Navigating Rapid Fire Fluctuations in Our Daily Reality

Note: This article is designed to recondition your awareness to an internal focus and thus certain concepts are “looped” or repeated.

The current energetic climate is presenting us with rapid-fire opportunities to establish and then re-establish a sense of inner stability. To do so, we must be present in our bodies and, specifically, in our lower energy centers.

In today’s world, it can feel like we are dealing with moment by moment change, which impacts our physical, mental and emotional experience. This article is not a theoretical exploration of the mental and emotional chaos that ensues when we feel we are under threat; it is a very practical approach to what can not only support stability in these times, but also transform that which creates the chaos in the first place.

First, it’s helpful to know that the energy of chaos is designed to push us into an internal space. Some get there in an attempt to hide from the painful reality of our outer landscapes, and some know to use this inward movement to consciously seek balance.

Regardless of how you get there, the natural byproduct of going inward is that you become increasingly aware of the subtle fluctuations of your thoughts, feelings, and reactions.

Why should you want this level of subtle awareness, especially when things feel overwhelming around you in the first place? When you move inward and become aware, you begin to register the similarities between the chaos you feel outside and what is going on inside. We might ask ourselves which came first the outer landscape manifestation of chaos or the internal sensations of it?

Regardless, the very act of going inward provides the opportunity to choose again, from there you can build stability as a response to the chaos versus a reaction.

Our outer landscapes are doing a wonderful job reflecting to us the collective inner chaos. We are in a time where our minds can change moment by moment, feelings rise and fall within hours, and a perceived action that might have been necessary yesterday doesn’t seem to hold water today. That is, until we stabilize our internal energy into a commitment to ourselves and, as a result, to those around us.

These “crazy-making” fluctuations are mainly due to an external focus. When we are externally focused, we fluctuate as the tides do, but at some point, this energy forces us back inward, back into solitude, where if all goes as our soul planned we regain access to our innocence.

From an internally aware perspective, we can see emotional and mental fluctuation as a necessary response to change; from an external perspective, we feel it as reactionary, overwhelming, and “crazy making.”

You only need ask yourself if you are reacting or responding to external events to know whether you are externally focused, and thus adding energy to that which you would rather not experience, or if you are internally focused, and thus supporting the neutralizing of that energy.

As children, we naturally allow fluctuation of emotions from an internally aware perspective. From our innocence, we can see that it is actually sane to let energy in motion rise and fall, letting go moment by moment, but that is because innocence is an internal awareness. Young children could care less about how they should or should not respond to an external situation; they are just feeling it before they know it, and not feeling it as quickly. Energy flows naturally when we are internally aware, and becomes very confusing when we are more interested in external feedback.

As adults, we are always looking to the outer landscape to see how we are doing. I don’t say this to condemn the seeking of this feedback, because this information can be very productive – especially when paired with awareness – regarding the way we feel about what presents in our outer landscape. (Incidentally, your outer landscape is anything that is outside you as consciousness. So even your own thoughts, feelings and bodily experiences are simply manifestations of consciousness.)

Most, however, take the feedback from their outer landscape and use it as justification for condemning themselves, which is completely missing the point.

Our outer landscapes are always a reflection of what we have created up until that point. That’s the only thing a reflection can tell us. However, we are not meant to stay with that awareness and praise or beat ourselves up for our creations; we are meant to use this information to “go internal” and choose again.

If we use the outer landscape in this way, we quickly become aware of the powerful creators that we are. Typically, people do not like hearing that they are creators of their realities, and especially not that they are adding energy to their creations with attention to them, because most do not like what they have created thus far.

However, when we remember that our outer landscape reflections represent what we are unconscious of so that we can go inward and consciously choose new, thoughts, feelings, and actions, then everything changes. If one person can change their own life in this way imagine what a whole community could do.

Once we find this process and use it, we become aware of how powerful each choice is. Each thought, feeling, and action is a choice, and given that we are living at a time of rapid fire manifestations, any internal change can be instantaneously reflected back to us.

So, if you will allow yourself to be aware now of what you appreciate in your outer life, and what you don’t, you can add energy to what you like. And for those aspects that are “crazy making,” you can pull yourself out of that energy by going internal and choose a new creation.

Again, we choose by expressing the thoughts, feelings and actions that we want to experience versus placing our attention on what we have created thus far.

When being tossed around by external fluctuations, the first place to go is internal. You cannot solve or recreate anything from an external perspective. Nothing personal or collective has ever changed from the outside in. Change is made manifest from the inside out.

As a means of going inward to recreate your experiences, it can be helpful to pull your attention in through your heart and then move the energy down into the lower energy centers; most inner chaos is held as informational imprints in those lower chakras.

When you pull yourself inward in this manner with the intention of creating stability, one of two things will happen:

1) your body will immediately respond to your intention and feed your mind with positive, stabilizing thoughts, or

2) you will pop your energy out into your mind and begin to hear all the reasons why you should try to “fix” this issue from the outside. The second response is initially likely, because as already stated, we all have been conditioned to take action externally believing that it will make us feel more stable internally.

But what if what the world actually needs is stable, aware, loving individuals who are internally balanced?

I am not suggesting that we hide and never take action. On the contrary, I am suggesting that when we act from inner stability we are better able to respond to these rapid-fire fluctuations instead of reacting to them. Response is the only thing that creates change. Reaction simply adds to the energy of the chaos.

So, when external fluctuations are throwing you off, go into the heart and then down into the lower energy centers of your body and sit with these questions:

“What would I like to create in place of what I am currently experiencing? And how will this new creation feel?”

As you consciously generate thoughts and feeling from that place in your body, you will quickly notice significant changes. We typically stay away from placing our attention in the lower energy centers because that is where all the confusion and instability has been stored to date. We unconsciously know that this is where the projection of our inner chaos is coming from in the first place. When we consciously choose to put our attention there, it’s like shining a light into an old dusty, cobweb-filled room that has been filled with other people’s energies, information, and imprinting.

Our reactions to the outer landscape are simply our avoidance patterns to interacting head on with the energy in these lower centers.

Putting our attention there for the sheer curiosity of it, or maybe even just for the pleasure of exploring that space, activates – or more accurately, reactivates – our innocence. When you go to the place that your unconscious has told you to stay away from, you reactivate your innocence. It’s like your mother telling you not to go into the woods because she is afraid of them, but you go anyway, only to find the exploration both scary and exhilarating.

Once you have reactivated, by going to that “place” where you have been imprinted to believe you should not go, your innocence will be off and running with whatever you choose consciously to imprint in those lower chakras.

When you give your innocence permission to dream again and to have passion or joy, you naturally disconnect from the chaos which has been unconsciously created up to that point. We have to plant seeds of something new if we are to receive something new in our outer landscapes. If chaos and overwhelm have been your creations to date, you have to consciously choose to change that program to get something else.

Action Steps

When your external environment is chaotic:

  • Use it as an indication to move your focus inward.
  • Pull your energy back in through your heart and direct it downward; it will naturally come to rest in one of the lower chakras.
  • Notice what comes up when you are “there.” There is nothing you need do except be aware.
  • Plant a new energetic pattern by creating the feeling state you would like to experience. You’ve now moved from reaction to response.
  • Take any action that you see fit as a response from your internal space of stability.
  • Witness how powerfully your external landscape changes because you created something new in your inner landscape!