The Power Of Innocence

There is an innocent yet powerful awareness hiding deep within all of us; this is the awareness that we are meant to trust throughout our entire lives, but we don’t. For those that would rather not believe this, let me ask: Do you trust yourself? Do you trust the information and awareness that you receive when attempting to guide your own life? If you do, are you able to act upon it when you “get” it or do you first attempt to get others to agree with your awareness before you feel “safe enough” to act upon your knowing?

I ask these questions because I have noticed over the last several months that it has become increasingly imperative that I listen and act upon what I know, regardless of how that makes others feel, or if they agree with me or attempt to convince me otherwise. This is not so challenging when what I hear makes sense to my mind, but what about when it makes no sense at all?

Personally, I have noticed that there is a strong exercise of trial and error going on with my body keeping score as to how well I am listening. When I listen and act upon my inner awareness, my body/spirit lets me know by feeling lighter and better somehow, and when I don’t listen, it becomes very literal by presenting me with a “pain in my ass” or another body part.

Of course, this is not meant as a punishment, although it can feel like it sometimes. It is simply a bit of a course correction. Still, it has taken more than a few aches and pains to get the picture! The other side of this is that I have also become significantly more aware of what resonates with my body almost moment- by- moment. It makes me a very poor liar, as it is ridiculously obvious to me, and others when what I am hearing is not a match for what I know to be true for me, so I am learning to speak more honestly than ever before in each moment.

My mind, however, was going haywire around these “trials” until I realized that the purpose of the “exercise” was to release me from my mind and reconnect me to my innocence or my inner sense at a physical body level. The byproduct of this “exercise” seemed to be much greater trust in what I know or what resonates.

I learned that my inner awareness might not make sense to those around me, or even to my mind sometimes, but over time, the knowing always reveals itself to have been in my highest and best interest, which begets greater self-trust!

I want to go back to lying for a second here. My guess is that the reason young children are so poor at lying is that, in their innocence, they are still connected to their inner sense and this connection is registered and expressed quite literally through their bodies.

I’ve often suspected that the energy of our innocence and our divinity are the same thing! It is the part of us that knows and acts because innocence/divinity trusts itself. Just like a child trusts life until he/she is taught not to, our innocence knows what to trust until the mind takes over. The mind can lie about what we know, but our inner sense ultimately cannot!

The mind is the aspect of us that has been programmed not to trust, or to abdicate power to someone else’s experience. So it stands to reason (still trying to get around the mind here) that in order to get back to our innocence/divinity where we can trust ourselves again, we must practice acting on our knowing even when the mind screams a rebuttal. It’s simple, really, but not easy… until we have tried it a few times and experienced the benefit.

The mind actually does not like to suffer, although it creates a lot of it.. As soon as your mind becomes aware of the ease that is created by listening to and acting from innocence it will abdicate its position and start going with the flow of all that you know. I’m smiling at the little ditty there, but here again, suspect that there is a reason why flow and know rhyme. Just like there is also a correlation between innocence and inner sense!

At this point in history, we really have to make a clear choice as to what we listen to.Do we listen to the mind, which is the part of us that has abdicated power to others? Or do we listen to that part of us that knows? Both choices have always existed and both always will, we simply have no “time” left to work through the “games” of our minds. It’s time to practice trust in our inner sense to perceive ourselves from our divine perspective, to take a leap and see where we land! It’s one sure fired way to know that we are loved, supported and guided in every moment!

It’s time to flow by living all that we know. Even if it makes no sense, it will return us to our innocence! (Cheesy but it appeals to my innocence!)