The Tables Have Turned!

The Tables Have Turned!

There seems to be an energetic transition taking place right now, in which what was no longer is. Areas of focus that were all encompassing are either complete or are currently in the process of completing, leaving us with new directions in which to go, new ideas and creations to consider, and, at the same time, a bit of melancholy for what once was.

It’s as if we have literally completed cycles upon cycles and, in a flash, are left wondering where all the old patterns and perceived insecurities have gone. It’s something of a quiet-before-the-storm feeling, or a pause before fast-forwarding, even though we may not be fully aware of where we are going. For those who are familiar with the Tarot, this energy reminds me of the Wheel of Fortune card!

There can be feelings of gratitude, confusion, sadness, and excitement all at the same time. Yet all attempts to reach into the past and be whatever that version of you was may fall flat. There is no energy for the old survival patterns, even though we might wish we could fall back into them. It is simply time, metaphorically or literally, to put one foot in front of another and start walking in this new way.

For many of us, this has manifested as a “clearing up” or a coming to full cycle with issues related to our families of origin or other close family ties. It’s as if we went back to set the old aspects of our lineage patterns in order. Places that were broken have or are being rebalanced right now, while places where we were unable to love have been given the opportunity to be filled with love, compassion, and possibly even real appreciation. This is taking place, not as a means to feather an old nest, but rather, to clean things up before creating a new one.

It’s as if we are pressing the reset button in order to come back online without the patterns of our lineage and/or collective negative mindsets. Many of you may be allowing yourself (or are being forced) to take the space you need to focus on who you are now. Hopefully, you are beginning to see how important love and appreciation for who you have been, and are in the process of becoming, is to your new directions.

As you reset, adding the element of self -love to all that you have released allows that which supports and sustains the new you to make itself known. Regardless of whether you are heading into a whole new expression of you or the next higher iteration of a familiar experience, you will first have to have love, compassion, and appreciation for all that has come before! Once that is there (and not a moment before), it will be full steam ahead!

It is as if during this recent time we have been learning about ourselves again; seeing ourselves with new eyes, and feeling into an empowerment that could not exist while those old programs were still running the show!

Many of you may find yourself literally cleaning your houses, clearing out and creating new spaces as you set the tone for your fluid forward movement into what can be expressed through and as you are now! The energy of what we are now seems simpler somehow. For many, the complications of life are dimming, as are the dramas that accompanied what we made complicated. If we feel into this space of resetting ourselves, it is quiet and still while simultaneously teaming with potentials and possibilities. You may experience this as feeling anxiety and excitement in the same moment.

It is as if a new life or a new way of being could be right around the corner ready to surprise and delight you, or equally ready to call you into an action or new focus that you previously did not know you could access. Howsoever you cut it, the tables have turned, you are resetting yourself, and you will very soon see the manifestation of this if you have not already begun to.

This is the energy of big transformation, both individually and collectively. You can feel the readying of your energy in preparation for… who knows what? You can sense that you are ready to fly without the limitations of your past programming, but you may not know quite what you are flying into. Even so, there is a sense that you have what it takes to rise to the occasion, and everything you have been, experienced, cleared, and worked through up until this moment has been a beautiful foundation for what is yet to come!