Time for an Energetic Reset

January 2017 Monthly Energy Update

Let’s reset the dismantling and transformation of 2016 into a glorious love-based reality for 2017!


Suzy and Meredith clearly intend for this information to offer you a much broader perspective of Who You Are based on the current energetic patterns and the means to coherently integrate that awareness into your human experience – right here, right now!

Suzy’s skill set allows her to clearly experience the multi-dimensional mastery of any collective group so that that mastery can be consciously experienced and expressed by each participating individual. She does this by weaving together the best elements of each individual’s energy pattern into a collective tapestry or template that can be offered back to the whole group as information, guided meditation and vibrational experiences.

We hope you find this information helpful in uncovering both your mastery and your vulnerabilities. From this perspective, we need both in order to step into the new human template!


2106 was a huge year of dismantling! You may even have difficulty remembering your identity, priorities or values from the start of the year – that much transformation has taken place. With the closing of the underworld we have been forced to look at and to eliminate any patterns created from fear-based programming.

Although 2016 was stressful, unpredictable and dynamic, it was also beautifully designed to encourage our development in a few different ways.

First, it brought up deep unconscious patterns so that we could consciously and personally choose again. Second, during 2016 we strengthened our adaptability and capacity to change. Third, we had many opportunities to surrender to new possibilities rather than just playing out old patterns.

No doubt our mental, emotional and physical bodies have felt the stress. Change is exciting but also challenging.

We have been poked and prodded throughout the year towards greater love for ourselves and for others.

 At this point we want to draw on the experiences of 2016 to restructure our identity, personality and ego around a broader, more refined sense of Self. With our focus on a love-based reality, we can emanate love in many ways. Consequently we can personally and collectively enjoy greater loving experiences.

Part of the reset to 2017 includes staying mindful of the needs of your physical body. Based on the limitations that you let go of in 2016… you now have greater access to deeper possibilities and potentials of love.

Your experience of a love-based reality will happen in the body, not out in the ethers.

On December 25-26th a beam of energy came through from beyond our galaxy which transformed many people physically. Many experienced this as heart palpitations and headaches. There was a reprogramming of our heart energies that biologically changed the frequency of the heart. The result creates greater possibilities for less stress between the emotional body and the physical heart and its related meridians and chakras, provided we are willing to let go of what comes to the surface.

Our relationships are a great barometer of our emotional well-being and our capacity for Self-love. Consider which relationships survived 2016. How have they changed in terms of contact, communication, intimacy or compatibility? This can tell you much about what has changed within you! Watch for those relationships to become very dynamic and fluid. Watch them take on a new depth!

Give your relationships permission to evolve and be what they’re meant to be.

Know that love is the abiding part of all relationships and place your attention there.

Mentally speaking, 2016 brought our unconscious patterns to our awareness. In particular, we got to explore our ideas of right/wrong, what we perceive as spiritual/not spiritual, what we assume should/shouldn’t be, and what we unconsciously still believe to be superior/inferior.

Deep healing has been available in each opportunity to see another person’s point of view and to have empathy for another’s experience. It is a gift when we notice where we hold a fixed position or where we don’t allow change.

Going in to 2017 we have the opportunity to feel greater freedom mentally as our identities disentangle from our programmed beliefs.

Lastly, allow yourself to re-orient to Mother Earth based on who you are today. Mother Earth knows exactly how to support you physically, emotionally and mentally based on your frequency. Be open to her nurturance. Allow yourself to enjoy the gift of walking on this planet in human form.

Welcome to 2017 and have fun creating!