Time loops and the Last Remnants of the Underworld! 

Over the last several months we have been looping through information connected to other timelines, lifetimes, and realities. Some of us are going through this process consciously and others of us unconsciously, but all for the same purpose of breaking patterns that have limited us both as individuals and as a collective.

The underworld was closed back in October of 2016. The moment the energetic door slammed shut on the underworld, the collective darkness began to rise to the surface. Anything that had been stuffed into our subconscious and the darker aspects of our unconscious began to rise like a tide.

With no place to hide this information, we have been coming face to face with our actual feelings, beliefs, insecurities, fears, and shames. These deeply imprinted energies are in no way our fault, but in the last few months, we have been finding out that they are our responsibility. Meaning that, first, we had to acknowledge that we possess both dark and light aspects within us, and, secondly, that we have the power within us to neutralize that which no longer serves us by choosing again.

We have been finding out about our shadow sides by trial and error. Many have found themselves displaced or out of their routine, which is an excellent means for bringing up what has been hidden. When we are comfortable, we can lull ourselves into believing that we are all light, but if we lull ourselves in this way, we never get to clearly see some of our deeper and more hidden aspects.

Equally, if we deny the darker aspects of our nature or try to suppress them, the underworld very quickly tosses that energy back up to the surface over and over again. It’s essential to understand that this information was not coming to the surface to scream, “I told you so,” or “You are bad.”  Quite the opposite! We are not being punished when the dark side of our nature comes to the surface; we are actually being given the opportunity for liberation. Facing our personal and collective shadows only comes about when we are ready. This gift surfaces when we have reached a level of maturity which can support us in neutralizing that which has polarized our existence.

We are coming to a stage in our human evolution where many are asked to neutralize the dark with the light. We cannot do this if we attempt to escape the dark and only focus on the light. To shift into this new phase of our evolution, we must meet our shadows and those of others with as much love and compassion as possible.  Of course, that is not always easy especially when we are in the process of dealing with our own shadows. We can, however, make incredible strides in our development by acknowledging that both the dark and light days serve us equally in helping us evolve through our lives.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that the more unconscious aspects of humanity are being drawn up to the surface en masse for all to see. If, however, we simply point the finger of shame at the “others,” we miss the opportunity to neutralize that shadow within ourselves, and thus perpetuate looping through the collective darkness.

As we notice the unconscious aspects of the collective rising to the surface, we are not meant to condemn others or ourselves in this process. The opportunity here is to transform. Condoning and condemning are two entirely different energies. We have been taught that if we do not condemn something, then we must be condoning it. This position keeps us in the very polarity that loops us repeatedly through the collective human patterns that no longer serve us.

This level of neutrality requires deep and direct personal response to that which is going on around us. It requires that we make moment by moment choices for our own well- being.  As we become more aware and neutral to the energy around us, our world becomes more neutral. This requires that we love even deeper the aspects of self that we do not understand nor condone.

“There is no out there, out there.” Fred Alan Wolfe .

Thus, if we see something and point a finger at it in rage and anger, it is likely that we can benefit from a big dose of self-love and compassion regarding that very issue within ourselves. If, as we witness the shadow side of humanity or us rise up in disturbing ways, it’s a good reminder that we can choose to love ourselves enough to not engage. It is only when we engage as a response and not as a reaction to these shadowy aspects that we are able to neutralize that energy.

So, be easy on yourself, make choices that serve you, and have deep compassion for those moments when the shadow gets the better of you, grateful that everything moves in cycles, and that this too shall pass.