What do you know about your abilities that you do not share with anyone? What thoughts about your “mission” or reason for being do you hear but not trust? I’m not suggesting that you go around sharing whatever these knowings are with everyone just yet. But I am going to tell you that it is time to trust your awareness of Self like you never have before.

What is leaking into your awareness now is from the “Human Luminous” aspect of your totality. It was recently activated and will be birthed in 2019. Those “crazy” thoughts in your head about your contribution to humanity or personal possibilities are being up-leveled, and if you have not trusted that inner voice before, it is time to trust it now!

Portals to your own potentials are ready and waiting for you to step into so that you can consciously function as part of a new species on this planet. What does that mean? It means that you express beyond the limitations of the systems that have been created up to this point. It means you will function beyond your biological, psychological, and neurological programming, and create in your own lives in ways that are not typical of past human limitations. You will operate outside of time or through multiple timelines instead of in the one that was created by mass consciousness.

It means you will become your own medicine, your own science, your own education, your own abundance, and your own possibilities.

By now you may be asking: “How do I do that?” It’s easier than your mind thinks. First, the very fact that you are reading this suggests that you have already been loosening the limitations that have bound you for quite some time. You have been becoming progressively more present to your true nature according to your soul’s journey, and along the way, you have had experiences which suggest that something other than typical may be happening.

You might have had moments of healing yourself, or lapsing time, creating something out of thin air, experiencing dreams or altered states of reality that hinted at things to come. You may have received signs and had interesting meetings at just the right time. You may know that nothing is impossible when you choose it.

All of these experiences are moments when your human luminous aligned with your human being consciousness to remind you of who and what you were becoming.

However, when we get fixated on these experiences, we slow the process  down. If, however, we just notice the experience and ask: “What does this tell me about what I am capable of?”or  “What am I becoming?” You will keep the energy moving and accelerate the unfolding of your capacity to function beyond past limitations.  

To be a new species means that you literally function from the light that you are as opposed to the knowledge you were programmed with. It means that you function differently than what is typical, and share your gifts moment by moment, not to impress but instead to activate in others their own human luminous nature.

One thing that I would like to make crystal clear is that each of us is drawn to the experiences that attract us, and each of those experiences is our responsibility in the sense that each has something to tell us about ourselves. Recurrent patterns that arise are merely showing you what is being unraveled  to get beyond human beingness and function as human luminous. Spend less time beating yourself up about the pattern and more time choosing from it what is in the highest and best for all involved. There is always a silver lining!

You are not without choice in your life, however if you fail to exercise choice you are less likely to experience the upcoming potentials that life as a human luminous has on offer. Choice is easy. It’s as simple as being clear about what does not work for you and choosing what would work.

A new human species is already here, we see it in the distant eyes of many of our newer populations.  We have more in common with them than we might think. They are souls from other realities enhancing the frequency of here so that we can realize that we too are beings from other realities and we can anchor what we embody of those realities for the wellbeing of humanity.

Humanity comprises a variety of hybrids from other spaces, places, and times, and those realities are being embodied by all of us to create a human species that functions beyond the limitations of the past. These hybrids are helping to bring about the new humans or Human Luminous.