The Benevolent Design of Instability (February Monthly Energy Update)


The clear intention of this information is to offer you a much broader perspective of Who You Are based on the current energetic patterns and the means to coherently integrate that awareness into your human experience – right here, right now!

Suzy’s skill set allows her to clearly experience the multi-dimensional mastery of any collective group so that that mastery can be consciously experienced and expressed by each participating individual. She does this by weaving together the best elements of each individual’s energy pattern into a collective tapestry or template that can be offered back to the whole group as information, guided meditation and vibrational experiences.

We hope you find this information helpful in uncovering both your mastery and your vulnerabilities. From this perspective, we need both in order to step into the new human template!


As of February 2016 we as a collective consciousness are undergoing a period of instability and re-invention. Nearly every sector of society is being profoundly shaken up in some way. Consider the highly unusual presidential race with its unique twists and turns. Think about banking, educational systems, health care, journalism, and the music and entertainment industry, just to name a few. On a more personal level, the way we communicate with each other is changing at breath-taking speed – from Skype, to texting to Periscope to the use of emoji, etc.

These changes are driven by a desire to connect authentically and facilitated by technology. Similarly the changes within humanity are driven by a desire for unity consciousness and facilitated by our own technological upgrade, namely a new neurological process.

Upgrades in human neurology are part of every evolutionary cycle. These “upgrades” typically come as shifts in vibration, which impact the way our neurology wires and fires. This change comes naturally and organically simply because it is time for change and then we assign it some meaning so that we can understand the change. Currently in the metaphysical community, new human neurology is explained as activations in the pineal or other glands, light frequency downloads, structural changes brought on by sound, color, and vibration. These are all beautiful descriptions from that perspective. New human neurology is currently being explained by mainstream medicine, science, education, and economics as changes in what is considered typical. New trends in everything from education to the size of children’s physical brains, to the changes in consumer spending habits can all be attributed to this new human neurology.

From my perspective, over the past two years, I noticed these patterns of light which held new information that were interfacing with my clients’ neurological process. As these light patterns interfaced with their neurology, they created structure that was foundational to a new awareness of self. I did not realize it at the time, but the “foundational” difference between the old and the new neurology was that the old system was based in fear and the new one was based in love. While that sounds simple enough, that one vibrational and structural change has huge implications for how we live our lives as human beings, what we tolerate and what we give our attention to!

The new human neurological process has allowed for many changes. We are able to process a broader band of light frequencies. We have the ability to catch our perceived limitations and reframe them more quickly or even as they are happening. We have access to more refined aspects of our consciousness, such as parts of our sub- and super-consciousness,which allows for greater awareness of Self. We literally are beginning to express as Beings of Light and Emissaries of Love.

Then why the widespread discomfort? From my vantage point, as we gain in consciousness, we also gain a sensitivity to more subtle forms of energy. Simply stated, we pick up a lot more than we used to. That is what awareness is all about. At first, having access to more information has a tendency to cause most people’s emotional bodies to be either hyper happy or on edge with hyper- sensitivity. I’ve gotten feedback such as, “I feel so sad. It’s like I’m bipolar, Have I become schizophrenic? Where are all these tears coming from? Why am I so flippin’ irritable?” From the flip side, of the same energy some are experiencing breakthrough moments of bliss, joy, renewed curiosity and a sense of deepening love. You’re probably asking how you can get more of the latter and less of the former.

Well a significant impact of our new neurology includes the dismantling of the human psychology. As our neurology changes, people can experience a sense of loss around their old identity. In other words, the way we collectively and individually identify ourselves in the world has started to break down. Many are really questioning who they are and asking themselves, “What is really important?” Do I matter and, if so, in what way? Was the way I identified myself keeping me separate from or drawing me closer to my Self and others?”

Some may experience the dismantling of the human psychology as a moment of awareness of who they truly are beyond what was thought to be real, but more often than not this process impacts us over “time.” Memories which kept us in a fear-based reality have begun to lose their hold. We don’t cycle through fear the way we have in the past so there’s a greater sense of space within ourselves. Our mental bodies have become so worn down that we no longer give much energy or attention to our thoughts. We may feel like we were losing the battle but in reality we have won the war against the patterns and beliefs of our limitation.

If you’re like me you’ve cycled through all of these experiences, sometimes within a single hour. This is not necessarily easy work regardless if it is undertaken consciously or unconsciously. We are engaged in no small endeavor because to dismantle human psychology is also to tear down old perceptions of love and to instead begin to allow ourselves to BE LOVE.

How perfect to be doing this work during the commercial holiday of love! Love is inherently inclusive. It is a force that unifies. It is the element of Unity Consciousness. We are therefore releasing and letting go of concepts that keep us in duality and limited in our ability to be Love. One of those is the pattern of Superiority/Inferiority that separates us from other human beings or parts of ourselves. There is now a growing self-corrective mechanism around Superiority/Inferiority, naturally emerging from our evolving psychological patterns, as neither position will serve us going forward into the landscape of Unity Consciousness.

In summary, this current fluidity of human consciousness is due in large part to our new human neurological process and the dismantling of our collective human psychology. Despite any chaos and discomfort, this is part of a larger, purposeful step in the evolution of human consciousness. We are moving toward a divine expression in human form, living as unity consciousness in our day-to-day lives, and having a conscious awareness of our multi-dimensionality. My hope is that you feel supported by this vantage point regarding these tumultuous times and perhaps very personal challenges. Perceiving your current uneasiness as part of a benevolent design may calm the mental and emotional bodies.

For more specific suggestions on gaining greater coherence and stability in the midst of this energy, join our monthly energy sessions.  You will have access to a recording of this call as well as a written summary of supportive practices I mentioned during the live calls. Perhaps best of all, you will also become a member of a supportive community of people who bring their mastery and their vulnerability authentically to the table. In these calls, you are not simply receiving but you are also literally helping to weave together the tapestry of the new human template. We are all becoming what we have always been, but just now experiencing. Your conscious contribution to this energy supports not only your own coherence and stability but also that of the collective.