Put Your I AM Presence in Charge

September 2016 Monthly Energy Update


Suzy and Meredith clearly intend for this information to offer you a much broader perspective of Who You Are based on the current energetic patterns and the means to coherently integrate that awareness into your human experience – right here, right now!

Suzy’s skill set allows her to clearly experience the multi-dimensional mastery of any collective group so that that mastery can be consciously experienced and expressed by each participating individual. She does this by weaving together the best elements of each individual’s energy pattern into a collective tapestry or template that can be offered back to the whole group as information, guided meditation and vibrational experiences.

We hope you find this information helpful in uncovering both your mastery and your vulnerabilities. From this perspective, we need both in order to step into the new human template!


As if we haven’t already undergone enough transformation in 2016, the last quarter of the year will be an especially pivotal time of transition. Thankfully the old paradigm that says transformation must be stressful no longer holds true. In fact stress may inhibit us from taking the necessary action to become the full embodiment of Who We Truly Are.

Make no mistake; we are evolving at a significant rate.

We are embodying increasingly refined aspects of our being that include more and more of our I AM Presence.

As our humanness acclimates to those frequencies it kicks up a lot of symptomology within our neurology, biology and psychology.

The purpose of this month’s energy session was to gain awareness around our symptomology so that we can create stability and comfort for our mental, emotional and physical bodies. We dialed down the stress to get clear on the next steps for creating from our Avatarship.

We want to be in as much ease, grace and joy as possible in order to take inspired action from the broader aspects of our consciousness rather than from fear-based realities.

Neurological Symptomology
Our human neurological functions have been breaking down in order to upgrade our old programming, especially over the last three years. Our human neurology has been programmed over ions of time for a certain reality that says our minds or mental bodies run the show of our lives.

Those programs are being broken down so that we can function from our broader aspects of self. Our neurology can feel like it’s short-circuiting, specifically it looks like memory loss, fogginess and confusion. We can’t recall a word, remember past events or set goals to plan for our future.

Some favorite stories to tell about this symptomology are that we are having a senior moment, going through menopause or otherwise have a malfunctioning brain. What if we are naturally and organically being neurologically rewired because our vibrational frequency is evolving?

Consider the brilliance of a mind unable to draw from the past or move into the future.

Without the past or future we are fully focused on the now moment and its access to multi-dimensionality. Awareness only happens in the now. All possibilities and potentials only exist in the now.

When your brain can’t find the word you want, you have the opportunity to move beyond language or knowing into pure awareness. Old programming would have you judge yourself and your neurology.

Your mental process may say, “I’m losing it. My mind and body are giving out. Am I dying?” What feels like a death is simply the dismantling of the conditioning that restricts your full expression of Self. This does not mean that you will not use your mind or that the neurological process won’t function again.

Your neurological process will become secondary to your awareness.

Slip into the moment and become aware when the mind does not seem to be functioning as you would like. Tell yourself what you are aware of. This may be expressed like, “Wow, I’m aware I don’t have the words I’m looking for. I’m aware that I’m stressed.”

That’s awareness – that’s how our neurological process is meant to function – not to create stories or to ascribe meaning about what is but to notice. Our stories have no place in awareness. First and foremost just allow yourself to be aware.

Biological Symptomology
With these neurological changes at the crux of our fear and anxiety, it’s no wonder we are also experiencing stress within our biology. When the mind goes into fight, flight or freeze because it fears for its programming, the body naturally releases cortisol so that it can take action against the threat.

The collective consciousness is feeling threatened so those of us sensitive to energy are aware of an overabundance of fear in the ethers.

If we can remain in awareness as fear comes up we may see it for what it is – a release of old programming.

Just as our neurology is breaking down to upgrade old programming, our biological structures are also going through a metamorphosis. We are releasing the density held within our bodily fluids, bones, glands, organs and various systems.

Places within your body under stress are releasing old patterning and moving into awareness.

You can also think of this as your body letting go of toxicity that has held old structures in place. Be nice to your body. Since it’s already releasing a lot of toxins, be mindful not to contaminate it further.

Be aware that we are in a time of transition and accelerated evolution. Substances that you may have been able to ingest in the past may be toxic at the moment.

What is considered physically toxic to you will depend upon your specific programming. Become aware of what supports you or weakens you – emphasis here on YOU.

Tune in to yourself specifically rather than researching what works for everybody else. You may be inspired by what you find ‘out there,’ but turn inward for the refinements meant for you alone.

We are being encouraged to know what we know for ourselves. As you drop into awareness, “My neck feels tense,” your body will respond in kind. “Oh, you are aware” so the body can release with ease.

The moment we become aware is the moment something begins to change.

Psychological Symptomology
Our neurology, biology and psychology are deeply intertwined. Naturally our thoughts and emotions are also releasing old programming. At the psychological level, you or your loved ones may be agitated, irritated, aggressive, sad or elated.

Keep in mind that emotion is merely energy in motion.

Let it move by simply observing it. As with symptomology in the neurology or biology, become aware to allow more refined aspects of Self to make their way into your psychology.

Be aware and then tell yourself from your I AM presence what you’re aware of.

Perceive any symptomology – whether it originates from your neurology, biology or psychology – as children in need of love, attention and security. First of all, this keeps you from identifying with the symptomology. You are not your forgetfulness, rash or sadness.

Second of all, every time you can stop, notice and state your awareness, “I am aware that I feel fear,” “my head hurts,” or “I am aware that I cannot make a decision” you are naturally re-orienting yourself to your broader aspect of Self, which IS awareness.

You are putting your awareness in charge. Your mental, emotional and physical bodies can relax and know they are being cared for rather than running the show based on old, limiting and fear-based patterns.

When we claim that perspective, we put our I AM presence in charge instead of our old programming. This is how we lovingly take responsibility for our own neurology, biology and psychology thereby easing their stress.

This is how we navigate this period of significant change with the greatest ease, grace and joy possible.

Coming fully into the now moment with less and less programming is also how to function beyond time and space where we can be aware of different realities simultaneously.

This is how we know, experience and express ourselves from our I AM Presence as everyday Avatars.