What the Heck is Going on With My Body?

I’ve heard from many private clients that their bodies have been “suffering” in ways that they have not experienced before. Some are suggesting that they are just getting older and thus not bouncing back as they did in their youth. Some say that long-term underlying illness or issues seem to have gotten worse instead of better, while others complain that they are spiraling through the same physical issue over and over, but it never changes.

Why would this be happening?   First, it is helpful to consider that our bodies are not simply ours. What do I mean by that? I mean that although it can be easy to find a personal reason why our bodies may be acting up, based on our life experiences, our stories have little to do with how our bodies are reacting to the current collective energetic environment!

Each time we deal with and integrate a particular issue, be it mental, emotional and/or physical, we simultaneously shift that density out of our human experience and become more refined energetically. As we become more refined energetically, we gain a greater connection to all resonant energies within the collective, which in turn increases our sensitivity to collective suffering.

It also means that somewhere along the line we naturally shifted from processing our own personal issues to processing the energy of the collective; this is why it can feel like an old issue mysteriously gets bigger, or never seems to get resolved. When you shift your attention from the assumption that your physical issue is all about you, to the awareness that it is a collective issue that’s being processed through your body, you can begin to treat yourself, the issue, and humanity with more love and compassion.

To be conscious of your ability to interface with and support the collective is particularly important right now as humanity purges deeply unconscious patterns en mass. This means that you will be transmuting more through your physical body than you have in the past. So maybe it is not that your body is getting older, but rather that your energy is becoming more refined and, thus, you are feeling more of a collective experience  through your physical body.

As an example, let’s consider a recent energetic pattern that may be impacting your physical experience.

In October 2016, the collective underworld closed, by which I mean that all the shame and guilt hidden in the collective subconscious could no longer stay buried. The energy of those dense emotional frequencies, which started to bubble back then, surfaced a year later in October of 2017. That which was hidden is now in plain sight. You’ll recognize the surfacing of the collective underworld as the exposure of “darker” human experiences such as pedophilia rings, misconduct and/or misuses of power by Hollywood and political “elites,” and other confessions of inhumane treatment!

strong>The more we move from the perception that we are processing our own energy to supporting the processing of the collective, the more likely it is that we will experience physical challenges at certain times of the year.</strong

I have noticed over the last several years that many who are consciously aware of their role as transformers of collective energy experience more physical challenges during the final three months of the year.  Looking at it energetically, it appears that all the mental and emotional processing that takes place within the collective during the first nine months of the year gets physically transmuted during the last quarter..

Because the last quarter of this year has been all about physically transmuting the darker energies of shame and guilt at a collective level, it may feel like an all-encompassing physical shift is occurring.

If your physical body, life, and experiences seem to be falling apart, it may be time to consider the way you support yourself in your life! The more processing you do for the collective, the more aware you must be of your own needs and the more you must actively put yourself first. In essence, putting yourself first…is putting humanity first.

As the collective gives up its ghosts, each of us naturally does the same; which means that you may be feeling feelings that seem foreign to you. You may be processing darker thoughts or experiencing nightmare-type dreams as you support the purging of the collective unconscious.

This year, in particular, you may be physically processing and collective experiences of shame and guilt, which is NOT EASY!

If this is your experience, you also may be feeling as though you are giving up the ghost in a very literal way! You may feel that your physical symptoms are life-threatening, and consequently, may be taking another look at the blessings of being in a human body.

This can seem like a paradox!  In the same moment that you are aware that you are helping to process the collective unconscious and the darker side of humanity, the physical body is giving you all kinds of reasons for wanting to stay in your human form.

There is a good reason why so many of us are becoming aware of a deeper desire to be here! The only way that collective “darkness” can be fully transmuted is through individuals that are capable of supporting collective transmutation. Think about a Christ, a Buddha, or other Saints and Sages of old that were said to have taken on the suffering of humanity. They did this not because they “wanted to,” but as a reflection of their refined consciousness. As they transmuted their own denser frequencies they became more connected to the collective, and as they supported the transmutation of collective density they gained more conscious awareness of the impact they made by being here.  This is true of YOU too.

As you transform your perceived individual, mental, emotional, and physical density, you add the energy of transformation to the collective. It does not take long to understand that there is no individual mental, emotional or physical experience, and the more transformation that takes place for you, the more aware you become that you always are working for the collective. This awareness gives a whole new meaning and purpose to facing our personal demons and being easy when addressing the darker side of your human experience. For, what we do for ourselves, we do for the collective, and what we do for the collective impacts our awareness of our Self.

So, let’s recap: What the heck is going on with your body? 

  1. You are transmuting all the emotional and mental darkness right down to a physical level, and once transmuted, the symptoms that are reflective of that suppressed energy will start to layer out and diminish!
Be present to your physical symptoms!
  1. Your body is processing collective energy and, therefore, some of the energetically strongest among you may feel the most physically challenged, especially during the last three months of every year.
Don’t make you or your body wrong for processing what you are processing!
  1. Your physical body wants and needs to be loved. It wants you to care about being here, and it wants you to honor your human experience because as you do for yourself, you do for all.
It’s ok to love being human and it’s ok to love humanity!
  1. If you attempt to hide from the shame and guilt that arise within you or if you attempt to project it onto another, your body will react. Your body is not trying to punish you by reacting; it is trying to make you aware that you are quite capable of transmuting this energy.
Intend that what you transmute for yourself be a gift to all!