May: The Calm After the Storm

April was quite a month for most as we were gifted with the opportunity to have many of our core wounds come to the surface simultaneously! I know that when this happens it does not feel like a gift. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming to have our darkest issues come flooding to the surface all at the same time.  It feels a bit like someone opened a trap door and let all the gremlins out with no supervision.  The energy can be hard to control and get a handle on; but then that is the purpose.

When everything is flooding to the surface at the same time there is little that the mind can do to “get a grip” on the situation. That is a good thing, because when the mind can no longer control the situation, the emotion associated with those feelings can surface. This is important because until those emotional patterns are released through being felt, nothing can change in our outer landscape.

If you are someone who does not like to show your emotions or prides yourself on, “keeping it all together,” then April was probably a pretty uncomfortable month. Hopefully, looking back on it now, you are beginning to see the value of the flood of emotions. It’s been my experience that amazing transformation is available when we allow our feelings to be felt. The cleansing this provides actually creates a dismantling of the issue being felt. .

When the mind can no longer control the direction of our life and the narrative that goes with it we can feel out of control, overwhelmed, and maybe a little like life is being done to us, not on behalf of us. That sensation is not truth, but simply the feeling of everything that is emerging from the depths of our being.  Once that energy is felt, a sense of liberation usually follows.  Have you ever experienced the calm and clarity that comes after a good cry?

May is set to be a month of greater calm and clarity. The energy of April naturally and organically broke up restrictive patterns of thought, demanded that they be acknowledged and felt, and asked us very directly if we were done with our self -imposed suffering.

The great news is that many of us are indeed done with those patterns and, as such, have the energetic space to embody a more life-enhancing version of ourselves.

Our capacity to embody “bigger” versions of ourselves lies in our capacity to integrate what arises moment by moment. We integrate what arises when we

1) Allow it to be as it is.

2) Choose not to listen to the mind’s interpretation of what arises.

3) Feel the emotion that comes to the surface because we don’t let the mind control the narrative!

When the mind in no longer in control, the raw emotion can be felt. When the emotion is felt, there is “space” for a bigger embodiment of you! When you embody more of you, your outer landscape changes to match the “new you.” We always know that some significant changes have occurred within us when our outer landscape takes on a new expression!

May is going to be a month that reflects back to you all that you have embodied thus far. It’s a bit like a tipping point into your new reality. Sit back and watch; you have already done the work, now see what is reflected back!

For those of you who would like to prove to yourself that your outer landscape changes the moment you stop thinking about your patterns and start feeling the emotions that created them in the first place, I highly suggest reading The Presence Process by Michael Brown. It’s one of the best structured methods of embodiment I know.