Tipping Point From Fear to Love

The solstice in June seemed to be a very real tipping point in collective human consciousness. It is as if humanity literally crossed over a threshold from fear to love and, as such, there are significant ramifications to our individual and collective lives.

Initially, we may find ourselves knowing things that we wish we did not know. By this, I mean that as we begin to function from love instead of fear, we can no longer make choices that undermine, limit or restrict the full expression of ourselves. Past creations, connections and expressions that were founded in fear-based programming are not going to like this new-found inner awareness because it means that those expressions and the fear-based identities that created them are simply not going to survive for the long haul.

This means that we are no longer going to be able to “talk ourselves out of or into” anything if we do not feel it to be true.  For most humans, this will create an inner conflict until we allow ourselves to surrender to that which wants to happen versus that which we have been making happen.

When we try to override our hearts with our heads, life will feel chaotic and stressful. This is not a means of punishment but simply a very simple and clear question from our outer landscape to the inner love that we are, which is: Do we still choose to punish others and ourselves by being less than the love that we are?

As our hearts take the lead over our heads, we first and foremost must turn our hearts toward ourselves and begin to ask the tough questions:

What do we really want for ourselves?

Who do we know ourselves to be?
What are we actually here to experience?

As we move further toward the end of 2017 and beyond, the response to all three of those questions appears unequivocally to be the same: What we really want for ourselves is to LOVE. What we will begin to know ourselves to be is LOVE. What we are actually here to experience is ourselves as LOVE.

Now, just over the threshold into a love-based reality, we will begin to clearly see what in our lives supports this emerging state of being and what does not. Ask yourself this… What in your inner and outer life reminds you that you are love? What perpetuates that awareness? What thoughts, experiences and feelings confirm that you are LOVE? Whatever that is, put more of your attention and intention there, and you will find this transition from fear to love will become much easier!  For those parts of us that are still deep in fear, we can simply invite these aspects into the fold of the love that we are! We do not need to know how this can happen. Remember, the days of using our minds alone to consider potentials are gone. It may serve us better to feel what we are feeling without trying to figure it out! We can do this by admitting that we do not know how to love certain aspects of ourselves or even what aspects require our love, and then setting the intention that, even though we do not know how, love will provide the means!

As the collective moves from fear to love, we will see that a new human story begins to be told, and thus unfold. I sense that even our definition of what it means to be human is going to come under close reexamination.

It is clear that, as we move from a collective story of fear to one of love, there is bound to be a bit of push and pull between realities, which at times could make life and living feel a bit chaotic or confusing, but as the collective focused attention point is placed squarely on love, the life force energy that has fueled fear will simply dissipate to the point that fear can no longer live as part of the collective experience. Does this happen over night? Well, probably not. What I will say, however, is that love “catches fire” more quickly than fear, and thus the more people there are that have their focus on, in, and as love, the more quickly we begin to notice the benefits of that focus. We have been collectively conditioned to believe that fear is more easily perpetuated, but is that true? Consider how easy life feels when we are in love. Consider how beautiful life is when we are in gratitude. Consider how life flows when we are looking for the good in ourselves, and others. I would venture to say that life is much harder when we are focused on what is “wrong” versus what is “right”. It’s harder when we reject versus accept, and thus much harder when we hate or fear versus love!

What would this world be like if its inhabitants were collectively focused on love? The best answer to that is…who knows? I know I have no idea and also no illusion that it will look like I think it “should.” As a matter of fact, I doubt that “should” will even be part of a collective love-based reality. What does seem apparent is that it has been a very long time since humanity has collectively chosen love over fear. Some have vague memories of loved-based realities, some rare individuals never forgot the truth of love, but it is my heartfelt awareness that there are enough within the human family who have now chosen to return to a love-based reality and thus we have arrived at this tipping point.

What I do sense is that from this point on, love will reveal itself more and more from the inside out, one individual at a time. You, as an individual, matter more than you know, and what you put your attention on becomes matter, so don’t be afraid to love yourself! Don’t be afraid to be kind to yourself and others. Don’t be afraid to be unique. Don’t be afraid to express from the love that you are.

I know that there are all kinds of fear-based reasons why we should not expose ourselves and fully express the love that we are…however, how can we quicken and ripen into a love-based humanity if we fear the full expression of ourselves as love? We may be moments away from a new human expression. We may be one loving thought away from a heart-centered personal reality. We may be a fraction of a second away from a quantum jump into expressions of love so vast that we collectively become what we always knew we could be. If any of this could be true, is it worth it to love as fully as possible in this moment?

Remember, we are in this together! Let’s try love!