Owning Our Divine Feminine Lineage (July 2106 Update)

Owning Our Divine Feminine Lineage

July 2016 Monthly Energy Update


The clear intention of this information is to offer you a much broader perspective of Who You Are based on the current energetic patterns and the means to coherently integrate that awareness into your human experience – right here, right now!

Suzy’s skill set allows her to clearly experience the multi-dimensional mastery of any collective group so that that mastery can be consciously experienced and expressed by each participating individual. She does this by weaving together the best elements of each individual’s energy pattern into a collective tapestry or template that can be offered back to the whole group as information, guided meditation and vibrational experiences.

We hope you find this information helpful in uncovering both your mastery and your vulnerabilities. From this perspective, we need both in order to step into the new human template!


America’s Independence Day provided an opportunity to reflect upon personal sovereignty. Thankfully we were well supported by our divine feminine lineage that originates from the female aspect or Mother of God.

This is not a reference to Jesus’ Mother Mary. Rather, this energy is primordial – going back to the very source of creation, back before there was duality, darkness or “evil”. This lineage of the divine feminine has existed since the birth of creation itself.

Divine feminine energy has been transduced from Source through multiple realms, realities, and dimensions throughout time and space and exists right here right now through each of you.  This thread holds the same potential it had in its first iteration as an aspect of Source. Every time we operate from our divine feminine, we are pulling on that thread and increasing its powerful presence in our lives.

The divine feminine is neither connected to the gender of our physical bodies nor to our sexual preference but resides equally in all humans.

The divine feminine refers to our full awareness of and trust in our intuition along with a willingness to act on that information.

When we follow an intuitive hit for ourselves we certainly benefit but we also support collective humanity. By modeling intuitively based action that has proven accurate and trustworthy, we add energy to that experience.

Therefore, it becomes a viable possibility and potential for everyone. Acting from our own intuition sets an energetic template so more people can act with greater personal sovereignty to follow what they know for themselves.

When you own your divine feminine lineage you neutralize eons of its suppression and minimization. Mass consciousness has long doubted, taunted and marginalized intuition for not making sense or for being inferior to reason. Nevertheless, intuition is the next rung on our evolutionary ladder.

We’ve prioritized our heads over our hearts instead of harmonizing with our wholeness. We’ve restricted access to our own sovereign creatorship by disparaging the divine feminine.

Manifestation evolves into creation when we own our divine feminine lineage.

There is a difference between creation and manifestation. Manifestation is that part of our spiritual evolution geared toward focusing individual thoughts and emotions on desired personal outcomes. Manifesting reminds us of our abilities and certainly has its place.

However, creatorship is not about an individual. It is about the collective. It is creating for the love, compassion and benefit of all sentient consciousness. Creation comes from the whole for the whole since it draws upon energy that pre-dates duality or separation.

To experience one’s divine feminine lineage is to feel fully empowered as a vast creator being.

As you feel the fullness of your empowerment, project that energy outward to all sentient consciousness. What will come back to you is a profound sense of love and being loved.

When we create from a level of wholeness for all sentient consciousness, love is all there is.

Owning our divine feminine lineage moves us beyond the duality of love vs. something else. The vibration of love is all there is. The only two options become to love or to be loved. How amazing is that?

When we love for the benefit of all sentient consciousness, we are loved by all sentient consciousness.

That is a significant amount of love energy coming back to us. Many may feel overwhelmed at receiving so much love. We attempt to keep the energy at bay because it would dismantle the limitations we’ve placed on ourselves. It takes a lot of integration work to allow the full extent of that love to permeate all aspects of our being.

Although receiving that much love is not without integration, it also comes with tremendous benefits. Gift yourselves the beauty, healing and transformation that come with that depth of love. Gift the collective consciousness the sovereignty, creativity and love that come from each and every one of us owning our divine feminine lineage.

We and the world could all use more love right now.