What’s Going on Inside our Children? Looking Through Energetic Eyes

Let’s take a look at the general energy field of a conscious child. The first thing that I notice is that the field of these children has no container, or at least a porous container. For those children that are highly evolved and conscious of their inner connection, they are literally no longer contained within the energetic box called human form. Their energetic bodies are expansive, free flowing and intermingled with the consciousness of all others in this same state. This state would be much like the state that humans achieve after leaving the physical body at death. These children are literally and metaphorically, everywhere. Depending on their personalities and based on past experience with this state of limitlessness energy, the child will manifest different physical experiences.

Example: Child 1 is new to this state of limitlessness and has not yet figured out how to be everywhere and somewhere at the same time. He has not mastered the art of focus. Others label him ADD or ADHD.

Child 2 has had many past experiences with limitlessness and has mastered the art of tapping into the collective one to retrieve what he needs in the moment. We label him a genius or spiritually gifted depending on what his mental focus is.

Child 3 is not new to limitlessness but she is new to experiencing limitlessness in a physical body. This child feels more comfortable focusing her attention beyond the confines of the bodily senses. These children usually appear to not be present to their physical environment. We label this child Autistic.

Child 4 has much experience with unlimited ness and “knows” that oneness is who he is. He is ever in the present. We call this child a Christ or a Buddha. These children are all experiencing the same energy and focusing on different aspects of it, due to past experience. Already you are beginning to get the sense that our children are much more than they seem. Just because their parent/ teacher/ other adult cannot see these levels of energy themselves, does not mean they are not greatly affecting the reality that the child lives in.

Other Levels of Consciousness

Looking more specifically, but still energetically, outside the confines of the body and outside of time and space, I see that many of these children have access to other levels of consciousness that function in the same way. Your children may manifest this knowing by talking about or seeing those who have died, being mentally focused on space related themes, speaking in alternate languages, acting out past incarnations, and or predicting future events just to name a few. Here they are connected to all that is and can engage in telepathic communications. These communications usually do not come as specific information given and received, but as thought forms or an idea that is interpreted through the personality of the child. Thus, several children could get the “same message” and interact with the information from different angles. These conscious communications are not limited to those out of the body, but more readily take place with those who are conscious of their limitless nature.

I have had many experiences of receiving telepathic messages from those who were not conscious of sending the message. One young man, aged four, who I worked with would tell his mother he was going to “see” me and then would go into his room and sit quietly for an extended period of time. It was then that I would hear him clearly and he would describe his inner journey to me. His mother became brave one day and tried to communicate with me telepathically. For some reason I heard her message and called her via phone to confirm. She was thrilled. It must have been important that she receive that confirmation, because at the time I was not always aware of others telepathic messages. My daughter used to ask me if I “got her message” while she was at preschool.

She would send me a thought and I would try to “hear” it. This was several years ago. She was disappointed when I didn’t get them, but she almost always seemed to get mine.

Now let’s take a look at what happens when all of this expansive energy tries to interact with the sensory system of a new little physical body.

Looking through energetic eyes, I see that the five senses are pushed to a full open position in most cases. Sensory information is based on electrical information. High frequency energy is also electromagnetic in nature. If the general energy is expansive then the sensory system has to be expansive in order to accommodate the energy – again depending on the degree of experience one has in knowing their divinity. This sensory piece can be a real trick.

I want to point out that not many have much conscious experience of their Divine nature. This opportunity is new to the mass consciousness and thus takes a little getting used to. So it stands to reason that some of our children may be on sensory overload and /or some may have such a heightened senses that it allows them to perceive things that others do not have access to. These children are able to hear, see, smell, touch, and taste beyond what has been deemed typical before. For me, my sense of sight is heightened to the degree that I am able to see into this multidimensional landscape and offer this information clearly to you. This same gift allows me to see energetic patterns and how they affect our everyday life.

What gifts could be lying dormant in your own children’s heightened senses? When your children are young, this is perhaps the most difficult aspect of their personalities to understand and thus the most difficult to see in a positive light.

Please know that as their sensory systems mature and as the general energy on the planet continues to increase, I see that they will find a balance. In the meantime, seeking sensory strategies that work for your child are beneficial. Please keep in mind that the focus of these strategies is to help the child understand what works, not to deny their gift of heightened awareness. Here I also want to say that the majority of those who have labeled our children as disordered simply have not yet had the experience of heightened levels of consciousness. They have not yet seen themselves in their limitless nature; therefore they do not know what it is when they see it. The blessing is that through their labels they have come to focus their attention on our Divine children, and thus been exposed to the expansive magic that they are.

Now let’s peer into the emotional levels.

Because of the interconnectedness of all systems throughout all dimensions, the sensory system and the emotional bodies closely interact. On one hand, when the sensory system is on overload, so are the emotions. But from another vantage point, when the sensory system is wide open, so is the ability for our children to perceive the emotional climate of individuals and environments. The day-in-day-out manifestation of this is that our children are able to sense our emotions and will express them back to us either verbally or through acting out. Watch your child in the middle of a tantrum. What is he saying? What is he doing? These will all be good indicators of the emotional climate of the environment.

One of my clients called me several days in a row stating that her child was screaming that he did not want to go to school. When I looked in energetically, I could not tell the difference between the energy of the woman calling and the son she was calling about. When I told her what I saw, she started to cry. She said she did not want to return to work (she works at a school) and she felt unappreciated there.

One of my own children used to sing songs about me not being in love anymore, right before my ex-husband and I divorced. A young child diagnosed as “Autistic” cried out during one of our sessions. He was non-verbal and telepathically he could tell me he wanted his mother. I took his hand and asked him to show me what was wrong. He took me to his mother on the other side of the house. His mother was on the phone crying. One of her service providers had cancelled on her and she was angry and frustrated. As soon as he saw his mother and she voiced what was going on, he took my hand and led me back to his room.

Clear Projectors of Emotional Energy

In order for us to know ourselves as limitless, we are required to move beyond the emotional drama that creates a smokescreen to who we are. Because our children are
such clear projectors of emotional energy, adults are able to get a very specific look at what may be holding them from experiencing their own limitlessness. The reflection is right in front of us. Again, how we see the situation is what we will get out of it. So is your child being emotionally manipulative or simply showing you the discordant emotional energy in his environment?

There are many more levels to the multidimensional aspects of our children and many variations on the theme based on the individual child. I hope that this has given you some food for thought and a clearer awareness that there is much more to our children than meets the eye.