The Freedom to Love

July’s monthly balance and integration session addressed those aspects of self that are not yet free to love due to our personal and collective conditioning. When we love based on unconscious conditioning, we cannot help but place conditions on the love that we both give and receive. Those “conditions” create the same patterns of love in our lives over and over until we can integrate the experiences that create the repeated patterns and thus remember the love that we are!

The great news is that, as I shared last month, the solstice acted as a kind of tipping point in that collective human consciousness had somehow shifted from a predominately fear-based reality to one of love. This really works in everyone’s favor when it comes to consciously working toward releasing our conditioning.

This was no small feat, and the ramifications of this shift will be played out for lifetimes to come. When you consider the life experience that it takes to have a collective of 7 billion people slip out of fear and into love…well, that is nothing short of miraculous. Tipping points of this scale do not happen in every lifetime let alone every day, so this is cause for celebration because this shift in and of itself offers a level of freedom that humanity has not known in this epoch.

So, if this is the case, why does life still present as chaotic and challenging? Well, let’s first consider that all change is chaotic! Have you ever moved from one house to another, especially after having lived somewhere for a long time? If so, you get my point. When we move from one reality to another, we typically get ready for the move by getting rid of all the things that will not “fit” in our new space and lifestyle. We have to mend the parts of the house that need it so we can move on without being called back to “fix” something. We have to set up the new house, arrange it based on our new “style” and typically add a few new elements so that our new reality feels comfortable.

I don’t mean to beat this metaphor to death, however, consider the difference in moving from one house to another under a stressful situation versus moving because you are finally able to move into the life experience that you dreamed was possible but had not lived until now! This is the potential difference in moving forward in love.

In the month of July, you will notice that the freedom to choose love will become a moment-by-moment opportunity in your life and, over time, the only choice that can be made.

To have love available to us as a choice may mean that those patterns that caused you to seek love versus be love could begin coming to the surface at quite a clip.

What might that look like? Well, for starters, the unconscious patterns that have us seeking for love “in all the wrong places” will be projected out to those closest to us and reflected back in clear and undeniable ways. Every time you hear yourself say, “This is his/her issue?” or “Why won’t he/she change?” assume that you are being loved and assume that you are seeing your own deeply subconscious patterns reflected back to you. When you hear yourself say with intensity, “That behavior of his/hers is not mine!” consider that life has just shown you what needs to be loved within you so that you can move into deeper expressions of a love-based reality.

The beautiful souls who have agreed to bring up our sh*t are not playing an easy role, but they are gifting us with the opportunity to see what we cannot by simply looking within. As I suggested, the patterns that are arising now are deeply unconscious, so if we think that we know what they might be…we are fooling ourselves.

At this particular phase of our growth, it might be better to assume that we do not know anything rather than that we have it all figured out. For those of us that like to have things all figured out, we may begin to see that life has other plans. This is not to punish us but to simply put us on track with what love wants for us versus what we attempted to force into place out of fear!

As love emerges as a predominant energy in our lives, it is also likely that we will be called, from the inside out, to demonstrate our newfound state of love. All attempts at “doing” love will fall flat!

Witnessing what falls flat and what feels life-giving will be a great barometer for love versus fear-based expressions. The important word to note here is “feels.” Our capacity to feel/sense our way through life is going to be a great asset going forward. We are not going to be basing our experiences on how much money we make, or the status they provide us; we will be making choices based on the fact that they feel like a life- and love-affirming expression of what we know is possible!

In this transitional phase, many may be confused about what is next. Many are unable to see beyond a few weeks or months, especially if there is still an attachment to fear-based creations. Love just knows. Love simply is, and as we allow it to exist as the predominant focus of our lives, we will begin to see that it truly does provide everything we require to demonstrate its fullest expression.

Enjoy July! Celebrate your growing freedom to express as love. Welcome those who show you aspects of yourself that you could not otherwise see, and by all means have love and compassion for those aspects of self. The last thing we want is for those parts of us to go into hiding again! Invite them out into the light of day with open arms and a warm embrace. Last but not least, if you have not already gotten good at simply feeling what you feel from moment to moment, you will have plenty of opportunities this month, so be easy on yourselves! Love loves you!