What Are You Now?

2018 offers us the opportunity to create new physical realities from a place of self-love. Why? Well simply stated we are not who we used to be. Getting to this new creative potential has not been easy, so before we launch into our creations a bit of reflection may be in order!

Back in October 2016, I had reported that the underworld had closed. This was significant for each of us personally and collectively, because once the underworld, or that which was hidden, was closed off heavier aspects began to rush to the surface! That meant that unconscious imprinting, which had created destructive repeated patterns in our lives went from being unconscious to conscious. It also meant that these patterns went from unseen to seen in our physical experience. 

On a collective level it meant that all the shadowy aspects of our human psyche began to leak into the light of day for all to see.

As this information came up and out it perpetuated a deep dismantling throughout all of 2017. Hidden agendas where now obvious and positive action could begin to be taken.

Not many came out of 2017 the same as they went in. Our physical, mental and emotional programming went through a degree of reorientation that left heads spinning, emotional flooding, bodies aching and lives changed.

Talk about a good old fashion purification process. Our inner landscapes where changing and the outer landscape reflected that in powerful ways. Fires, hurricanes and floods, from an energetic perspective, are simply a reflection of a collective internal purification, which in this case, was by both water and by fire. Our emotional bodies have long held deep trauma that until late 2016 and 2017 could be pushed back into the unconscious, but not any more.

This was a beautiful opportunity, although I doubt it felt like it in the process. These hidden patterns were wreaking havoc in our lives. We had to have an impetus to dig deep and be with what we were noticing. The fact that we could no longer hide from the shadow side of our beings, simultaneously gave us the opportunity to be present to and thus love, what had not been loved before! Think of all those ragging fires toward the end of 2017 as a force to burn away all those darker emotions and like the phoenix that rises from the ashes, here we are in 2018 with a new awareness of self.

With all the dismantling in 2017, its likely that your personality, identity or sense of who you are in the world was left in shambles much like some of those beautiful islands off the cost of Florida in the hurricanes of 2017. By hook or crook we have forced to face ourselves squarely and as such become comfortable with the unknown.

Without our old identities, possessions, and routine patterns, it was as if 2018 was inviting us to identify as a “what” instead of a “who”.
Last years all encompassing purge supported our evolution. Though it we became an awareness of self, a force of our own nature, a presence and the observer of our innate nature as a human being.

Now this is where creation really begins! This is where we have choice and where we also have what it takes to make choices that not only reflect our new potentials but also give us the opportunity to model potentials for others!

2018 is bound to start slow but hold onto your hat, because if you felt these last eighteen months, like I know you did, you are getting ready to create from what you have become. You are getting ready to surrender to that “something bigger” and allow yourself to experience a life without the patterns that locked you and humanity into a joyless identity!

What have you become? What do you want to create from here?  What does your joy afford all who witness it? You’re getting ready to find out! Enjoy it all!