Release Parent Child Programming

Free Yourself and Your Child

Recently, the Collective Consciousness of the Children (CCC) showed me the location of a deeply embedded parent-child program that is hardwired into our energy fields multidimensionally.

They suggested that this program is the means by which the fear-based limitations of a parent's consciousness is passed onto and embedded in their children's consciousness.

I see this program as a strip of energy that is about 4 inches in width and runs down the length of the left side of the body, just beside the spine, central column of light or Hara line. It runs from Soul Star all the way down to Earth Star. It has information adhered to it (almost like a magnetic strip) from both of our biological parents and also from other parental figures who influenced our lives.

I was told that the information 1) prevents us from seeing the greater truths of ourselves and 2) causes us to pass a limited perspective of Self onto our children unconsciously.

It was suggested that as a means of 1) stopping the perpetuation of this program, 2) waking us up to who we are, and 3) evolving the parent-child relationship to that of sovereign being to sovereign being, this program be removed from as many as possible.

You can remove the main wiring for this program yourself by locating and/or imagining this strip of energy, collecting it up and dismantling it in any way you see fit. I was told that doing this will short circuit the program.

For a thorough release of this program please see the details that follow.

Who Will Benefit From This Series?

This series is for is for everyone! We all have parents and we have all been imprinted by them. This imprinting may be perceived as positive or negative. What we are reaching for here is a new relationship with our parents and also with our children. A relationship based on the energy of love, compassion and sovereignty.

Most of us did not have parents to knew who they were. They were not sovereign beings and thus could not pass that along to us. We in turn pass a limited perception of Self onto our children, but what if that could change? What if we do not have to pass onto our children what was passed onto us? What if we can grow into our own sovereignty and evolve the dynamic between parent and child to express as a sovereign being to a sovereign being? What if parent and child can help each other grow in sovereignty instead of limit each others potentials?

If this appeals to you, then this series is for you!


Series Description

This series was originally held between February 26 - March 26, 2019.  Each session offers in depth multidimensional energy work to remove both the soft and hardwired elements of this program. Detailed information is provided by the CCC regarding the various topics presented in the series.

All calls were recorded and can be purchased below. The information and energy work offered in this series is timeless and you will benefit from the recording just as deeply as if you had attended the original series.

It is recommended that you listen to the recordings in the order they are presented and that you leave at least a week between each call so you have time to integrate the energy work. You will also notice that each session ends with a bit of homework to support your process.

Access to the recordings is available immediately upon registration!


Series Schedule

  • 1

    Remove the Energetic Information From You Maternal and Paternal Lines

  • 2

    Restructure Beliefs About Parent Child Relationships

  • 3

    Release the Maternal and Paternal Information Passed Onto Your Children

  • 4

    Re-Establish Your Relationship to Yourself and Your Children Sovereign Being to Sovereign Being

  • 5

    Fine Tune the Process and Remove the Energetic Hardware for This Program

Get to Know Your Facilitator

Suzy Miller

Suzy Miller is a visionary speaker, author, telepathic communicator, multidimensional seer and embodiment facilitator. She is the founder of the groundbreaking Awesomism Practitioner Process, The Journey Back to Love Series and Avatar Energetics.

A former Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, with a Masters Degree in Education, Suzy pioneered a shift in the perception of autism from an individual “disorder” to a collective revolution in human consciousness and has been playing in the field of leading edge consciousness ever since.

Throughout her long career, Suzy has collaborated with professionals in a variety of fields from psychology, social work, education and medicine to leading edge scientists, metaphysicians, healers and new thought leaders. She has an on going collaboration with The Collective Consciousness of the Children and a variety of Beings supporting Source embodiment through human form.

She twice collaborated with Dr. William Tiller, Professor Emeritus Stanford University and featured physicist in the movie “What The Bleep…” spearheading both The Autism Intention Healing Experiment as well as an experiment to support the elevation of collective human consciousness.

A lifelong student of consciousness, Suzy has personally facilitated the growth and mastery of hundreds of Awesomism practitioners, Journey Back to Love and Avatar Energetics Participants and thousands of private clients worldwide. Suzy uses spherical technology and Avatar Energetics to support the full integration of the purest aspects of Being.  Suzy shares from experience, not from theory!  Her skill set allows her to hear and see directly from the fully embodied state of those that she facilitates. All the information required for your full embodiment, is already within you. Suzy simply makes this process conscious which supports you in work with your embodiment process instead of being in resistance to it!

She currently offers her  multidimensional skills, experiences and support through private sessions, workshops, articles, speaking engagements, and live events!

You can reach Suzy at


Recordings are available immediately upon registration.

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