Personal Power Surge

All Beings of Light, All Emissaries of Love

with Suzy Miller

Transmission: January 27, 2016

There is a shift of power just on the horizon. This shift is both very personal and collective. As it’s potential emerges, you are being asked a few simple questions? These questions may be arising from deep within or as part of your outer experience!

What do you value? Where is your attention point? And most importantly, What do you/can you love?

These questions are very important ones to ask right now, because what you put your focused attention on, you give your power to and what you give your power to becomes your experience! RIGHT HERE…RIGHT NOW!

Pull your attention point back to love over and over. It is a very simple focus, but an extremely powerful one to maintain between now and mid 2016!

Huge shifts in power have always been based on many small choice points within each and every one of you! Shifts in human consciousness always follow the same potential trajectory, a movement from fear to love! The children have often said “We do not care how far you move…but that you move (from fear to love).”

No matter what the outer world appears to demonstrate. No matter what changes and fluctuations the inner movements toward love seems to herald, every moment, every choice, every opportunity is one of fear or love!

These are the basics of your planet…simple but powerful! What you are awakening to… is the opportunity to choose love! Will you take that opportunity?

Even when as you have forgotten what love really means! You can simply intend to choose love and then watch where it takes you!

Can you be love toward yourself (most important), toward others, toward life and all the beautiful shifts and changes it has in store? Can you love beyond what you thought you could love before? Can you see similarity where you previously experienced separation?

These questions are not asked to challenge but to encourage a new choice, a new attention point and a powerful collective outcome. Keep it simple! Just Love!