Source as Physicality (May 2nd Energy Session)

 Source as Physicality

May 2016 Monthly Energy Update

This update was taken directly from the MAY 2ND ENERGY SESSION and explores a process of Source as physicality.

The influx of Source energy saturating Gaia at this time is hugely significant. No longer will there be just one Christ, one Buddha or a few saints.

The ones are becoming the many and the many are becoming the one.

We are each capable of becoming a fully realized divine human who lives and loves from the awareness that ‘I and Mother-Father God are one.’

Gaia herself has upgraded in order to support us in holding greater amounts of source energy in our physicality. Enlightened groups around the globe have been anchoring different energies in to the grid system of planet earth. Each time a new grid is unlocked, there is greater potential for us to hold more light in our bodies.

Source from above and Gaia from below coherently resonate with each other in a new way, thereby impacting all sentient beings in-between. Source is changing everything about us in every way possible. There is nothing about us that will be left unaltered when it’s all said and done.

How can we move through this physically transformative expression of Source consciousness with the greatest ease, grace and joy?

The short answer is to deepen into the physical body. Ground ourselves there. Focus our attention there. Rely on our physical bodies as navigational tools to move gracefully with this influx of energy.

Trust the body; trust Source for they are one and the same.

Source consciousness is making its way in to the human experience as an awareness through the physical body. The body, as our primary interface with Source, is itself a portal or access point to all levels of the human experience.

By connecting with symptomology or any physical sensation that gets your attention, you may be led to an emotional, mental, spiritual or dimensional experience.

For example, tuning in to that pain in your neck may result in an emotional release of long-held grief you’ve been unconsciously carrying. Once you’ve had the good cry, you will have released a limitation that restricts the amount of Source energy you can hold.

Your body is trying to inform you of where you’ve held on to perceptions, controls or identities that limit your expression as Source. For optimal ease, grace and joy it’s supportive to maintain the following mind-set:

  • The Source of this change within my body and I are one.
  • Source is transforming my physical experience.
  • Everything according to Source is exactly as it should be in my physicality.
  • There is nothing to be fixed here.
  • Source is in charge.
  • There is no separation between Source and what I’m experiencing in the physical.

 When we focus our attention of physical symptomology in Source consciousness like in the statements above, then the energy lightens up. The sensations may cease. Even if the physical symptomology remains, we don’t suffer with it.

We may also choose to respond with an attitude of ‘If my body feels this way then something is wrong! I better worry about it. This is something to fear.’ In that case we slow down the transformation by re-orienting ourselves back to a pattern of limitation.

Attitude matters and it’s also good to ask a few questions to know whether to seek medical attention or to just ride the vibrational wave until it passes. Remember that if something needs physical attention that is also not separate from Source. It’s the right ‘medicine’ for the right energy. There is nothing separate from source.

Ask, “At what level of density am I experiencing transformation?”

 This information allows us to offer the symptomology the ‘medicine’ that most resonates with ease, grace, and joy. For example, the emotional level is best met with emotional release whereas a change in thinking supports the mental level.

Here are some good questions to evaluate the emotional, mental, and multi-dimensional levels of density for a given physical symptom:

  • Does this issue change with an emotional release? If I share my fear with a friend or have a good cry, does my symptomology loosen up?
  • Is the sensation always there or does it change when I walk in nature, ground myself, or if I forget and become joyful? Can I mentally distract myself from this?
  • Does the physical symptomology change with different focal points such as a broader perspective of self, a grounded perspective, or from a different dimensional self?
  • If I ask that energy to complete its cycle, does that change the dynamic?

If following through on these lines of self-inquiry positively impacts your physical symptomology, then it works. If nothing changes, then there may be something going on at a physical level that requires medical support. No judgment, just good information on the most appropriate course of action.

We are changing as we become more of our Source self than our limited identification of self. Many of the limitations held in our physical bodies are coming up and out right now.

Some of you will feel it as symptomology. The central nervous system, endocrine system and digestive systems seem to be especially impacted. Some of you will experience it as a shift in identity or personality. Some of you will have intense emotionality.

Go inward for greater connection and presence with your physical body in all cases. There you will find greater stability, supportive personal information, and the love of Source. From the portal of your body, go where you need to in order to experience ease, grace and joy.

Watch the body take on more space.

Feel the love flood in.

Know yourself as light.