Life as we knew it is changing forever and as it does we are being given the opportunity of a lifetime to feel and experience different aspects of ourselves that we have long forgotten. This opportunity supports our ability to understand and express our gifts, talents and capacities like never before. It can be a bit of a bumpy road as we transition through this time. Change of this magnitude is rarely quick, however with Suzy’s guidance and support you can begin to allow greater ease and grace through the process..

Each month Suzy provides the chance to come together as a caring community to share, discuss and question what is arsing for you and or your children.

These opportunities are held via Zoom and are  free to join. You can drop in as you need or see fit. During these sessions, Suzy gently points you back to the stability within yourself, to your own knowing and to what you are evolving into. She’ll offer awareness for your consideration and invite you to experience the greater gift of what you or your children are experiencing.

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What’s Up In Your Universe?

On the second Tuesday of every month at 9:00 AM Pacific, Suzy offers a free Zoom chat to support, guide and reframe all that is moving through your life experience, as we collectively evolve into the next stage of our humanity.

During these sessions, Suzy connects to your question and offers back, for your consideration, a broader perspective. 

What is happening in the outer world and what is happening within each of us personally is the same process. We are dismantling the old and stepping into the new. That sounds like a great idea, however the actual experience of it can be a bit messy physically, mentally and emotionally.

These sessions bring greater ease and grace to our personal and thus collective transformation.