It’s blast off time or probably better said blast-out time.

The energy of the last full moon along with being in the sign of Cancer is giving us the opportunity to dig deep not just into the subconscious, but also into our deep unconscious patterns.  With the eclipses that will follow, we are being set up to be eclipsing deeply-held collective subconscious programs; programs that interconnect us in ways that no longer serve us as human beings.  This is simultaneously uncomfortable and amazing. It is because of these collective programs that humans suffer. So, to suggest that these programs are coming unglued is not just transforming your life, but human life in general.

So, if you think that the anger, anxiety or literal difficulties in staying conscious are just happening to you, think again.  Better yet. don’t think at all; just feel what is unwinding deep within you! I guarantee that no matter how conscious you perceive yourself to be, this energy is lovingly and clearly letting the little you know that it was never in charge. This process is extremely important, because as those that can release their programming do, the whole of humanity is activated to do the same.

With such a deep purge of unconscious information, a sense of confusion can emerge before a new level of awareness settles. Some parts of you may be engaging in an internal argument with your programming, telling you that you should want to evolve, while other parts of you might be wondering, “What the heck is the point?”  This inner battle is just the vacillation between your old programming which says you need to seek to become whole, and the new programming that says you are what you seek. It can actually be a very good sign when your desire to evolve or “get” somewhere just naturally stops.


In the meantime, part of the internal confusion is caused by the fact that our physical, mental or emotional bodies are now dealing differently with the huge influxes of Presence.  When Presence is “cleaning house,” as it is now, each of these bodies tries to adapt in their conditioned ways, but those programs don’t work when Presence says it’s time to express as WHAT you really are.  It can feel like a regression of sorts, but I promise you it is not.  What’s happening is that you are finally getting to the core of what made you believe that you had to get or have something to become what you have always been.

Right now, our human egos are doing the best they can to adjust to Presence being in charge. However, when this includes letting go of every way in which we have consciously or unconsciously manipulated others to get what we thought we needed, instead of BEING what we thought was missing, the ego starts swinging from superior to inferior pretty quickly. Its job is to adjust and support as these programs are released and Presence takes the reins. For many, the ego is working overtime trying to do just that. So, if you’re are swinging from a “God complex” program to an “I’m not aware at all” program, choose Presence instead.

This energy is interesting and powerful because it is shining a light into patterns that have been so deeply interwoven in our psyches for such a long time that our physical, mental, and emotional bodies defend the patterns’ right to be there because we think we will die without them. Those bodies are defending those patterns’ rights to be there because they falsely believe that they can have power over the Presence that is trying to take over now.  We have all heard the phrase, “your presence is all that is required,” right?  Well, right now, most of us are in some stage of letting go of the physical, mental and emotional programming that keeps that phrase from being not just a nice expression, but a lived experience.

Because Presence is trying to gain the reins of your life experience right here, right now, it is beneficial to stay alert to any form of manipulation, subtle or otherwise. Listen to the words you use to describe yourself and others. Our words beautifully reflect our unconscious programming, so stay alert to what you are saying. Intend to really listen to yourself and others, and to express what you hear lovingly.

This is also a great time consciously to release any energetic cords from everyone and everything other than your own presence. This act alone lets Presence know that the parts of you that think they are in control are willing to hand over the reins.

What does it mean to embody Presence? How does it play out to express as what we are instead of who we are?  That question cannot be answered for you, which is what puts us on high alert in the first place. It will express in ways unique to each of us. To the best of your ability trust that what is unwinding in the present is bringing you to higher states of Presence.