Neurological Tides are Turning April’s Monthly Energy Update


Sanity or Insanity: The Neurological Tides are Turning.

Over the last month I have been really watching with curiosity what’s going on inside my own head.

Thoughts have been shifting from one concept to its opposite and back again within seconds to the point that it has challenging to believe either of the thoughts. It also appeared that whatever I focused on became my reality…at least until I thought a different thought.

This internal fluctuation was mixed with floods of emotion, followed by periods of utter stillness? There was nothing that I could “do” about my looping thoughts and fluid emotions so I just watched.

When I looked at it energetically it was as if my neurology was being altered somehow. Not because I tried to alter it, it was simply happening. So the next logical question was. “ What is happening?” and this is what I became aware of.

Our collective neurology is going through a significant upgrade and human life will never be the same because of it. Back in October of last year when the underworld closed it forced much of the hidden aspects of our psyche to the surface. This allowed us all to get a good look at our hidden agenda’s, our deep fears and the patterning set in our past.

We began to become more consciously aware of how we created what we are currently living. By February our awareness had changed us to the point that we began to naturally and organically choose love mainly because nothing else was working!

As we began to choose love, there was an opening in our habitual processing patterns that allowed a new seed to be planted. It’s as if our neurology opened up to receive love and as such new possibilities based in love versus fear could manifest. It was as if we were no longer projecting through a lens of fear, and love had actually take hold of our neurology.

When we project our consciousness through our lens of fear that is what we get in return. When we project it through the lens of love, we get that. This seed is sprouting and growing now and as such we will  probably be feeling these neurological shifts through the month of April.

This literal shift from one lens to the other is challenging only in as much as we feel that things should be one way or another. If we are simply watching our neurological process flip from the old to the new, we can feel quite sane in the process, if however we are vested in our thoughts as being the absolute truth we can feel quite tossed around by all the back and forth and it can feel a bit crazy making!

April is a great month to:

  • Remind yourself to be the observer
  • Watch your thoughts and choose the ones that are supportive to you. Let the ones that create fear drift out of focus.
  • Write down your thoughts. List them all out so you can see your thought process clearly.
  • Question your thoughts. How many of them are even yours? How many are programs? How many limit you versus give you life? In the words of Byron Katie “Who would you be without that thought?”
  • Watch your process with curiosity instead of judging it.
  • Collect all your thoughts up in a sphere, dismantle the thoughts with a blue star and return them to before they were created!

Our neurological patterning is literally getting rewired and not just at an energetic level. The neurological pathways of the brain itself are being altered. This is why when we go to think a thought based on a familiar pattern it simply is not there.

Through this process we are becoming more open minded and as such we may really be questioning what we believe to be true or what Truth is. We may be considering what we would like to create and questioning how that happens.

These are all important steps in the reorienting of our human neurology so that love becomes our default lens. When love is our default lens, we see through the lens of love and thus create from love with ease.

So it well worth any possible discomfort, confusion and uncertainty that comes with our neurology shifting back and forth during the month of April. It will settle soon enough and your lives will never be the same because of it! Enjoy the process.