Making the Impossible…Possible

Do you ever question your thoughts? Or do you assume that because you are thinking something… that it is your thought?

Until we actually know that we are not our thoughts, even the most esoteric among us will have a tendency to recreate the same life over and over…wishing for something other than what is…and forever being at the whim of our unconscious patterning.

So, what does it take to know that we are not our thoughts?

First, it’s worth considering that every thought that goes through our head is collective in nature, matched to us by resonance, and based on our experiences to date.

There are no thoughts that are simply ours, and nothing actually changes in our reality by thinking about it!

Also, if you believe you are your thoughts then you will create yourself in the image and likeness of them.

Since the vast majority of thought is negative, it is no wonder people feel beat up, confused and irritated by their thoughts and no wonder it becomes so challenging to change a belief. If beliefs are simply thoughts “thunk” over and over then you can see that what we believe about ourselves, about others, and about life in general is not true at all. Thus when we believe our thoughts we bring about our own suffering.

Second, it’s helpful to deeply question what lies beyond thought.

What if our positive and negative beliefs are simply the potentials and possibilities for our reality, but are not “real” until we give them our attention and literally make them matter?

From this perspective, it seems more likely that thoughts are meant to be choice points to move us to what lies beyond thought!

Until we question the reality of “our” thoughts…nothing can change in the realm of possibilities and potentials. Until we choose other thoughts on purpose…we cannot realize the extent to which our thoughts create our reality. And until we move beyond thought, making the impossible possible is only a potential.

We have all tried to heal ourselves, to create a relationship, money or whatever, and although our attitudes about a desired outcome may change, our experience does not seem to change… until it does.

So, is life moving us…or are we moving life?

Maybe life alters because it was simply time for it to alter. This theory feels good when life moves us in a positive direction, but what happens when life takes us down a darker road? When our lives begin to fall apart, its challenging not to panic. Whenever things that appeared to be stable are ebbing and flowing, it can be difficult to accept what is changing. At times such as these, everything within us wants to hold on for dear life to what was…even as it attempts to shake us loose. Could it be that what appears to be a turn for the worse is simply life attempting to align us to what we are becoming… instead of what our thoughts told us we should become?

It has been my experience that every time I align my thought with what the broader aspects of me knows is possible…things change. It has also been my experience that I am not the one that causes my life to change; life gives me all kinds of opportunities to move beyond my thoughts and align to something bigger. When I take those opportunities, I feel relief and sometimes joy. When I don’t take it, well, I feel like shit!

What would happen if, in each moment, you could choose to align consciously with a greater potential or with what you are becoming? What would happen if you could see potential in even the darker moments and say yes to it?

Ironically, you have no choice in the matter and the moment you choose to align with what you are becoming… new possibilities are already on their way! (Hope that made your head spin…if you’re still thinking about “no choice” and “choosing” being used in the same sentence you might be stuck in thought!)

What would happen if when thoughts arose we simply ask ourselves: “What wants to happen now?” And what if we then simply intend to align with that?

Sounds easy in theory. However, the issue is that, as human beings, we typically make choices that are in alignment with collective thought versus choices that are in alignment with what we are becoming.

We choose in this way because we believe that we are our thoughts and thus we can control our experiences with them. After lots of trial and error, pain, discomfort and suffering we begin to see the folly of our attempts to force a desired outcome. We realize that it is not our limited will that we want to experience…and finally we choose to align with the will of what we are becoming! Some call this “letting go”.

It is only when we get to this place that the “impossible” becomes possible!

How do healers, shaman and avatars transform one condition into another? How do they support the creation of other realities that did not previously exist?

First, they do not believe their thoughts, and they do not believe your story about your thoughts.

Second, they access information beyond thought by aligning to what you are becoming versus what is currently happening.

Third, they are neutral to an outcome because they already see you as whole and thus any “result” is a manifestation of that.

Why are stories of transformation brought about by these “avatar types” often followed by this warning: “Do not share your transformations with others.”? My guess is that they are not just being humble. They know that the moment you go off and share what seems impossible with someone else, you have invited that energy into your experience. It’s all too easy to merge with the collective thought again and fall out of your alignment with what is becoming.

So now, can we assume that there is a healer, shaman, or avatar within you? Can we assume that this level of transformation is an inside job and that you can choose in any moment to align with what you are becoming? Of course we can!

Can you make the impossible possible by following the same steps? Yes, you can!

How Do We Get There from Here?

Question your thoughts and your stories
• In challenging situations, choose to align yourself to what you are becoming instead of what you are going through to become it.
Notice what you notice is a state of neutrality… and be grateful for what you notice
• Play with choosing thoughts for the sake of witnessing how your thoughts change your experience.
Align to the avatar within, or that which makes the impossible, possible.