Suzy’s ability to teach, mirror, move energy, and hold us accountable with deep compassion is unlike anything I’ve experienced – especially as it relates to autism.  I’ve been able to handle huge life changes and “challenges” that in years past my nervous system could not have handled, yet now I walk through them with grace and even excitement.  It’s also nice to be connected with others through this program that are walking a similar journey. I feel giddy about life and its possibilities, with my son as my muse!

Pam, The New World Portal

I found today’s call so expansive. This has been a very energetically intense week for me, many downloads and insights. As I was listening today, I started thinking about unity consciousness and how I had been thinking in terms of all the different cultures and races on the planet as I think about the human race coming together in our evolution. As I listened it dawned on me that one of the impacts of merging with my higher self, was to expand my awareness to see that all of us have come from different planets and civilizations from all over the universe at this time to lend our skills, abilities and unique vibrations in service to the universe not just the planet….and that we truly are so much bigger than I ever imagined… and how exciting it will be to collaborate and co-create on a multi- dimensional level ….and how this realization makes it so much easier to look past the small self and see the divinity in everyone…While I was out on my morning walk at the lake today…I started thinking that what if what I thought, what I had assumed, I would be doing moving forward, was not it at all and that something much bigger was taking place ….This call confirmed the vastness of what I have been feeling, if that makes sense. This is such a wonderful and unique group to be a part of …. Absolutely love it!

Joseph, The Integration Series

I have never done anything like this before. It was amazing to see and hear the changes even within 6 weeks and what others were also experiencing transformationally. My experience of how the energetics work and coming to realise that most of the work, if not all, is all on myself allowed me to see changes in Sarah. I see that now she is interacting differently with me compared to beforehand and how she is still interacting with others .

Vayla, Six-Month Mentorship

Suzy’s energetic insight and unconditional compassion has awakened me to exactly who I have always been in truth. The last six months of rewiring and creating a new template for our family to step into was exactly what we needed. For the first time in my life I have been able to bring my nervous system to a place of peace, relief, and safety in the moments I need it most, no matter the external situation. All of this has been reflected back to me in my beautiful daughter who is the ultimate mirror and epitome of non judgement and love. What Suzy offers while mentoring you into breaking down old patterns and creating new possibilities is more valuable than words can say!

Nikki, The Integration Series

It was a honour to apart of  The Integration Series. It gave me great clarity of the subtle energies and my connection with the young people I work with. It opened my heart wider with deep connections and a playful approach. It allowed me to sit more in the space with them and I have grown stronger in hearing and feeling what they want to say and do. Also it has allowed me to trust more in my awareness with myself and for others. Coming from pure intentions and unconditional love and feeling it. Much gratitude to you Suzy for what you are and share. You are a very Awesome & inspiring being. 

Sara, The Integration Series

Thank you for yesterdays session. The knowledge that you share is so profound. We are already seeing shifts within Jack as a result of self integration. We look forward to next weeks session.

Tasha, New World Portal

I am so grateful for the years I have spent with you as my mentor – they have been the most transformative of my life.  I live the experience just beforehand and then when we come together in the NWP, the ‘higher’ vantage point of that experience is able to integrate into a continuously expanded  experience that is always more loving, supportive, and unified.  How grateful I am to have you in my life.  Thank you xxx

Maggie, Twenty-Minute Consult

Seriously blown away with our short (20-minute) session! A. got in the car and had a big mischievous smile on his face and looked directly into my eyes with a knowing look – he rarely looks directly at me for more than a few seconds! He smiled the whole 15 minute ride to pick up his sister and just kept smiling at her and vocalizing happy sounds.
We got home and after his snack he fell asleep on the couch- he never naps! He is still out 2 hours later! Bless his heart and soul! Am so happy that we are collaborating and I am wide open for healing for our family.
I will be signing up for the private sessions and have signed up for the newsletter. God bless and have a great evening!

Will, Private Sessions

You feel like home to me. When I first met you, some aspect of me recognized you instantly. You feel like a very dear friend, a teacher, a guide, and a motherly figure all in one vessel. You carry something within you that is very familiar to me, and I keep revisiting it over and over. I talk to you often in my mind, sending you insights I receive and sharing both the beautiful and challenging moments of my life with you. I’m not quite sure why I do this, but I do know that of all the people I’ve met on earth so far, you feel the most like home. I remember thinking “I see my future self in Suzy” when I first came across you online. You embody so much of your true essence, and it has inspired me to take off my masks and unveil my truth as well. The nurturing, supportive, and unconditionally loving qualities that you radiate are so soothing and healing to my fearful inner child. You’ve reminded me that I hold those same qualities within myself, and that I have the ability to comfort and heal any aspect of my being that needs tending to. I feel relieved, and also filled with a new sense of hope, after meeting an example of what I’ve been seeking my entire life. This sense of belonging, comfort, and connection that I’ve ached for, exists equally within me as it does in you. I feel less alone, knowing that you exist alongside me in this world. 


Susan, Private Sessions

There are a lot of high vibrational guides out there assisting humanity to access the next level of consciousness. I continue to work with them myself. However Suzy Miller’s energy field and access is very unique. I can truly say, one can only experience it to know it.

Helen, Private Sessions

The teachings and space Suzy provides are fused with unconditional love.  I was totally understood for who I am and for the energy that wants to move through me. The experiences I was having have been profound and the support, love and dedication provided by Suzy is absolutely amazing.

Brooke R., The Integration Series
I just wanted to share this with you that as an extension of today’s Autism Integration topic and discussion, this is a first! … And it’s no coincidence that it was today of all days… that Carter’s therapist noted that he was “Very Talkative”. 
I just wanted to let you know how thankful our family is for your presence in this world and for showing up in ours.

Lesley, Autism to Awesomism Sessions

Suzy’s processes have helped me profoundly in terms of connecting with my son in the most beautiful of ways, but have also helped me to find my true self and voice along the way.

Brooke P., The Integration Series
This 6 week Autism Integration Series with Suzy has been dynamic, transformative and awakening. I’m so full of gratitude for Suzy, her clarity, her openness and her capacity to tap into the energies and create space for healing and transformation. I’m so grateful for the reminders she gave me around parenting and for opening my eyes and heart to creating more ease in my world and my children’s worlds.

Andrea W., The Integration Series
One of the most important insights I learned (during the Autism Integration Series) was how to tap into my son’s energetic field and truly connect with him. The new shared energy is such an awesome feeling! My son’s face lights up as he talks to me about whatever he wants to communicate. It is like he is being heard for the first time! For that, I will forever be grateful to Suzy for connecting me to my son in such a profound way.

Vayla, Private Sessions
Today was amazing. Thank you for using your gifts to bless our lives. I’m already so excited to re-watch our video again and remember all the gold nuggets you dropped.  This is all just so incredible and wildly awakening to meet someone who sees Belle as I see her. It’s the greatest blessing I could have ever imagined. Truly! Thank you for being you.

Heather & Linda, New World Portal

We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude for Suzy and the New World Portal opportunity. Of all of the mentors we have listened to through the years (lots) we consider Suzy Miller to have a level of perspective and skill that is at the leading edge of it all. She is one of our main go-tos for integrating what seems to be regular scheduled extreme upgrades! We look forward to the The New World Portal sessions each week as a necessary part of our life and self-care regimen. They are as important to us as eating, sleeping, spiritual practices or anything else. 

 The new world portal sessions are instrumental in keeping our mind, body and spirit as coherent as possible during these rapid fire shifts.

Thank you to Suzy, the collective consciousness of the children and all who made the New World Portal possible. It is truly a portal to the New World within us all!” 

Andreanoel, Private Sessions

 The last couple of months, every week when it gets to Thursday or Friday,  I feel so weighed down and sinking into total overwhelm.  Then I listen to your Weekly Energy Session and I breathe easier again. Thank you for the Weekly Energy Sessions. Thank you for all the time and energy and thought and love you give with each session.  I feel it.  I love it.  It really helps.  Thank you for ALL of your Suziness.  May you ALL be blessed with Peace, Ease, Grace, and Joy. All my Love.

Anya, The Integration Series

In the Autism Integration Series with Suzy Miller, I witnessed and experienced the beneficial impact of knowing oneself multidimensionally. The greater self-understanding that this leads to, the true integration of the greater truth that ‘love is all’, is priceless.  This knowledge can benefit anyone on or off the autism spectrum, including parents, caregivers, and support workers. Time spent with Suzy in this series is a rare and valuable gift to give yourself.

Amanda, Avatar Energetics

The new format of AE that Suzy presents is powerful and has taken me deeper and broader than before. I sense even after the close the integration will continue. I have more of a feel for my work in the world and its significance at this time in humanity’s evolution. I also feel more equipped to be a vehicle for its expression. Highly recommend.

Shonna, Balance & Integration Sessions

Suzy’s monthly energy sessions have brought such clarity and expansion into my life! Thank you Suzy Miller for all that you offer the world through the gift of being you. You are such an inspiration to me and many.

Natascha, Private Sessions

Thank you so much!! My second job interview was fabulous. I got a new adjusted offer with a better salary! Oh boy what a shift and my hip is fine. Suzy, you always find the essence of the issue. Thank you for reminding us of who we are or could be – in such a wise and loving manner.  The most beautiful “lesson” is that it is all inside of us. I am moved by the beauty of that!

Joan, Autism to Awesomism

I made it! I just wanted to let you know I live more in Joy than ever before.
Joy has entered at this very chaotic time,
and I  feel so content, and more sovereign than ever.
Having you enter my life in 2010 was the most wonderful experience which kick started my journey.
My 4 grandchildren (oldest is 3.5) are topping me up with their love.
As you can imagine, there are no appropriate words.

Donna, Avatar Energetics

Oh my goodness!  Words can’t describe Avatar Energetics. This class has been so incredibly helpful – it’s really quite magical. I loved the simple and intimate format  – each of us having a chance to check in, receive some direct guidance, and at the end of the call energy work for all. Though I was the newbie and haven’t met anyone in the group before I felt such love for and from everyone.

Todd, Private Sessions

I cannot thank you enough for our session.  I did some deep reflection in the ways you suggested. This morning while lying in bed, had a HUGE release of energy clearing away intense emotion from my young 8 year old self. My son was wonderfully reflecting things back to me in a way I needed to witness.  I see that now so clearly. I just had a talk with him and I have to say it was like two tons of negative energy transmuted into love for the both of us.  I haven’t see him smile like that in a while.  It’s such a warm feeling inside.  I’m so grateful to be on this journey with you sharing in all the wisdom and guidance that has brought forth.