SUZY MILLER M.Ed., THE VISIONARY CREATOR  Visionary speaker, author, telepathic communicator, multidimensional seer and founder of the groundbreaking Awesomism Practitioner Process, Suzy Miller is a former Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, with a Masters in Education, and a Certificate of Clinical Competence. She pioneered a shift in the perception of autism from an individual “disorder” to a collective revolution in human consciousness and has been playing in the field of leading edge consciousness ever since.

Throughout her long career, Suzy has collaborated as effectively with psychologists, social workers, mainstream educators and medical professionals as she has with leading edge scientists, metaphysicians, healers and new thought leaders. Her experience and expression of consciousness is effortlessly applied in the appropriate “dose” to anyone seeking her insights.

Suzy collaborated with Dr. William Tiller, Professor Emeritus Stanford University, and featured physicist in the movie What The Bleep spearheading The Autism Intention Healing Experiment, which to this day provides an ongoing coherent intention to support the integration of children diagnosed with autism.

The Awesomism Practitioner Process, educates parents and professionals around the world regarding their own mastery as well as the spiritual gifts of our newest populations, demonstrating directly how increased consciousness is what is needed to support the integration of this population. Suzy has personally facilitated the growth and mastery of over a hundred practitioners located in at least 15 different countries. She has now turned this process over to facilitator Terri Henderson while she continues to explore the furthest reaches of consciousness and how it can be applied not only to our newest populations but to all aspects of the human condition.

Suzy is a life long student of consciousness itself and currently offers her awareness, experiences and support through private sessions, workshops, articles, and live events! From awareness to mastery to avatar, Suzy is interested in supporting the integration of the broadest scope of your being with the most natural aspects of your humanity. You can reach Suzy at



SHARON HALL,  ADMINISTRATOR She brings a consistent ability to organize, coordinate as well as add flow and efficiency to the Awesomism Team. Sharon had left her career as an executive assistant to spend time home schooling and raising her 3 boys after all flow and stability fell apart there.  She found Suzy and became an Awesomism Practitioner Process. By combining her natural abilities with those skills she has gained through the certification process, Sharon is now able to create flow and enjoyment within her own life and family as well as for the Awesomism Team. Contact Sharon at



TERRI HENDERSON, AWESOMISM LEVEL ONE AND TWO FACILITATOR Early in 2012 Terri found Awesomism and the love affair began. Through the Awesomism Practitioner Process, she developed a clear connection with the children, herself and humanity, discovering a benevolence and wisdom about humanness that greatly exceeded her prior conception.  Terri also developed fluid use of the powerful partnership between Intention and Attention, that supports her in interacting harmoniously with all aspects of her life. Early in 2015 Terri was certified as a Level 3 Awesomism Practitioner and was invited to be a member of the Awesomism Core Team. Terri’s expanded role within Awesomism lead to her facilitating the Level 2 Practitioner Course beginning February 2016. Terri will also be facilitating the Level 1 Practitioner Course for the April 2016 cycle.  Facilitating Awesomism courses is the cornerstone for continued expansion of Terri’s abilities and awareness, both in connecting with the consciousness of the kids and the human collective, as well as her ability to support individual Practitioners on their own journey of expansion. Contact Terri at


DUVI ALBANO, SPANISH AWESOMISM CO-FACILITATOR Duvi lives in Southern California and spends time each year in her home town near the Catalan Pyrenees. After two years as a primary school teacher in the Catalonia region, Duvi came to California in 1999 to support the Ontario-Montclair School District as a bilingual teacher for six years. Duvi realized her passion for homeschooling while researching alternative education options for her son. She is currently working as an Educational Facilitator, helping families find their unique path in their homeschool journey.

Duvi came to Suzy’s process at a crucial time in her life. She had run out of excuses regarding her son’s “behaviors”.  Before she could begin the process of her son’s diagnosis, Suzy’s book “Awesomism: A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism” fell into her lap.  Her heart burst with excitement as she began applying the simple, yet extremely powerful concepts. Duvi immediately realized “changes”, not only in her son Nicolas, but in herself! This expansion continues, day by day, moment by moment.

Duvi began Awesomism Practitioner Process in 2014 and is currently participating as Core level practitioner.  She is fascinated by the multifaceted and multidimensional support that the Awesomism community provides in realizing a deeper connection with herself and others.  Duvi’s passion about making the Awesomism processes available to the Spanish speaking community began through translation of Suzy’s book and other Awesomism materials.  She is excited to take the next step in this journey as an Awesomism Facilitator beginning in 2017. She completed her teaching diploma at the University of Barcelona. Contact Duvi at: