Suzy Miller Offers Monthly Energy Sessions... to Remember, Be and Show Who You Really Are!

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Balance and Integrate

Find coherence in the current energetic climate.

These sessions offer you a much broader perspective of Who You Are based on the current energetic patterns and the means to coherently integrate that awareness into your human experience NOW!  


Love is the source and Source is the love in these sessions.



Let's Have That Experience!  

Offered First Monday Each Month

9:00 am PST Live Call

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(Recording available for those that can't attend live.)

What You Get When You Subscribe!

  • LIVE CALL: Access to live call where Suzy shares update and offers energy work to support the group collective.
  • RECORDING: You have the entire month to re-listen to the recording or download it for your personal library.
  • NOTES: You will receive call notes with highlights, reminders and supportive practices!
  • COMMUNITY: Invitation to Private Facebook Group with access to Suzy and other participants.

"This beautiful lady here, Suzy Miller!  She is amazing!  She has been one of my most important mentors in BEing who I am at this present time and in having a loving understanding with Miguel even at time of challenges. I strongly recommend you all to this journey. It is indeed an amazing ride! And the awesomism community is worth to know and to be part of. It brought to my life unconditional friendship, spiritual growth and a diversity of connections that is a treasure to count with!!"

- Fabiola Ana Terrez

"I have been studying under Suzy for well over two years. Words fail to express the inner and outer expansion I have experienced. Suffice to say, this new offering has my highest recommendation to anyone seeking a broader understanding of Self."

- Terri Henderson

Three Reasons to Attend Monthly Balance & Integration Sessions

Remember Who You Are

  • Receive a message from broader aspects of your BEing designed to create conscious awareness of Who You Truly Are!

Be Who You Are

  • Experience simple energetic “technologies” and resources to support a shift from awareness to direct human experience, which offers the opportunity to confirm for yourself the truth of your Being!

Show Who You Are

  • The opportunity for collective human awakening has never been greater. You can now choose to respond as LOVE vs. react from fear right here right now!

REMEMBER, BE and SHOW what is humanly possible!  

"I wouldn't miss this for anything. I always enjoy our time together and the energy that you and the participants brings is amazing. Very high vibrations!"

- Malena Serra Santa Gadea

"It is through Awesomism that I found my true child, Sammie. She is not broken in any way. She is a grand and brave soul for incarnating just the way she is. "Fixing" her would have meant that she would have lost her true purpose here. Last couple of days I have found myself telling Sammie, "you are normal". And what's interesting is that I did not plan this from the mind but is a knowing from the heart that just feels so matter of fact. My daughter and others like her are truly amazing. "Gifted" does not even come close to describing who they truly are."

- Susan Oros

Sample Suzy's Balance & Integration Energy Sessions!

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Here What Others Are Sharing!

"These sessions have brought such clarity and expansion into my life! Thank you Suzy Miller for all that you offer the world through the gift of being you, you are such an inspiration to me and many."

- Shonna Ordway

"This is a great opportunity to participate in amazing, life-changing, work with a gifted professional."

- Dot Irvin

"Suzy is great if anyone is interested in this sort of thing.I attended a conference that she held in San Diego on halloween weekend. So powerful!"

- Marianne Brettell-Vaughn

"I am so excited Suzy is offering her monthly energy sessions again! I am super excited how they are emphasized to assist as I step into Being my true self full of LOVE. Can't think of a better way to start the month of Love and continue being Love through 2016 and beyond."

- Sharon Hall

"It's an exciting day! I highly recommend joining Suzy each month... I have learned SO MUCH more about who I truly am by spending time in her presence, wisdom and energy - truly life changing... and FUN"

- Susan Pruyn

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