Welcome Message From Suzy
Hello and Welcome,
This site is a beautiful invitation to experience the love and freedom that you have been seeking.
The offerings here, including monthly energy sessions, private consultations, and the Journey Back to Love series, as well as the information we provide on our newest children, are not metaphysical "fluff." Rather, each is designed to support the balance and integration of various aspects of your Self that have yet to be loved and thus are keeping you from the freedom you desire. As such, each creates real transformation from the inside out.
I look forward to being a witness to your personal expression of love and freedom!Blessings,


The Journey Back to Love

WOW! After each class I think, Wow! How does it get any better than that?
And, each week, more brilliance is brought forth. So grateful for the gift you've been in my journey! Much love and gratitude for showing us the way!”
LuAnne Lantz

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