Return to Wholeness (March 2016 Energy Update)

This update was taken directly from the MARCH 8th ENERGY SESSION and explores a process for reorienting ourselves to our divinity, especially when we feel the pull of separation. Together this process can be as simple as flipping a switch.


The clear intention of this information is to offer you a much broader perspective of Who You Are based on the current energetic patterns and the means to coherently integrate that awareness into your human experience – right here, right now!

Suzy’s skill set allows her to clearly experience the multi-dimensional mastery of any collective group so that that mastery can be consciously experienced and expressed by each participating individual. She does this by weaving together the best elements of each individual’s energy pattern into a collective tapestry or template that can be offered back to the whole group as information, guided meditation and vibrational experiences.

We hope you find this information helpful in uncovering both your mastery and your vulnerabilities. From this perspective, we need both in order to step into the new human template!


From my vantage point these are incredibly exciting times. We can now truly live as Divine beings in human form. This has long been considered a possibility, but you are now showing this state of being as a probability. It is officially time to create from the awareness that we are Source consciousness!

Let’s remember that in order to have a human experience, we purposefully individuated from Source consciousness and became increasingly dense to create form and, in the process, we conditioned ourselves to play small.

Think about that phrase ‘play small’ for a moment.

Synonyms for ‘play’ include ‘pretend,’ ‘entertain’ or ‘delight.’ These words feel fitting for our Divinity’s choice to joyfully explore itself by pretending to be limited, separate or small. Up until now, playing small aptly describes the human experience.

Marianne Williamson said it beautifully when she said:

“You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

Along with playing small, somewhere deep inside we know that we are made in God’s image. That seed had been planted in the collective consciousness since we separated from Source. The way I see it, this seed of knowing has finally matured. As we reclaim aspects of our light, we return to that Divine frequency while remaining in human form. We are taking in these light frequencies because we can. It is simply time.

It’s time to remember, to know and to act on the truth that we are, and always have been, one with Source.

Collectively you are telling me that we can now flip a switch to true remembrance – the switch that takes us from a belief system of separation to one which knows we are one with Source. Collectively, in the vastness of your being, you know this.

We will not be painstakingly reworking our thoughts but flipping switches from limitation to Divinity, small to vast, broken to whole. We are reorienting Who We Are to the Truth instead remaining vested in our belief systems.

While we have unprecedented access to our unified field of Source consciousness, we all have degrees of separation between our most refined human experience (aka the innocence of our inner child) and the vastness of our being (aka our Source self). There are belief systems embedded within both our innocence and our vastness that say we are separate.

Therefore, we tend to look for the ways we are not whole rather than for where we are already unified. More specifically,

  • We may get small in our thinking, relationships or actions.
  • We may jump to the conclusion that we are broken, less than, or unworthy.
  • We may get caught up in psychological processing where we analyze the situation ad nauseam.
  • We may look for some spiritual meaning or try to learn the lesson we feel the universe has meant for us within the difficulty.

The energy of separation manifests in our bodies as a particular reaction to discomfort or symptomology. An orientation toward separation generates thoughts like:

  • What’s wrong with me that I’m feeling this in my body?
  • What do I need to clear out to allow light frequencies to harmoniously interface with the body?

When we go to ‘What is the issue?’ we simply reinforce a sense of separation – that there is some division between our human and divine experience.

Mentally and emotionally we respond to separation by cycling through recurring thoughts and feelings. We may feel stuck. We may believe we have no options or choices. We may buy into the idea we’re self-sabotaging or not allowing or in resistance. By following this train of thought we rarely find relief or resolution. Instead we are left feeling smaller, damaged or disordered.

What would happen if we shifted from a position of separation to one of wholeness?

Why not go to where we are not separate – to where we are a unified field?

Why not return to wholeness in the moment we notice separation?

It is as easy as consciously choosing to place your focus on wholeness.

Simply ask the question ‘Where is this issue or sense of separation already whole?’

I’ve also gotten feedback from clients that they have experienced a sense of separation within more subtle realms than their biology, psychology or neurology. Comments include,

  • I feel completely disconnected from my multi-dimensionality.
  • Where did my guides go?
  • Why can’t I connect to the collective consciousness of the kids anymore?

I have had this experience myself. I used to perceive my guides outside of myself. They were a visual experience out there. One-by-one those energies began disappearing. My first thought was that I had done something wrong and my guides had left me.

That was not at all the case. Instead that energy had been integrated into my human experience. That aspect of perceived separation was now one with my human experience. I still had the same level of access but there was no ‘other than’ outside myself. What I initially thought was a separation or loss was really a process of integration or coherence.

This brings up a very good point. Once a point of separation gets our attention – whether that’s physically, mentally, emotionally or beyond – we have actually begun the process of unification.

We become aware of a particular belief in separation only when it’s ready to be unified.

Once we have that point of focus, we can reorient toward wholeness.

This is what it means to know and act on the truth that we are Source. Anything that tells us otherwise is an indicator of where we believe in separation.

Once we realize we are in separation, we can say:

  • Thanks. Here’s an opportunity for greater unity.
  • Where am I already in coherence with this situation?

The moment we reorient to wholeness, we feel lighter. Once we shift awareness to our vastness and connect with the full scope of our divinity, we become more coherent with that experience.

If we were conditioned to play small, what would happen if we began to go in the other direction? What if we stretch ourselves into the most vast awareness we can hold?

We are a unified field containing the innocence of an inner child, vastness, Source, multi-dimensionality, biology, neurology and psychology – to name a few. In this unified model of human experience, we may have a discomfort in the body or an imbalance in the psychology that reside in some greater dimension.

It’s not a discomfort to make us feel bad about ourselves but to beckon us out beyond into our vastness. Simple questions can shift things quickly such as:

  • What do I already know that can bring coherence to this issue right here, right now?
  • Where do I need to go to bring comfort to this situation?
  • What can I release that’s keeping me small?

We’re being beckoned to another realm and the moment we sit with the discomfort from this perspective, it transfigures that experience right down into the physical.

Curiosities are always more expansive than beliefs! Try asking yourself the following and see what happens:

  • Where am I already Love?
  • Where am I beauty?
  • Where am I grace?
  • Where am I divinity?
  • Where am I already whole, vast, or in coherence?

We’re not looking for a mental response but allowing ourselves to feel into the expansiveness. Our physical, mental, and emotional processes will expand to meet our vastness of being. There will be an interface between the two.

Initially it will take focus and diligence to reorient your self to wholeness. When we reorient our perspective then it will beget itself and we will get more confirmation of our Divinity. The more confirmation we get, the easier to live from that space.

This is also where working collectively supports us individually. By sharing your experiences, you allow others to borrow the benefits of your focus, diligence and confirmation.

Please understand that we have never, in all of human history, interfaced our Divinity with this level of biological density before.

This has never been done.

None of us know exactly how to do this.

It is an experiment, so it’s best to be gentle, playful and curious during this process.

Remember you can always ask for help from seen and unseen realms.

For more specific suggestions on gaining greater coherence and stability in the midst of this energy, join our MONTHLY ENERGY SESSIONS.

suzy monthly energy session home pageYou will have access to a recording of this call as well as a written summary of supportive practices I mentioned during the live calls. Perhaps best of all, you will also become a member of a supportive community of people who bring their mastery and their vulnerability authentically to the table.

In these calls, you are not simply receiving but you are also literally helping to weave together the tapestry of the new human template. We are all becoming what we have always been, but just now experiencing. Your conscious contribution to this energy supports not only your own coherence and stability but also that of the collective.